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1 week later...

Attack on Diagon Alley

"Damnit! Evacuate the people! Get them away!" I screamed to the trainees, huddling tightly together. "Don't even think of trying any hero stunts. You get them out! Now!"

The one rebellious looking trainee, Roberts, turned to glare at me. His wand was clenched in white knuckled fingers and his teeth were bared. He had the most potential out of all the trainees, a natural leader and good with spells. Roberts met my eyes, before finally nodding in agreement. The group of trainees were off, swiftly moving through the crowds pulling people into shops, to the Floo stations, just off the street and out of the way.

Spells were thrown and there were injuries and deaths until finally the alley had been split into two groups. It was an impasse with us at the disadvantage. Standing huddled between the two groups were student and family shoppers, paralyzed with fear.

"It's an Unspeakable," the murmur went up amongst the Death Eaters. It was a strange thing to see, Unspeakables were rarely on the battle field despite being another law enforcement department. That reputation had earned them derision from the Aurors' Department. It was one of the reasons I had wanted to talk to an Unspeakable in the first place. To learn why they were doing nothing in the midst of this way.

The Unspeakable heading toward us was dressed in dragonscale, his hood pulled over and a dark shade, most likely a space, covered most of his face. As he approached his wand flicked and beside him, made from the rubble of the alley rose lions, bears, and other large animals. They barred their fangs and placed themselves in front of shop doors and aurors.

"If you join me, I will have a place for you as a Lieutenant," purred the Dark Lord Voldemort. His red eyes gazed down at the Unspeakable, their devilish red flame a lit with madness.

The Unspeakable, standing next to me, did not reply. The silence went for so long even the dumbest of Death Eaters could hear his refusal.

"How far would you go to protect these people? These disgusting things?" asked Voldemort, twirling his wand lazily in the direction of little girl. She was holding the hand of a teen, obviously a student who had come school supply shopping. She hid her face into her brother's side as he drew his wand, putting himself between her and Voldemort. Brave kid...

"Everyone has their price. If I were to offer all their lives-" he again flicked his wand to the group of shoppers standing in the middle of the battle field. "For yours, would you sacrifice yourself?"

The Unspeakable tilted his head in consideration.

"Oi, don't trust him! He would never keep a deal!" I snapped, warning the foolish Unspeakable standing beside me.

Voldemort turned and considered us, before raising his wand up in the position of an oath.

"I, Lord Voldemort, swear on my magic that should the Unspeakable give me his life I shall cease this attack on Diagon Alley immediately and there would be no further spells cast from my followers and I," he swore and the light flared gold, signifying the oath was in place.

Immediately after the oath, there were cries from the people in the store. They all were garbled together, but you could hear it. The people demanding him to go and die, so that they could live. They're scared, but the selfish bastards they were. To demand someone to simply die so that they could live.

The Unspeakable made a step forward.

"No, don't!" I hissed, grabbing his robes. "You don't have to do this, it isn't your job to just let yourself be killed for them. Don't do i-"

The Unspeakable turned around and grabbed my hands. His were so small, and I realized that he was so tiny. A full head shorter than mine. He squeezed my hands as if to reassure me that it would be alright. He was planning on going up there and dying and he was trying to comfort me?

"Captain! Don't do it!" screamed a deeper voice. I turned to see another Unspeakable, this one garbed in green dragonscale. He was darting his way over, trying to stop the man beside me, but quickly, like rats fleeing a sinking boat, the people darted out of shops and grabbed him. They wanted to live. Let the man die. It's his job. They words echoed down the alley.

"You're name, tell me your name!" I cried, but the Unspeakable shook his head. He was smiling at me, I could see his lips, as if I were a distressed child. As if I was angry over nothing, a dropped icecream, as if his life wasn't on the line. He reached around his neck and pulled out a dog tag. It had the crest of the Department of Mysteries on it, and the simple code A01. I flinched away as he tapped it and walked away.

I am the nameless, the faceless, the voiceless. I am a shadow walking beside a person. I swear to guard the Wizarding World.

They come first.

Those simple words were carved on the stone wall outside the Department of Mysteries. I remember scoffing at them, saying that Unspeakables were never at the battles with the aurors helping to beat back the Death Eaters. I remind spitting next to that wall and I felt sick.

"Crucio," hissed Voldemort and the Unspeakable gave a violent jerk before slamming to his knees. He raised his head in defiance, staring Voldemort straight in the eye. Though he was shaking, the Unspeakable made no sound.

"That wasn't part of the deal!" I screamed. Oh Merlin, what if he plans to torture this man to death before our eyes? Those selfish bastards in the shops can joke on it.

The Unspeakable, painstakingly spat out the words.

"A riddle. Isn't it funny that a riddle stands at the head of the purebloods' cause?"

"Avada kedavra!" hissed Voldemort angrily. The Unspeakable made no move to get out of the way. The green light hit him and he dropped like a puppet with it's strings cut.

Voldemort's laughter rang down the empty alley as he and his Death Eaters disappeared.