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Jo paced around in her apartment, freaking out.

She had just come home from New Zealand, telling her dad and everyone who had seen her around so far that the funding for the movie was short and they couldn't do it anymore. Yeah- She now had her own apartment, which was good... She would need the room. Her dad had moved back to North Carolina after she left.

The truth was... Jo was pregnant. Six months. With TWINS. She didn't finish shooting because she started to show and they kicked her off of the movie and replaced her. She had spent a few months in North Carolina with her family, who knew everything. Even who the father was. But she decided that she needed to return to California, confront the babies' father, see what would happen, and go from there.

But she was afraid. She had arrived at the Palm Woods in disguise, which had worked. Kendall hadn't recognized her. And that was good. She didn't want him to recognize her yet. She had no idea how he would tell her that the babies were his... What would he do? Kendall's a sweet guy, but he surely wasn't ready to be a father...

"Look, just calm down! Everything'll be fine." Camille said reassuringly. "Kendall will be excited!"

"Yeah. Eighteen years old and stuck with TWO babies." Jo snapped. "He'll be THRILLED. I bet he'll completely reject me! Then what?"

"Then you'll go back to North Carolina til you have the babies, then come back, see if Kendall wants to see them, and maybe stay if he wants to be part of their lives."

"I guess." Jo sighed.

"So the first step is to tell him. Do you want me to go with you?" Camille asked. Jo bit her lip, hand on her bulging stomach.

"No. This is something I need to do alone." she finally said.

Everything in Jo's body told her not to knock on that door. But the truth was... She REALLY had to pee. Six months pregnant with two children really does things to your bladder.

Just do it. He has to find out sooner or later.

But what if he completely rejects me?

WHO CARES? Much longer and you're gonna pee yourself.

Jo bit her lip and finally rapped on the door. It didn't take long for it to swing open, Carlos standing there.

"Jo!" he grinned, hugging her. "You're all- here. And- pregnant."

"Yeah." she nodded. "I was wondering if Kendall was here."

"Uh- no. He's actually down at the pool." he said suspiciously. "I can call him if you want."

"No- it's okay. Just tell him I came by." she smiled.

"So... Who's the father? Is it... Is it Kendall?" Carlos whispered.

"You'll find out soon enough." she grinned.

Carlos gave her a confused look and nodded, hugging her goodbye and watching her leave. He had a feeling it WAS Kendall's kid. Jo wasn't the type to sleep around. He imagined Kendall was the only one she had ever slept with.

Later that night, Jo was eating Chinese food. It was all she ever wanted to eat since she got pregnant. Luckily she could get it delivered to the Palm Woods anytime now. Camille had gone back to her apartment and she was just watching old episodes of New Town High. Oh, she missed the body she used to have.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door- the bangs matching the rhythm of Big Time Rush, the song.

Jo sat there, considering just staying there on the couch and not answering it. There was only one person who knocked like that. Kendall. And she was afraid to talk to him.

She drew a shaky breath and hauled herself up, making her way to the door. Sure enough, through the peep hole she saw Kendall standing there, concern on his face.

"Jo! I know you're there!" he called frantically. She sighed and opened the door.

He looked just as she left him. Long hair, boyish face, lanky appearance. He was still a boy. He wasn't ready for what she was about to tell him.

"Wow... I thought that Carlos was shitting me." Kendall said frankly, brows up, staring at her stomach. She looked down and touched her stomach, biting her lip. "Sorry. That was rude. C'mere." he smiled as he took her in a hug, careful not to squish her stomach.

"Come in." she said, taking his hand and pulling him in.

"Oooh- Chinese." Kendall said excitedly, rubbing his hands together.

"You can have some."

"I couldn't deprive a pregnant woman of her food." he laughed, but took a piece of Kung-Pow chicken anyway. He wanted to ask about who the father was, but was afraid.

She laughed and sat next to him, continuing her meal. Kendall always brightened her mood. She wasn't even nervous anymore.

"So..." Kendall said slowly, making Jo sure that he was going to ask about the father. "When're you due?" she laughed in relief.

"I'm six months. They're due in December." she said, touching her stomach.

"They?" Kendall asked, puzzled.

"A boy and a girl. Twins." she smiled, then felt one of them kick, lighting up her face. She grabbed Kendall's hand and pressed it to the spot. He grinned over at her, feeling the kick under her skin.

"What are their names?" he asked.

"I haven't decided." she admitted. "My mom wants me to name the girl after her, since HER grandma's name was Wendy, too. But that's not a cute name."

"Well I guess it's not her decision, now is it?" Kendall laughed. "It's between you and the father."

Jo's stomach dropped. He was hinting at it.. He wanted to know who the father was.

"Yeah." Jo said, looking away. Kendall took in a deep breath and moved his hand around, feeling more kicks- from both sides.

"My gosh- they're never this wiggly." Jo said in surprise. "Guess they know who you are." Immediately she wanted to take the words back.

"And who am I?" Kendall asked gently.

"You're Kendall." Jo said cheerfully. Kendall, confused, took his hand away.

"You're back early. What happened to YEARS? You were gone for months." Kendall said.

"Obviously I couldn't do the movie, being pregnant. So they kicked me out of the cast once I started showing. After that I went to North Carolina and stayed with my parents for a while."

"So what're you doing here?"

"I came back for you." she admitted.

Kendall just couldn't find an angle to ask her. It was killing him- was he the father or not? He wasn't very careful... In bed...

What if he wasn't? Jo seemed to still love him. Maybe he'd stay around and help her out anyway. But then again... What if he WAS? He's only eighteen. He's almost famous. He's got a career.

"I'm glad you did." Kendall grinned, kissing her cheek. "I missed you."

"I missed you, too." Jo admitted. "A lot."

"Well... I just wanna let you know... I'll be here for you and these babies. Cause you're important to me." he said.

"You've got a career and stuff."

"So do you." Kendall pointed out. "We'll make it work."

A wave of relief washed over Jo. He didn't even know that he was the father and he was already willing to help her raise the twins.

"Well, I really need to get going. I shouldn't have even come- I'm grounded. But... I had to see." Kendall said, standing up and helping her up to hug her and kiss her cheek. She walked him to the door.

Outside the door, Kendall turned.



Kendall was about to ask her the question. The "Are those babies mine" question. But he couldn't find the words.

"Let's go baby shopping tomorrow." he said. "I mean- for baby stuff. Not a baby."

"Okay." Jo smiled.

"Pick you up at noon." he nodded, then waved and walked away. Jo watched him disappear. Wow... Kendall had spent a good deal of time with her... And hadn't even asked who the father of her children were. Did he assume they were his? Or did he assume they weren't? Did he not care? Or was he too afraid to know the answer?

She shrugged to herself, noticing that for the first time since Kendall got there, the babies stopped kicking in her stomach. She patted her bump as she closed the door.

"You two already love your daddy, don't you?" she smiled.