Alright listen up! I had a new chapter I've been working on for Tanya and Tony like I said, the only problem I have now is my computer battery keeps dying and in the end my storage is not working. I don't know what happened really I saved the chapter in my files, but for some reason it wont save. So I am going to have to see if I saved it in a first draft in any of my note books.

I don't know if any of you actually noticed, I had updated the last chapter with more detail and I revealed more in what is happening. I really would like you guys to re-read the last chapter and tell me what you think...which direction is this story going to go with Tanya's love interest right now? I'm going to post a filler chapter in every now and then for special Holidays so I can get some inspiration.

Hope you guys keep up with the story. I am going to try and keep the story going.