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Chapter 2: Cleaning up.

In the SHIELD Tri-Carrier training room there are broken training droids and bits of webbing all over the place and the wall crawler is amongst it all with a pan and brush.

Oh hey guys, in case you're wondering, this is the result of a successful training exercise from me and my team mates. However since I was late for the eighth time this week, I've been landed with clean up duty. That's right your favourite web swinger has become a web sweeper (holds up the pan and brush) and if you think that's bad, Fury said if I'm late again I'll only get a tooth brush. But believe it or not it's not all bad.

White Tiger comes out from behind a pile of droids with a broom.

White Tiger: Once again web head I'm pushing a broom because of you.

Spiderman: Hey it's not my fault, you volunteered to help me. So why are you here?

White Tiger: Gives us a chance to talk.

Oh man, when Tiger wants to talk... it's never good.

Spiderman: What about?

White Tiger: You know what's it about Pete, I'm really worried about you.

She's worried... about me?

White Tiger: You're letting your personal life interfere too much with Spiderman's duty. You've been late for weeks, slacking off in training, you head hasn't been in the fight and it's been affecting missions.

Spiderman: You know Tiger not everyone has it all easy, I'd thought you of all people would understand.

White Tiger: I do understand, that's why I'm telling you this.

Spiderman: Worried that I'm going to screw up!

White Tiger: I'm worried that you're going to get yourself KILLED!

The two of them stood there staring at each other in silence for a few minutes... until.

White Tiger: Look Pete, there's something you should know. Fury hasn't been impressed with you lately, and THAT'S an understatement, I've over heard him talking to Coulson, he's thinking of making Nova the new team leader, even considered kicking you off the team.

Spiderman: WHAT! So that's what I get after everything I have done for Fury and SHIELD?

White Tiger: That's why I'm telling you this; I don't want you to leave, you can reach your full potential by staying here, become the Ultimate Spiderman, a true leader and besides you are so much more than my team mate, your my friend and...

White Tiger freezes then turns away from Spiderman to continue sweeping up broken parts. Spiderman walks slowly towards White Tiger and places a hand on her shoulder.

Spiderman: Ava, I appreciate what you're doing for me and I can't thank you enough, but maybe it's time I do leave (Spiderman can feel White Tiger tensing up). I do still want to become Ultimate, but I don't know if I can if my life just stays the same around here.

White Tiger turns to face him, a look of anger expressed in her face.

White Tiger: So that's it then? You're just going to turn your back on what you've done everything and everyone who believes in you.

Spiderman: Who here believes in me?

White Tiger: Fury, Coulson, Danny, Luke and Sam may have lost faith in you lately but I always believed in you.

She drops the broom and turns to walk out of the training room. Just when she reaches the door, she stops to look over at Spiderman over her shoulder.

White Tiger: And I still do.

Spiderman sits down on a broken droid.

Spiderman: Can this day get any worse?

An alarm sounds and the room is filled with flashing red lights.

Fury: (over the intercom) Code red, repeat cold red, everyone report to their stations, Spiderman and the rest of the team report to the bridge immediately, double time people.

Seriously dude! Are you intentionally making my life hell?

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