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"If it isn't the children of the golden trio, Loony Lovegood, and that idiot Longbottom," said Scorpio, walking into the car with the two bulkiest Slytherin seventh years available to him. He needed to get some body guards his own age so he could keep them through out all his years at Hogwarts."My father says I must be nice to Potter but that doesn't mean I can't mess with Weaselette and the Fall-On-Your-Bottoms." The two boys sneered at his snide comment.

"Bug off Malfoy, unlike you I studied over the summer and I am rather skilled at levicorpus. Considering the fact that you are wearing a cloak it would be safe to say he isn't wearing any pants. Who would like to find out?" Rose asked menacingly.

"Rose he's not worth the trouble, just send a bat boogie hex at him and he'll move along with his two oversized cronies," said Albus.

Scorpio was about to argue but his best friend just had to walk in right there and then.

"Hi Scorp, what idiotic first years are we going to crucio today," James Potter said, rolling up his sleeves.

"Oh just the Longbottoms and their stupid friends. You can take the blundering idiots today as a treat," drawled Scorpio, masking the fact that he was sweating like crazy.

"Ok, I'll just get those two ou- "


James stopped in mid turn to look at Scorpio curiously. What was going on with his friend today. He looked troubled and was sweating more salt then he had in his body. "Yes? Are you sick or something because you've looked awfully green all day."

"I'm fine," he replied,"I'll get them."


Scorpio reached into the car and pulled out Dawn and August. "Here you go mate, they're all yours."

"Thanks Scorp," said James. He raised his wand with a mad glint in his eye and said,"Expelliamis!" He had turned and disarmed Scorpio then Stupifiying him. "Did you really think I would just let you torture my brother and I would be cool? I am a Gryffindor not a Slytherin felon like you," he finished with a smirk. "As for you Albus, why didn't you tell me you were on Malfoy's badside. I might have never guessed!" he joked.

"At least it's better than calling him Scorp," retorted Teddy with a smirk.

"Shut up I was making a cover up to come help you," he said madly.

"Ok, but how do we know your not secretly a Slytherin who faked it with Malfoy to get me alone with you, and don't think your above these lowly schemes because as your honest brother I know better."

They all laughed. "Hogwarts is approaching, we should get our robes on," said Ginny, rocking the whole train in excitement.

"Calm down Rose it is only a school," said Teddy.

"Honestly, am I the only one that's read Hogwarts a History?"

"Yep, pretty much now come on before this train falls off a cliff because of Rose," said Albus, rolling his eyes.

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