Chapter 1 The incident

Disclaimer- I do not own Kaede or Rintarou (or any of the other characters from Katekyo), and all names are purely coincidental.

It was early Saturday morning on February 13th when Noe Rintarou awoke with a start. Valentines day was tomorrow and he didn't have to give his lover Sumizome Kaede. Obviously something would have to be done.

He snuck out of bed – careful not to wake Kaede – and as he donned his usual t-shirt and jeans he thought about what to get Kaede – san. He couldn't think of anything… "Maybe I will just make him chocolates! But we have been going out for two years, I need to get him a real present." He decided that he would make him dinner the next night and would get him something. But he still didn't know what he would get his boyfriend. "I guess I will just walk around Shibuya for a while and see I see anything he will like."

Kaede and Rintarou had started their relationship when Kaede was tutoring Rintarou. Kaede was childlike and extremely possessive and could get very jealous, but Rintarou didn't mind. He thought it was cute, and he was happy that someone could love him that much. That's why he wanted to make sure that at every chance he got he would tell Kaede just how much he loved him. And this – Valentine's day, was no exception.

After making sure he had his wallet, keys, and phone, and scribbling something to Kaede, Rintarou rushed out of the apartment. Throughout the walk to the train ride, and the ride itself, he was deep in thought. "I just got him a new watch, so that wont work, and he already has a nice phone. He wouldn't want jewelry; I know that much, also I don't have the money for it. Maybe a roleplaying outfit?" as he thought the last thought a blush crept up his face. "No!" he said aloud, making other people look around at him "I would never be able to buy something like that" he finished the thought in his head.

He stepped out of the train station and looked around. Shibuya was the shopping district in Tokyo, and he didn't know where to go first. Not only that, but it was 6:45 am, and very clearly, nothing was open. His stomach rumbled and he realized that he hadn't eaten breakfast yet, because he had rushed out of the house. So that would be his first stop.

He walked down the street looking for a place to stop and have some breakfast, or at least a convenience store, where he could get an onegiri. Finally he found a 24 hour convenience store and grabbed a salmon filled onegiri and one veggie – for later. He ate his rice ball while meandering down the street, looking in store windows and waiting for the stores themselves to open. The street was relatively empty for this part of town, he noted absently to himself. He petted a couple stray cats that were wandering around, obviously they had come out from the nearby alley after smelling the salmon. He smiled and threw a bit of the filling from his rice-ball towards the cats, and laughed as a half dozen cats came from shadows everywhere and swarmed the fish. He picked up a kitten and held it, "hello there koneko, you are adorable aren't you?" he said as he nuzzled the brown striped kitten to his face. It licked his nose and purred. "have some salmon" he gave the little kitten some salmon which she ate greedily. She really was way too skinny he thought sadly to himself.

"I wonder how Kaede feels about pets" he thought suddenly, he had never thought to ask, in the two years of their relationship. However, due to his childlike demeanor, Rintarou doubted very much if Kaede would consent to share the former with someone, even if it was a cute kitten like this. "Which is truly sad little Sakana" he told the little kitten, who he now suspected wasn't more than about 6 weeks or so, "because you really are adorable."

He put the kitten down and continued walking, looking at a window display showing male sweaters and slacks. He stopped "hm, maybe I should get him a sweater, it is February after all"

"mrow" he looked down to see the brown striped kitten had followed him, and was looking at him with her huge green eyes. He picked her up again and she immediately started to purr and bat at the onigiri he still held in his hands. "how can I say 'no' to you?" he laughed, as he gave her some more. "So Sakana? What do you think? A sweater?" the cat meowed again, but this time her fur was standing on end and her ears were high and attentive. Rintarou didn't seem to notice, he was still lost in thought when he heard another voice behind him.

"Well look who we have here" a deep highly sadistic voice said behind him.