Authors Note: New Horizons

Hello to all of my supportive readers.

With my time on likely reaching it end in the following year or so (2019) I thought it would be best to inform you all where things will be heading in the future.

What can I tell you about myself? I was born and raised in Scotland UK and ever since I was a wee lad, I have dreamed of being an actor while also possessing a talent in writing, art and storytelling.

So … you can say I'm one of those "creative" types. Since 2013, I have been honing my writing skills on my Ultimate Spiderman series that began with "Ultimate Spiderman: LXG". This series is a crossover with the Spiderman of the 2012 cartoon show by Disney and several Pulp Era superheroes currently licenced by Dynamite Entertainment (eg … The Shadow, Green Hornet, Zorro etc.)

Since then, I'd like to say the series was a great success. I am more confident as a writer thanks to the support and helpful constructive criticism of my wonderful readers, not to mention the amazing friends and contacts I have made from my time here. And for that alone my readers, you have my gratitude. As my long lasting series is coming to a close with "Ultimate Spiderman: Shattered Light", new projects are on the horizon, new aspects to explore and I would love you all to be a part of them.

I (with collaboration with several other talented individuals) have created a brand new YouTube channel; One Shot Entertainment, with the intention of creating fully voice acted comic books of my most favourite genre … Spies. So far we have completed our first comic "James Bond; Vargr" by Dynamite Entertainment and with the next comic in the series "James Bond; Eidolon" to be released end of 2018. Over time we fully intend to expand our roaster of Super Spies to include the likes of Black Widow of Marvel, Jahan Cross of Star Wars; Agent of the Empire and many more.

I invite you all to join me on this creative journey and show your support, as you have with Spidey and the other members of the League. Please find links to our new Facebook/Instagram/YouTube Channel on my Profile Page. Hope to see you all their, and that you like and subscribe to my channel/Facebook and Instagram page.

- Joe (Prosp88)

(P.S. If it is successful, I also plan on creating a Pateron/Kickstarter page to help take these projects to a more professional level … will update you all if I ever pull my finger out and get round to it.)