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Chapter Five: Revelations


"Urgh," I groan to myself on my way into the Mending Wing, "A day of rest is not nearly enough after healing Karigan from one of her adventures."

As I made my way past the entrance to the Mending Wing itself and into the patient rooms area, I cannot help but feel something is off. It is too quiet. It is never quiet when a Rider is in residence. I warily make my way towards Karigan's room, uselessly hoping for an easy day today.

"Green Rider's always make the worst patients'," I grumble to myself.

Karigan's room comes into view as I turn the corner and stop dead in my tracks. There isn't a Weapon standing outside her door. I run down the hall towards my fellow Rider's room in the hopes that the Weapon is merely inside the room today. As the door comes into view, my stomach plummets. The door is cracked in the center and is standing slightly open. My sweating hand pushes the door open hoping to find anything at all, but the worst.


It appears as if the room has not been occupied recently. The bed is made, and there are no personal belongings in sight.

The shock grips me for quite sometime before I can speak. "Where...?" I shakily ask myself. After searching the other rooms in a frenzy, all empty, I quickly realize the implications of Karigan G'ladheon going missing. Reluctantly forcing myself to take the role of Green Rider instead of Master Mender, I race out of the Mending Wing to inform the King and the first Weapon I come across about the situation.

The Weapons have some explaining to do.


Fastion was on his way to the kitchen in the hopes that there was some breakfast left. After eating he planned on getting in a quick four bell nap before going to guard his little sister in arms' sleep. I was a half corridor away from the nearest kitchen when I heard someone running in this direction. The King is a few corridors behind me in the library, as he is most days. I stop and wait for the runner to appear.

Master Mender Ben comes into view. The grim look on his pale face is all I need to make the decision to stop him. Master Mender Ben see's me before I move towards him and the anger that comes into his eyes upon viewing me, puts me on alert. He stops several feet in front of me and speaks.

"Where were you?!" he bites out.

I stare stoically and wait for him to continue.

"Karigan is gone, and there is no evidence of a Weapon having been there to stop it from happening!," Master Mender Ben spews angrily at me, no, it is Rider Ben at this moment. It is all I can do to hide my own anger at the revelation that Karigan is gone, and the underlining shock at my brother's and sister's failure. No Weapon? Not possible. If she had not been injured, I would not worry, but Rider G'ladheon has just returned from Blackveil. There is very little she is capable of right now.

"Rider Mender Ben," I gravely state, "tell me everything and do not leave anything out."

As the Green Rider outlines his morning to me, I think of all the possibilities that would make it seem as if Rider Sir G'ladheon had never returned and I come to one conclusion.

"Follow me Rider Mender Ben, we must inform His Majesty immediately."

When we reach the library, my brothers Donal and Willis are guarding the door. When they see my face and the trailing Green Rider/Master Mender they open the doors quickly. Once inside we find their Majesties sitting by the fire, drinking tea and discussing the upcoming babe. King Zachery quickly rises when he hears the door closing and sees our faces.

"What has happened?," he barks.

I mentally grimace and inform him that Rider Sir G'ladheon has gone missing. As Rider Mender Ben tells what happened in the Mending Wing this morning. I watch her Majesties face. It seems uncaring...and not at all surprised. Hmm. That will have to be watched. As Rider Mender Ben finishes, I state my theory.

"I believe that Rider Sir G'ladheon has left willingly and was not taken."

Rider Mender Ben looks shocked at the possibility. King Zachary, however, looks thoughtful. We both are well versed on Karigan's habits regarding her loyalty and need to keep the people she are loyal to safe. With her mental state, though? I mentally grimace at her possible reasoning for leaving. I do not believe King Zachary will consider this.

"But..! Her injuries...! She couldn't..! Not possible...!" Rider Mender Ben sputters. I glance at him and he quiets at the look that I know is in my eyes. We remain quiet as the King begins to speak.

