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Chapter 2: The Black Knight

You know I thought my life was complicated enough, but then the universe decides that Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden's life just isn't complicated enough. Anyways I am fighting these powerful, dangerous, and almost definitely insane necromancers, and just when it looks like they've won everything blows up. Next thing I know I am waking up and about to be attacked by the aforementioned necromancers (who seemed to have waked up before me) and their undead minions.

Then out of nowhere this (and I kid you naught) knight in full plate armor appears from out of nowhere and starts tearing them apart. The zombies try to attack him but he picks up a stick and starts cutting them in half like it were made out of solid steel. While the knight is still attacking the zombies one of the necromancers let loss with a lethal blast of, honestly I am not sure I want to know, magic. Just as he finished the last zombie he looked up and got hit right in the face with it. Just as it made contact, and looked like it was all over for him, it just fell apart.

The necromancer was just as surprised as I was and even managed to get out a little 'what?' before the knight took the branch and threw it at him so hard it (and I really, really kid you not) created a freakin' SONIC BOOM and soared straight at him, utterly destroying his chest. Oh, yeah than it exploded with about three times the force of the average grenade and turned everyone with in twenty-feet into tiny chunks.

Then the big badass knight in black armor turns around and starts walking towards me and just as I am starting to wonder if my death curse will even do anything to this guy. He kneels down and says, "I have come my master."

And what could possibly put me more off my game you might ask? Why my own personal shoulder (fallen) angel saying, "Oh, you do not know what a wonderful gift you have received my host." So you can't really blame me when I accidently let out, "Hell's Bells, what have I gotten myself into?" Of course the knight unaware of my own inner turmoil says, "You have summoned me. I shall be your sword and your shield. But my master I must ask that you complete our contract, while I am not in danger of fading away I can't access my noble phantasms without it and my skills alone can only carry me so far."

"How" I asked numbly.

"All you must do is affirm that you are my master." The Knight replied.

"Is that it, no signing some hundred foot long scroll in my own blood?"

I snarked. The knight just stared at me or at least I assume he did seeing as it is impossible to tell with that helmet on. "Ok, Ok I get it. I am your master." All of a sudden I feel this sharp pain on my hand and then a tattoo appears out of nowhere on my hand. It looks like a sword except split into three parts.

"Those command seals on your hand signal that our contract is complete and that you are indeed my master." The Knight says as he helps me up. After he making sure I was stable he reached down to grab my pistol. He moved to hand it towards me before stopping and saying, "I currently do not have any weapons if it is fine with you I would like to use this." I numbly nodded my assent. "Good then my Master we should be off I hear more fighting in that unnatural cloud over there." He said pointing towards the deep bank of fog one of the necromancers summoned.

I stared off into the distance for a second before stopping and finally getting over (most) of my shock. "Hey wait a minute, who are you and what the hell is going on here?" Okay so maybe I still wasn't doing all that well sue me.

"I am your servant; you did summon me, correct?" The knight questioned.

"Look all I know is that I was breaking up a necromantic ritual that would have allowed its users to ascend to godhood then there is the enormous explosion and well you know the rest."

"I see you don't know anything." He murmured to himself before saying, "To be brief I am a Heroic Spirit, a ….", He starts to say before he is interrupted by a massive sounding explosion coming from the fog.

"It appears that events are conspiring against us, master, tell me did you come with any back-up and if so would they happen they happen to be in that bank of fog?"

"Yeah I have a few in there", After I had gotten my feet back under me I asked him, "Can you at least tell me your name."

"...You can call me Berserker." He almost hesitantly replied.

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