I've read the The Fall of Five a week ago. This story of mine is based on perhaps the next installation. Here, Marina and the others are attacking the main base which is just a theory. I am trying to be as safe as possible with the details. No one knows about Lorien Legacies better then Pittacus Lore himself. Thus, the Lorien Legacies and any of the book installations were never mine.

I am here exerting and sharing my feels with the latest book via fanfiction. I hope you guys will be entertained by my story.

With sincere thanks, Lakrahe.

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I am ready to fight Setrakus Ra. I am ready to get Ella back. The time has come.

A few more blocks and we are at the famous White House. And where else this place I speak of? In Washington D.C., that's where.

When Six, Nine and I found John and the others, they brought with them this Mog defector. His name is Adamus Sutekh, son of a General who with their leader slain my race, destroyed Lorien.

"I prefer Adam," he said when we gave him uncertain stares on our first meeting.

I didn't trust him at first. Nine and Six also gave him a cold shoulder. John seems to trust this guy since Adam saved Sam's long lost father from being experimented on. Moreover, Adam also saved Sam from the Dulce Base. Why would we not trust him? I'd rather trust Adam than bet my life on Five.

We have been running for the next ten minutes. Six scouts as John and BK takes the anticipation for a frontal attack. Behind him, Adam is stroking Dust for the last time before he turns into an eagle to scout along with the other chimaera. I stay in the middle of our formation, alert. Next to me are Sam, Sarah and Malcolm with weapons of their own. Nine stays at the rear always ready for ambushes.

Six reappears with an approving look and we followed her. Adam was right. There is a way inside an underground base in the White House. Adam also said this is the main Mogadorian facility. All the information systems and the high officials are positioned. In other words, if Setrakus Ra fled from our last battle, he'd end up here.

We moved through steel hallways that are dimly lit. In no more than a few minutes, a small skirmish starts by Six attacking human soldiers that were on guard. We are now on the run.

I feel bad for these people. Why would they help the specie that would end their own? I grit my teeth looking at them in disgust. Total annihilation and they won't even notice until it is all gone. Like what happen to my planet, my home. I can't understand such absurdity.

We are now on the run. John is in his perfect fiery defense and is throwing extremely hot fireballs at the arriving enemies—the Mogadorians.

Sam and Sarah are aiming their blasters at the creators with perfect aim. Malcolm covers Nine as he dances on the ceiling, slashing and maiming on the enemies at the rear. Then, I occasionally throw ice daggers at the Mogs that get inside the line. I always hit them in the heart—if they have the kind of organ that is capable of compassion.

We made our way into an empty room. I remember meeting Setrakus Ra in the same area, only the one in New Mexico was smaller.

We knew what was coming.

"Get ready," John said; the fiery armor of his blazes higher.

"I was born ready, Johnny boy," Nine smirks bouncing on his heels. First, five krauls burst into the room, destroying our entrance making it wider. Second, a line of piken comes in trotting with madness. Third comes hell.

Adam was first to react. He sends tremors towards the ugly best. Behind the piken, dozens of Mogs came marching into the room. John throws a fireball and attacks as BK turns into a large wolf. Six and I use our telekinesis to flick the blaster away from most of the soldiers. After that, Six floats up into the air creating her own typhoon.

Everything was chaos.

Adam, Sarah, Sam and Malcolm are on each other's backs covering us. I charge in, creating a trail of ice behind me and surrounding me. Once a Mogadorian touches my ice, I command it to grow instantly dangerous to strike the heart. Blasts were sent my way. I deflect them with my telekinesis.

I can hear Nine shout as he looks like a Mogadorian killing tornado. He was entertaining himself for the first wave, but now he was dead serious.

To my right, Mogs are coming my way. I stay where I am concentrating on creating unequally large ice stalagmites. My legacy creates fatal punctures against several Mogs.

Suddenly, I remember how I got this legacy. Before I could feel my chest harden and tears might start rolling down, I was attacked and pushed to the side.

