Sky: Vulpix is so sorry that she hasn't updated in forever, but she has had a lot of homework and some other stuff

Me: I would also like to mention that Riga is going to be in this chapter now Sky use disclaimer

Sky: I'm not a Pokemon

Riga: She doesn't care and neither do I

Sky: Vulpix owns nothing except her ocs

Me: I hope you enjoy

Yu: *Jumping up and down dressed as the white hare*

Sky: Yu what are you doing?

Yu: Vulpix said that you're taking us trick-or-treating

Sky: VULPIX… wait did you say us

Yu: Yes Tithi is coming too didn't Tsubasa tell you

Tithi: *Walks in dressed as the Cheshire Cat* I'm ready to go trick-or-treating

Sky: Where's Tsubasa?

Yu: Vulpix knocked him out and then hit him with a Pokeball

Sky: I'm so going to kill her

Riga (Ryugafangirl): *Jumps through a window* Yo

Yu: How'd you jump through a window on the second floor?

Riga: Insane Pills

Tithi: That doesn't make sense

Riga: You don't make fan fictions

Yu &Tithi: O_o

Sky: What are you doing here?

Riga: Vulpix told me to help you *Smiles suspiciously*

Sky: *Rolls eyes* Sure

Riga: *Snaps fingers*

Sky: *Suddenly dressed as Alice* WTF was that for?

Riga: Costume *Snaps fingers again* Prefect!

Sky: *Dressed as a vulpix* Your so dead

Riga: So that's what the fox says

Yu: Can we go trick-or-treating now

Sky: No *changes into a costume of Erza from Fairy Tail* Now we can

Yu & Tithi: YEAH!

Sky: But first *Sticks out hold* give me the flame throwers

Riga: Yeah you guys

Sky: You too

Riga: Awwe.. Your no fun

SpongeBob: *Appears out of nowhere on a unicorn* F is for friends wh~

Sky: *Hits him with a frying pan* I hate that song now let's go before any other cartoon characters show up

15 minutes later

Sky: *Face palm* I can't believe that you guys nearly burned down the town because someone gave you two raisins and gave you a rock *points to Riga*

Riga: Hey Sora had it coming especially when he's wearing a Gingka costume

Ryuga: *Tries attacks to attack Sky in a Natsu costume* I'm going to defeat you Erza

Sky: *Hits him with a frying pan* I swear Vulpix *throws coffee in Ryuga's face followed by the coffee pot*

Me: *Appears out of nowhere* That wasn't me, it was Riga

Riga: Yup!

Tithi: Where did you get the coffee from?

Sky: *Shrugs* Beats me

Ryuga:*Wakes up* I hate you

Sky: I know *Smiles*

The Real Natsu appears

Natsu: Come on Erza we have a mission *Starts dragging Sky off*

Me: Now that was me

Yu: What happened to the sleep walking bladers thing?

Me: I couldn't decide on a blader for this part

Riga: Hey Vulpix isn't that Kyo in that Dark Vader costume

Me: Yup *Pulls out phone and sends text*

Artemis: *Shows up* Prepare to die Kyo

Kyo: When will the insanity stop?!

Me: Never and may the odds be ever in your favor

Kyo: *Running away from Artemis* I hate you!

Me: I love you too

Riga: Hey where did Yu and Tithi go?

Me & Riga: *Look to see half the town on fire*

Me: If anyone asks where never here

Riga: *Nods and disappears*

Me: I'm totally running out of ideas so please give me a blader and place and it might end up in the next chapter

Sky: And she still wants to know if you or your oc want to be in future chapters

Riga: Don't forget to review, hey where did Yu and Tithi go this time

Me, Sky &Riga: *Look out the window to see the town on fire again*

Sky: Who gave them flamethrowers?

Riga: I believe that's my que to leave *Disapears*