Kendall's POV

I look at the child I just finished dressing in a pink frilly dress and white sandals. Makenzie had changed so much since the day she was born- a whole year ago. Her nearly bleach-blonde hair was shoulder-length and in ringlets, front pinned back most of the time. She loved to wear cute dresses and fancy shoes, nails painted, but still she loved to be a tom-boy with her brother. Her dark eyes were almost black, like her mom's, and always so full of life. She was a beautiful little girl- I knew Mason and I, and certainly James, would have to fight to keep the boys off of her one day.

Mason looked a lot like his twin in the face, but obviously his hair was kept short. He wore the normal little boy attire- complete with t-shirts with trucks on them and little jeans and light-up shoes. He was more curious now than she was, always trying to open drawers and cabinets, looking under benches and catching bugs and giving them to Carlos. He was all boy- loving cars and bugs and mud and wrestling.

It was hard to believe that these kids were newborns just one year ago.

"Mason! Come back!" Jo called from the bathroom, where Jo was brushing his hair. Mason came flying into the room, sending Makenzie into fits of giggles.

"What're you laughing about?" I smiled, tickling her belly before allowing her to run off with her brother.

"Stop encouraging his bad behavior," Jo fumed as Mason and Makenzie immediately flew to the living room to play. "You make me seem like the bad guy."

"His hair is fine. It'll just get messed up again in a few minutes- don't worry about it," I smiled as I took her under my arm and kissed her hair, a sharp pain in my neck igniting. It had been months since the wreck and I was all healed up, but I was left with some pretty bad neck pain, which I was told would fade with some chiropractic help. It gave Jo a good reason to give me neck massages, though.

"Knock, knock!" Camille called as she and Logan entered the apartment casually, a big box in Logan's arms, wrapped in pink, and a blue bag in Camille's dainty hand. She smiled and hugged Jo as she and Logan put the gifts down and the kids ran up to hug them.

Logan, like the others, had picked his favorite. He liked Mason better, I think mostly because he was easy to please. Logan wasn't so great with kids, and all he had to say to Mason was "That's so cool!" and "Go show Carlos, he'll love that!". Of course Logan genuinely loved both of them, being his niece and nephew, but he just wasn't so good with kids.

"Is that mine?" Kenzie asked curiously, tugging on Logan's shorts.

"No- the pink one is Mason's. The blue one is yours," Logan said, acting serious. Kenzie looked confused, and Logan giggled, bending down to scoop her up and kiss her cheek. "I'm kidding. Of course it's yours- you think Aunt Cammie wouldn't get you a big one?"

Soon after that, James and Carlos came in, carrying nothing.

"UNCLE LOS!" Mason cheered, and Carlos caught him in a hug. James, as usual, swiped Kenzie from Logan, him being her favorite uncle.

"We kinda forgot about the presents. But we'll get them- don't worry," Carlos assured, carrying Mason to the living room to sit beside Jo on the couch.

End of Kendall POV

Soon Mrs. Knight, Katie, the Jennifers, Jett, Buddha Bob, and Lucy all showed up.

"I can't believe they're a whole year old," Lucy mused to James as they watched the kids play and leaned on a wall.

"I know. They're growing up too fast," James sighed dramatically. "And Kenzie- gosh, I can't stand to see her grow up. I'm afraid the boys will be all over her when she's older."

"You'd make a good dad," Lucy noted. "But I know you're using Makenzie to pick me up."

"Is it working?"


"What if I used Mason?"

"Shut up," Lucy laughed.

Kenzie sat on Kendall's lap, flames dancing off of her dark eyes. Beside them was Mason, reoccupied with Carlos, who was pestering him.

"Kenzie! Mason! Look at Mommy!" Jo called from the other side of the table, holding her phone to take a picture before the candles on the cake burned out. Kendall hugged Kenzie tight, smiling as he pressed his cheek to hers. Mason waved at the camera, Carlos flashing a thumbs up as Jo took the picture and everyone started singing "Happy Birthday".

Logan cut the cake expertly into equal portions and James distributed it. Jo sat beside Kendall, Kenzie in his lap, trying to feed Kenzie when Kendall stopped her.

"She can do it," he reminded her. Jo sighed and allowed her daughter to grip the plastic fork and dig it into the cake.

"I guess I'm not ready for this. Them growing up and not needing us anymore," Jo admitted. Kendall reached an arm out to pull Jo to him and rub her back soothingly.

"They'll always need us. Always. When Kenz is grown up and gets engaged, she's gonna need Mom's advice on the wedding. When Mason's finally graduating high school- who knows how many years after Kenzie does, he'll need Mom and Dad's help in picking a college."

Jo laughed at this as Kendall kissed her hair.

"Sure- they don't need you in order to get fed or walk, but they'll ALWAYS need you in some way. I promise."

Jo smiled gratefully and laid her head on his shoulder as the two watched Makenzie drop some cake on her pink dress.

"Uh oh!" she said, putting the fork down. Her tiny fingers curled around the cake and brought it to her mouth, and she turned to smile at Kendall.

"She's a daddy's girl," Jo said when she turned back around.

"I think she loves James more than everyone combined, though."

Jo giggled and nodded in agreement. Even now, Kenzie was staring at James from across the room, who was charming it up with Lucy.

Jo's eyes caught Mason using his hands to eat the cake in Carlos' lap.

"Carlos! Make him use a fork!" she groaned. Carlos' dark eyes turned to her innocently.

"But he has trouble using a fork. Just like me."

"That's why he needs to practice," Jo said sternly.

"OR you could give him a bath later," Kendall added.

"Fine," Carlos sighed, picking up the fork that was nearby and get cake on it, offering it to Mason, who ate it happily. Once Mason had the fork, Carlos picked up a napkin and started cleaning off Mason's tiny fingers. He learned his lesson a long time ago: if you don't wipe Mason's fingers, he'll wipe them himself. All over your shirt. And it's not fun.

Later on, Kenzie and Mason sat on the floor of the living room, ripping open gifts.

They ranged from dresses for Kenzie all the way to toy cars. They got a whole lot- more than they needed, actually. The thing in the huge pink box from Camille was a pink Barbie car, because Camille didn't like that Makenzie had to play with boy cars all the time.

By the time the excitement had died off, Kenzie was sound asleep in James' arms and Mason was trying not to act tired as he played with his new cars with Kendall and Carlos. But both men knew the warning signs of a potential crash- the frequent yawns, the droopy eyes, and the absently rolling the cars around. Finally Mason got up to sit and curl up in Kendall's lap, eyes closing for good this time.

The twins were put down for a nap and the majority of the guests left. Carlos, James, and Logan stayed though, eating most of the left-over cake and playing video games as Jo and Camille cleaned up. Kendall of course was included, and he was glad that he could still have days like this. Eating junk and playing video games with his buddies, like the old days.

That seemed like an ending, but it isn't. One more chapter!