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Izumi - 7 years old

Sasuki - 3 years old

Haku - 7 years old

Mangetsu - 12 years old

Suigetsu - 5 years old

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Bone Deep

written by Steal-yo-Lunch and GaleSynch

Chapter 3

He whirled around, a bokken in hand. Slash, thrust, spin. Slash, thrust, spin. The mantra ran through his head, over and over again. Why isn't it working?! A tick mark developed above his brow. Jumping out of his 'spy nest', Naruto brained the elder Hozuki brother with the wooden katana.

"Oi oi, Shark man! How the hell do you do that?!"

Without batting an eye, Mangetsu continued his warm up, "Kenjutsu?"


The elder Hozuki brother paused his movements and brought a hand to the bridge of his nose, "Whaddya' want, polka-brow?"

It was amusing to Mangetsu how the small, white-haired child huffed up, his face absolutely livid. Without so much as a warning, the newly dubbed 'polka-brow' charged at the older Hozuki, picking up the bokken that lay on the floor after its assault on Mangetsu's noggin. A small spark of interest leapt through Mangetsu's eyes when they clashed. Naruto was strong...

...Strong for his age. Leaning away from Naruto's extremely telegraphed slash, Mangetsu brought the bokken down on Naruto's forehead. Hard. In retrospect, the purple eyed boy probably shouldn't have expected a tap to the noggin to take down a Kaguya. Instead, the Kaguya child charged forward with even more tenacity, furiously hacking away, his arms becoming a blur.

Mangetsu continued to fend off the relentless barrage with effortless ducks and weaves, his eyes trained solely on Naruto. If only he could mould such potential. Perhaps he could...? Yes, that would work.

"Do ya' honestly think ya' have what it takes to get your brother back from Orochimaru?"

Naruto's eyes widened, his attacks slowing down for only a second, - a second - before the relentless assault continued. Thrusts, slashes. Anything for Mangetsu to take back his words, "Shut up, shut up, shut up! Take it back!"

"What? The truth?"

Mangetsu was right, and Naruto knew it. His skills outside of his Kekkei Genkai were abysmal at best, "Shut up! You don't know anything! You don't know me! It's your fault he was taken in the first place!"

Tears sprung anew, teeth grit as his face was pulled up into a fierce snarl. Mangetsu laughed, a sardonic rumble that befitted his moniker, "That's it, just like that...

...Just like the rest of your clan; a family of berserkers."

"Ya' think it's my fault your brother's gone? Nah, it ain't mine; it's yours, for being so weak."

Mangetsu zipped forward, kicking the feet out beneath Naruto before pinning him down by placing the heel of his foot on the boys chest. He sneered down at Naruto as the smaller boy retaliated with the same snarl. He knew this feeling, and he hated it. The feeling of defeat. To be reminded of how inferior he was. Memories of the fellow clansmen who had beat him senseless flashed across his minds eye.

"Why do ya' fight?"

It was a simple question, yet it was so hard to answer - simple because he didn't know. He was a weapon for the clan. If he didn't fight, he was beaten senseless - that was his reason. But now that he was no longer confined within the comfort of his small prison cell, what reason did he have? Did he even have to fight? The image of his older brother popped into his head, that warm, comforting smile that he'd come to seek so very much. The same smile that had reassured him everything would be alright. That same brother that had rescued him from loneliness.

Yes, that was he reason now. That was the only reason he needed. He was going to do everything to see that warm smile again.


-Bone Deep-

"Woah! That's so cool! How do ya' do it?"

Naruto shrieked in awe as he watched Mangetsu arm morph into a miniature torrent of water. The elder Hozuki raised his arm towards the boy, "What? This?"

Naruto gave an enthusiastic nod as Mangetsu continued preparing the food, "You're better off forgettin' about it."



"Because why?"

"Because I said so, that's why."

"But why'd you say so?"

"Because ya' just can't, got it, Polka-brow?!"

"But why~?"

Gods, he was even more irritating than Suigetsu. Naruto stood, his grin never once faltering as amusement danced the tango within his cerulean blue orbs. A few hours ago he'd been in a filthy mood, tossing Mangetsu smoldering glares all the while. After a bit of explaining on why he said what he'd said - and a few reluctant apologies - the Kaguya survivor had accepted. Of course, it hadn't been that easy as Naruto had taken to irritating him. For the past two fucking hours.

"Can't ya' go and annoy Suigetsu?! Shouldn't annoying chibi's annoy each other?!"

"Careful, Shark man~! The dinner's burning~!"

"Aren't ya' forgetting that it's your dinner too?! Look, you know what?...


...Take these and go and do what chibi's do!" Naruto raised a small, white eyebrow at the huffing Mangetsu, holding in his arms not one, but two katanas. Real katanas! His face lit up with excitement as he skipped outside of the small, wooden house-shack thingy. It was 20 minutes later when Mangetsu truly realised what sort of monsters he had unleashed upon the world.

Two annoying chibi's with swords.

"Ah, fuck."

-Bone Deep-

"Oi, what's that?"

"A bird, ya' idiot. Haven't ya' ever seen one before?"


...Wanna' kill it?"

"Maybe you're not so bad after all."