How did a Mog penetrate into the formation? Nine did so much to plan this strategy.

The landing was never comfortable; my good arm is broken. By instincts, I call on my healing Legacy. It was suppose to take a minute, but my attacker didn't want any pardons. He wanted an instant kill.

I deflect the blast by my telekinesis, missing me an inch. The hot blast on my side was enough to heighten my reflex, but lowered my vast creative ways to handle a situation. I roll to the other side as another several blasts almost hit me.

Then the 8th shot made an injury on my thigh. I screamed at the sizzling sensation, almost like how a dying Garde member felt. An ice dagger is in my uninjured hand which I registered a few seconds later. Without hesitation, I threw it without doing any life-stopping actions at the Mog.

My attacker staggers and aims his blaster at me.

No, is all I thought, panicked and sad. This happened so fast.

Before the soldier could do anything with the trigger, he pushed forward, staggering. A faint glow appears and disappears before he could fall to his knees and collapsing face-first to the ground. A wave of relief caused me to breathe normally.

He was blasted.

I see my savior. Not anyone from my current team. He was shirtless and panting lightly. The scar on his chest is still new. Before I could call on his name, a sea of emotions carry me to cry.

It feels absurd because I haven't cried when I felt Eight's scar burn across my ankle. Tears didn't come, but the bitter emptiness made me almost inhumane. Although I manage myself not to commit suicide, but without Eight, happiness seems unreachable.

My heart feels heavily tender. My blood ignites of adrenaline, rushing and making me simultaneously vulnerable and strong.

He ran towards me as I do the same and wraps me in a hug.

"Finally," his first word to me: full of life and relief. He must've anticipated to see me—us again.

I shake my head from my disbelief. Before I could start to ask series of question about his mysterious life, he kisses me on the lips. So beautiful, I kissed back. The feeling is so good to be true when I remember what happened to him at New Mexico.


Everything in my perspective darkens. I shove him away from me. An ice dagger forms in my hand and raise my hand to stab him, but he reacted faster to hold my wrist.

"Don't!" I shouted; my feet started to wobble. "Don't use him against me." It came out like a beg for mercy than a threat.

"Whoah!" Eight held his hands out like I am an infant learning to walk. He knew what I meant. "Why would Setrakus Ra kiss you, Marina?" Marina. He said it like the time we meet in India; he said my name as if savoring, loving it. Eight laughs in admiring amusement. No mix of sarcasm.

"I don't know how I am still here, but I am," he said; a charming smile forms on his handsome face, making me blush despite the carnage around us.

I don't know what how to confirm it is Eight. The Mog leader could take any form as I have heard. So I look into his eyes. His warm beautiful eyes that made me feel entirely different. The wonderful kind of different. His eyes were looking at me back. They were right about how the eyes could be so expressive.

That was enough to make me believe.

Eight takes my hand and squeezed it meaningfully. Then without a second hesitation, he gave me another kiss. "No time like the present, right?" He pulls away and drops my hand to shoot incoming enemies. I hear a scream somewhere not far it must have been Sam or Malcolm.

"Go there," I said gently almost heart-wrenching.

"I love you, Marina."

"I love you, Eight. Stay safe please," I beg while concentrating to heal my injuries.

He nods and he was gone. Poof.

I wish he would stay with me. In this war, anything could happen. And it is making me terrified. I don't want to him to get out of my sight, but we have a planet to save and a planet to revive.

I stepped forward, summoning large sharp ice to trap two pikens. Now I have Eight, we are one step further to win this war.

After a few days of being emotionally cold, I genuinely smile.

Hey, hope you like it. About Eight revival, I exactly do not know how it happens. There are theories coming from different intelligent sources. Marina's Ice and Healing Legacy might have fused together to regenerate Eight's wound. It could happened. Lorien Legacies have defied every rule of modern physics. They could defy death too.

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