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Chapter 2: Shopping and Reveal

Jo's POV

Today's the day of me and Kendall going shopping for baby stuff and reveling to Kendall that he's the father. I'm so nervous of what Kendall is going to say. He's picking me up at noon and its eleven o'clock- I have an hour to get ready. I curled my hair, put a little make up on, brushed my teeth. I'm wearing a mint and white dress (white on top and mint on bottom) with mint flats. I was finally ready and there was a knock on the door- it's Kendall.

"Ready to go?" Kendall asked.

"Yes let's go." I said.

Me and Kendall went to his car and we're looking for clothes for the twins first. We arrived at the mall and we went to 'Carters' first. We found ton of clothes and little socks they're so cute I'm glad Kendall is going to be here with the twins no matter what. We bought over $100 worth of clothes there it was so much fun and he's carrying the bag he's such a gentleman. We went to 3 more stores and we couldn't find much of clothes or anything so we decided to go to our next store 'Target'.

"I wish there's more baby stores at the mall" Kendall said.

" I agree at least Target is close to where we are" I said.

"That's true" Kendall said.

We arrived at Target and since they have more than just clothes we decided to get more than clothes might as well get everything else here. First we went to strollers for our twins we found (. /ekmps/shops/jusonneuk/images/brevi-ovo-twin-pushc hair-travel-system-[4] ) (Author note: Imagine there is a play pin, bouncer, swing and diaper bag and high chair with this color design collection) our boy theme is going to be sea life and when we found this bedding and it's collection I'm getting an idea for this room (this is Jo's idea: www. babysupermall main /products /lai / lai 531005 v. h t m l) Kendall decided owls for our little girl and we picked everything out who knew Kendall had good taste for shopping for little girls (Here Kendall's idea: www. babysupermall main / products / lli / lli 161007. ahtml ) At the end of our shopping we finished buying everything it took hours my feet are killing me and we had so much fun. We paid and put everything in the car.

"Should we eat dinner" Kendall said.

"Yeah I would love that" I said.

Me and Kendall are going to dinner at Chez Fancy it's so fancy but after our day of shopping for the twins I think I'm ready to tell Kendall. Kendall is so committed to be there for the twins and he doesn't know he's the father I wonder how he's going to be once he finds out. We finished ordering our food Kendall is having steak and I'm having a salad.

"Kendall I need to tell you something" I said serious with a hint of excitement in my voice.

"What is it" Kendall said a little nervous.

"Look I'd like to thank you for going shopping with me it was so much fun and I enjoyed it but I know you may be wondering who the father is and I like to say that you're the father" I said.

Kendall looked shocked and excited he probably feels a lot better that he's the father.

"Really" Kendall said. I nodded my head yes.

"Why didn't you tell me yesterday?" Kendall asked sweetly.

"I didn't tell you yesterday because I was nervous of what you were going to think of the situation and I wasn't ready but when we went shopping today you were so committed and ready for this acting like it was your own and I decided that I was ready to tell you" I said.

"Look Jo you didn't have to feel nervous I would have been so happy that I was the father. I'm excited to be a father there is some decision to make but we'll get through this together I promise" Kendall said. We hugged I love Kendall hugs their amazing and nice.

End Of Jo POV

Kendall POV

Jo told me that I was the father I never guessed that I would be but I'm excited that I am. I would have been there no matter me being the father or not but it makes me feel a lot better knowing I'm the father than some guy that did it with Jo and once he found out he left her to do all by herself so a one night stand sort of speak. These kids are going to be love by some many people next we have to tell my family since Jo already told her family and the guys and friends. Our food came and we ate it was an amazing food well it is Chez Fancy the best restaurant in Los Angeles. I paid for the food and me and Jo went back to the Palm Woods. I went to the crib after taking everything we bought to Jo's.

"How was your day with Jo?" Carlos asked.

"It was amazing we shopped for baby stuff and we went to 'Chez Fancy' and she told me that she's pregnant but the twins are mine" I said the guys had confused look on their faces.

"Wait there yours are you ready?" Logan asked I nodded my head.

"How are you going to do this with the band and stuff?" James asked.

"Well me and Jo will have to work stuff out" I said.

"How will your mom feel about this?" Carlos asked.

"It can go either way she'll either be very excited or disappointed then excited" I said.

"Well all in all we're happy for you" James, Carlos and Logan said.

"Thanks" I said. Tomorrow I'm going to tell my mom that Jo is pregnant with my babies.

End of Kendall POV


I'm in my apartment waiting for a Camille to come over because she said that she's coming over after me and Kendall hung out and I texted saying "I'm done hanging with Kendall come to the apartment and I'll tell you what happened :D."

Camille came in to the apartment.

"What happened tell me everything" Camille said in a rush.

"Well we went shopping and safe to say that we finished we got most of the important stuff and we'll decorate soon. After we finished shopping he took me out to dinner and that's when I told him that they are his. Kendall was so thrilled that they were his and couldn't wait to be a father. That's all that happened" I said.

"Oh my god I can't believe this, it was so sweet" Camille said.

End of Jo POV

The Next Day

Kendall POV

Todays the day Jo and I are going to tell my mom is having my babies her reaction could be good or bad but I told Jo to meet me at Palm Woods Park I have something important to say to her. I saw Jo and I stand up and hugged her.

"Hey" I said.

"Hey Kendall" Jo said smiling it was the cutest smile ever.

"I have something to ask you" I said getting straight to the point.

"What is it" Jo asked seriously.

"Don't be nervous- since we're both are going to be parents and everything I think that this is perfect but I was wondering if you wanted us to be boyfriend and girlfriend again" I said.

TBA what will Jo answer be. How will Mama Knight react. Read to find out sorry if this chapter was boring.