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Disclaimer: I am J.K. Rowling and this a pseudonym to make aware that there will be a continuation of Harry Potter called Albus Potter. Seriously though you get the idea.

They had arrived at Hogwarts and it seemed that all the first years, with the exception of Rose, were nervous. Albus started to consider the fact that he might get in Slytherin again. Would his mum and dad disown him? He got off the train with Ginny and Teddy but Teddy had to go a different way so he said goodbye to them and hopped in the carriages. Rose and Albus looked for the voice that was calling for all the first years. The voice belonged to a giant man named Rubeus Hagrid. Hagrid now had gray hair and was skinnier than he was during the final battle. Even though he still looked weary of Dumbledore's death, we greeted the first years merrily.

"Hello Albus, hello Rose, how ar' ye parents doin?" he asked.

"Fine thank you," said Rose.

To her great surprise the giant laughed. "You remind me of Hermione, you do," the man said with a chuckle.

"Wait you knew my mother?" she asked.

"O' course I new Hermione, just owl her and ask shel remember me," said the man.

"Ok, I just need to know one more thing, who are you," she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm Hagrid," he said with a booming voice.

"Yah right, and I'm Babbity Rabbity, I'm not two you know. I am positive your not Hagrid the half-giant. Who are you, and don't lie," said Albus, surprising everyone.

"Who told ya that story, ya mum and dad?"

"Yes thank you very much."

"I'll take that as a 'Harry an Ginny ar doin great, thanks for askin.'"

"How do you know my parents"

"Oh, there doin tha again, I mean its a good idea an all but ya have the righ ta know ya mum and dads history."

"What history?" He may not trust this man, but he was the only one who might be convinced into telling him what was going on. "Do you know anything about dad?"

"I know tons abou him bu ya parents want ya to figure it out on your own."

"At least tell me the truth about your name."

"I am Hagrid."

The man claiming to be Hagrid turned as one of the first years called, "Well if it isn't that great oaf, Hagrid."

"I'll have you know Malfoy," at the use of his surname, Malfoy looked stunned,"that great oaf your father speaks of is the headmaster of Hogwarts."

Malfoy's sneer returned."No wonder my father didn't want me to go here! I was beginning to wonder!"

"Shove off Malfoy, your a second year your supposed to be in the carriages and whoops, there they go, looks like your going to be late for the start of term feast," said Rose before the man could burst. Malfoy pulled a face that made the crowd erupt.

"I guess you really are Hagrid huh," said Albus, looking slightly embarrassed.

"No reason to be embarrassed Albus, it's okay," said Hagrid.

"All firs' years to the boats; not including Malfoy."

They climbed into the boats as they were carried to the school. At first it was a glimmer in the distance, then it became a beautiful castle. It was lit up in every window. It drew gasps from the group as Hagrid looked on admiringly. It reminded him of that castle in Germany that he had seen last year while on vacation, what was it called? Neuschwanstein? It was breathtaking to think he would practically be living here for the next six months!

When they arrived at the castle, they followed Hagid into the entrance hall. "Alrigh' when we enter, I want you all to line up and wait. When your name is called, walk up and sit on the stool. Ok?"

Everyone muttered in consent. All of them were asking the same question; "What house will I get in?"

They walked into the Great Hall to find the entire school there. Albus searched the crowd for James and Teddy. Each giving him and Rose a thumbs up. The ceremony started as Hagrid placed a hat on the stool. To Albus' great surprise, the hat broke in to song. It sang about the qualities of each house and about the four founders. Once it was done, Professor Longbottom stood up with a list of names. Albus listened as many people were called up to the pedestal and were sorted into different houses. There were two Slytherins, three Hufflepuffs, three Gryffiondors, and four Ravenclaws. Surprisingly, both August and Dawn got in Ravenclaw. After Hannah Malfoy was placed in Slytherin, Professor Longbottom called out, Albus Potter, the whole great hall went silent. People stood on top of their seats to get a better look. The last thing he saw was the crowd turning to James and saying, "You have a brother?

"Ahh, another Potter, I wonder where to put this one," said a voice that seemed to come from the hat. "Should I put you in Gryffindor like the others, Ravenclaw like you represent your knowledge, Hufflepuff to represent your loyalty and trust, or Slytherin where your family belonged."

"Ohh please no, not Slytherin, anywhere but there!"

"Ok, hmm, better be, RAVENCLAW!"