"Hmmmph, very well," his Majesty turns to me and says, "inform Captain Mapstone and tell her she may form a search if she likes. No more then the usual four to a group."

With that statement, his Majesty sits down and turns back to his tea and the conversation with Queen Estora. I take that for the dismissal that it is. I turn to leave, dragging the sputtering Rider behind me, but as I reach the door, the King stops me by speaking again.

"Fastion," he states.

"Sire?" I reply.

"Have the Weapons keep their eyes peeled for her or anything strange but it is not necessary for them to search as well," King Zachary orders me. I maintain the expressionless Black Shield demeanor, as I force the all encompassing rage below my loyalty for King and Country, and nod my compliance.

As I finally leave with the Green Rider, I have one goal. Speak with Drent.


When Fastion had finished telling me of the trouble that the girl has gotten into my decision was already made. I grunt. Troublesome Girl!

"My decision has not changed since the day Rider Sir G'ladheon has been found, Fastion," I grumble irritably,"Until she is healthy enough to train, we will continue to guard her with or without the boys' permission or knowledge. We must merely find our appointed charge now. The Girl just gave us more work!"

I shake my head and clench my fists in anger that she was foolhardy enough to think she was well enough to run! She will indeed be guarded until healed when we find her. To within an inch of her stubborn life!

"Drent," Fastion states sternly, "You did not see her when she had awoken. The only thing that would make her run in her state would be fear. Something is happening in the castle, you have noticed as well." I nod grimly and think.

Blast it.


I shuffled deeper into the shadows of the alcove of which I was hiding in. Ugh. I cringed. In where I was hiding from. Always hiding these days… I looked down at the staff in my hands, I have to give it back today I thought to myself, I don't deserve it anymore. I stiffened than stilled when I heard the laughter from down the hall getting closer. My hand instinctively dropping to my sword and tightening; breathing already coming faster. They were going to come right past this alcove. I caught a flash of Green out of the corner of my eye.

"Once we find the bitch we'll get to have a grand time!" Elgar chuckled.

A newer Rider is leading this search team then. Not very good at it either. He should be more silent, this close to the main corridor.

"Elgar! Quiet down! We're close to the main corridor, and this is Rider business!" hissed Fergal.

Fergal! I almost gasp, eyes starting to burn. I thought for sure that he would have no part of this… but the Green Riders are his only family. Of course he would follow Captain Mapstone and the other Riders…

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. But can you just imagine her face when we kill her for what she has done? It's going to be absolutely priceless!" he roars with laughter, "The betrayal in her eyes will be sweet!"

"No less then she deserves for what she has done to a fellow Rider," mutters Fergal.

"Tsk. Truer words, Fergal, truer words," grumbles Marelle "but what of her Weapon friends Fergal, Elgar? Won't they stop us? And help her?" she asks.

Another green Greenie…? Just how many were called while I was in Blackveil? How many Rider's am I up against? How many of my family want me dead?

"That's why we need to be quiet and move quickly! And why all of us have been called back and must search for her in this godsbedamned castle!" Fergal growled, "Now come on, Ben said that despite his healing, Karigan G'ladheon", he hissed my name, "is still quite injured from Blackveil, and should be more so after escaping from our group sent to the mending wing and a week spent hiding in the castle grounds."

Injured? I looked down at my leg and back up at my wrist in the sling. Indeed. I mentally scoff. At least I am clean. Thank Aerc and Aeryon for empty and fully stocked servant quarters.

After the typical search party of four pass my alcove, I breath a silent sigh of relief, yet wonder why the fourth Rider has yet to speak on this topic. Could he possibly be a potential ally…? A teeny curl of hope blossoms in my chest at the thought. Then I hear the venom in his voice as he finally speaks a parting comment before they turn to the main corridor and my hopes dies.

"G'ladheon! Betrayer!" The mystery Rider spits as if it leaves a bad taste in his mouth, "Why did Ben even bother to heal her in the first place? He should have let her die! At least she finally fits her name!"



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