Note: I don't own Harry Potter. Unfortunately that idea belongs to J.K. Rowling or else I would a pretty awesome author.

"Sirius, I really don't think this is a good idea," hissed James, clenching my shoulder and attempting to pull me back. "This is a really bad idea. You know the rules, we aren't supposed to bother the Unspeakables!"

I ignored him, humming the Sharks theme as we zeroed in on the entrance to the coffee room. The magic alarm I had set on the door had gone off and this time, I'm sure it was an Unspeakable who set off my alarm. It has to be! Though the last time it happened, it was just the janitor, other aurors, and finally people just coming to steal our coffee. But this time, I'm sure it's an Unspeakable.





I stared into the coffee room and after a couple seconds gave a cry of triumph. There, standing next to the coffee machine with his wand pointed right at me, was an Unspeakable. There was no mistake this time, he was wearing the cloak with the hood pulled over to cover his face. I had finally done it, I had caught an Unspeakable!

"Sirius, now isn't the time to celebrate! This guy might just hex us into tomorrow because of you! What if he reports us?" hissed James, tugging on my arm furiously.

"Good morning!" I barked cheerfully, elbowing James in the gut to get him to let go. I walked right over to the Unspeakable and held out my hand.

The Unspeakable turned and stared at me, then James who was grumbling and rubbing his stomach. Back and forth his head turned to regard us before finally, his shoulders beginning to shake and chuckles spilling out of the black abyss of his hood, he gripped my hand. Giving it a firm shake he asked, "I'm guessing you lot are the reason I've been warned off the coffee room?"

"Yep! And now I've finally caught an Unspeakable!" I grinned, powering more magic into the wards I had installed at the doorway of the room. This Unspeakable wasn't getting out of the room until he introduced himself to me. Not a chance-

I felt the wards shattered and turned to stare at the Unspeakable who hadn't made a single move. No, this was my only chance! Once this one left the room, none of the other Unspeakables would ever come back and I would never get to talk to one of those stuck-up cloak-and-dagger busy bodies again!

"I'll make your day," murmured the Unspeakable. He picked up his tray of coffee cups and as he passed, patted me on the shoulder. "My name is Evan, it's a pleasure."

I spun around as he walked past me, but he was already gone.

Evan, huh?

That's a good name.

"Blimey, you got an Unspeakable to laugh Padfoot!" James shouted into my ear.

Way to kill the moment, Prongs...