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A Navrina AU or a TFOF insider

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The clock struck five when Marina and Eight, found John and Sarah kissing at the corner of the couch.

Awakward was definitely written on their faces.

It was not gross as normally perceived in public circumstances, the kissing. Marina thought it was romantic as the moment John releases to gaze lovingly into Sarah's eyes. They were both smiling. Sarah giggled softly to lean forward, their foreheads touching. John went to kiss her cheek, then the forehead and lastly by the hair as she snuggled closer like they hadn't a split second ago.

Marina blushed when Eight looked at her with a funny look. Before she could warn or reprimand him, her eyes returned at the couple. Neither John nor Sarah noticed they were there, so they inconspicuously left the living room.

They were supposed to be returning to the bedrooms when they find themselves heading towards the roof.

Upon reaching there, Eight whistled, breaking the silence since the love fest below. Marina had to laugh since she knew that it was a successful attempt of being ninjas witnessing a weird event.

"Great view," he said, going to the edge. Marina followed closely. "Soon, the sun is going to set. I was wondering how it would look like."

"I am sure it is spectacular," Marina replied, "just like in the Himalayas."

"Not what I meant." Eight chuckled. There is a sort of tremble on his voice that caught Marina's attention. It was like he might be wary.

"What did you mean?"

Eight didn't answer. He simply went to lie at the edge on the rooftop like it was just a bench. Smug of him, he has teleportation.

"Are you…" Marina knelt near to where his head was.

As if the strong wind made him relax, Eight was now closing his eyes as if asleep. "Maybe."

On the other hand, Marina found it intriguing. "Why?"

He did not answer.

Marina urged, "Do you like Sarah?"

Immediately, Eight rose up like a reanimated hunger-stricken zombie. "What?"

Marina simply gave him look that said, "You heard me."

He shook his head, firmly saying, "No." Then he laughed mirthfully, clearly surprised. "Why would you think that?"

"I don't know," Marina replied instantly. "It must have been the scene a while ago. You got jealous?"

"I was actually thinking about Four," he said patiently. There was no mistake at the twinkle at his eyes.

Now Marina was confused. She wanted to ask if he liked John, but decided to wait for Eight to continue. Seeing that the silence needs to end, Eight viewed at the Chicago City before him with a deep expression.

"Is it obvious? Sarah and Four?"


"Can you say that it is love?"

Marina knew that this was a question to be taken with high seriousness.

"I guess," she answered waiting where this conversation is going. "I mean they seem inseparable."

"I think it is."

"You do?"

"Yes," he simply said.

Marina abandoned her focus on the view before them. She can't ignore the fact that she was intently look at his eyes, then his cheeks, jaw, mouth. Everything seemed to gravitate her towards Eight. To her, it is almost daunting, but satisfying.

It reminded her of how John is mesmerized by Sarah. How incredibly out of the world she thinks about their attraction towards each other. Maybe because it was too real to be.

Without actually thinking, she spoke up. "Is it the way he looks at her?"

She must have cracked the pot that Eight beamed at her.

"It reminds me of how I look at you."

Marina's heart melted and her lips impulsively went to his.

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