With their awesome ninja skills, Naruto and Suigetsu snuck upon the bird that perched itself on a tree branch. Both boys palmed a gleaming katana. It was Suigetsu who made the first move, leaping out of the bush with the sword telegraphed behind his head, ready to slash down. It was no surprise to Naruto when the blade only hacked deep into the branch, the bird having long since flown away. Suigetsu 'tched' before removing the sword from within the tree.

"Idiot! It's a sword, not a club!"

"Eh? Don't tell me what do do! This is my sword, I'll do what I want, Polka-brow."

"I didn't tell you what to do!...

Without subtlety, a sword is but an iron bar."

"...What's subtlety?"

"Dunno', Kimi-nii told me that-"




"Is there, by any chance, a large, carnivorous animal behind me?"


"Now what?"

"This calls for Plan R."

"Plan R?"

"Plan RUNNN~!"

-Bone Deep-

Both Naruto and Suigetsu broke through the barrier of fauna, their eyes comically wide as they came into sight of their house-shack thingy. Suigetsu waved the katana above his head, crocodile tears running down his cheeks.

"Nii-san! Nii-san! Help us, Nii-san!"

Both boys caught only a flash of blue before a loud explosion rocked the surrounding area. As a cloud of dust cleared, Mangetsu stood in front of them, palming something akin to a large meat cleaver, a sheet of paper wrapped around the blade. Suigetsu immediately latched onto his older brothers leg, crocodile tears only intensifying, "Thank you, Mangetsu-nii! We were going to dieee~!"

Shaking off the white haired leech, Mangetsu turned around, his shark-like teeth grinding against one another as a shadow hid his eyes, "I leave you chibi's alone with swords for 10 minutes - 10 minutes! - and you're already up to no good! Do ya' know what this calls for...?"

Suigetsu squeaked as he covered his eyes with his hands. Zombie transformation! Naruto, however, had eyes for something else, "Oi, what's that?"


"Yeah, that."

"It's a sword, idiot."

"It don't look like a sword."

"Well it is, so deal with it."

"Nope. No blade, no sword."

"You're really pushin' it, chibi."

"The dinner's burnt. I can smell it."

"Well, since the Chibi Squad was nice enough to bring such a big... whatever that is, I guess we're having meat for dinner."

Yep, just another day for the house-shack thingy residents.

-Bone Deep-

High above the moon shone, illuminating its ethereal beams. Everything was quiet.

Except Kaguya Naruto. He stood in front of the refrigerator, an evil chuckle escaping his lips every few seconds. This was it; The Ultimate Revenge! Whether it was Mangetsu's fault that his brother was taken or not, he was going to suffer anyway. After a quick swap of produce, Naruto slunk into the shadows, waiting for the fruits of his efforts to reveal themselves.

It was only 10 minutes later that Mangetsu had come in for a midnight snack. Being half asleep was more than likely the reason that he hadn't bothered to check if his food was actual food.

Shovelling a large portion of the contained food into his mouth, Mangetsu paused. With mild difficulty, he swallowed.

"Chocolate Ice Cream? Tastes... odd."

Unable to contain it anymore, Naruto a laugh bellowed from within Naruto. Mangetsu was immediately on alert, his eyebrow raised, "What's so funny, chibi?"

"Haha - T-that's not chocolate ice crea- HAHAHA!"

Only until he caught a whiff of the 'ice cream' did he understand the implications of what Naruto had said.


-Bone Deep-

"Shark man?"

"I'm ain't even a man yet, Polka-brow."

"So there's no denying that you're a shark?"

"I never said that, idiot."

"Ah, so this is what 'being in denial' is... shit face."

Suigetsu stuffed a fist in his mouth in an attempt to stifle his laughs, already being informed of the 'Ultimate Prank'. Mangetsu, from his position at the table, glared at Naruto, "I'll get you back, chibi."

"Sure~ you will." Came the Kaguya boys reply, a shit eating grin on his face. Pun intended.

"I will."


Knock knock!

"You've got visitors, Shark man."

Without replying, Mangetsu made his way to the door and yanked it open. A brown haired man stood, his breathing laboured and his eyes frantic.

"We've got trouble."

-Bone Deep-

Steal-yo-Lunch A/N: Thank you for all of the positive feedback, everyone. As the story continues, the chapters will probably start getting bigger as there's more to write without making it seem too bunched. For anyone wondering, I WILL be continuing my Naruto/Sekirei crossover. I mean, why would I start it if I had no intentions of finishing it? The second chapter will be up tomorrow. Btw, I've been reading NeonZangetsu's stuff and I really like how he puts previews of his chapters up. It really gets me riled up, so I'm going to do the same Ah, yeah, I'm going to answer some of your reviews.

Thorndsword: Naruto's a child, so I'm not sure how else you expect me to portray him... As the story gets on his personality is obviously going to develop.

ViolatedMonkey: This is what I hate about this site. How does a child train by himself and become strong? He needs guidance, and that's what Mangetsu's for.

Universal-Public-Cockblocker: I'll start off by saying that I love your pen name. Kimimaro has someone to live for(Naruto), and he was abducted by Orochimaru. He won't be pledging loyalty.

Guest/Guest 2: Is that some form of clairvoyance? I mean, damn, you've deduced that the plot is boring from two chapters. Turning Naruto into a Kaguya is dumb? No, that's called original. I can tell that you're the type who enjoys Dark Naruto fics where he gets beaten up by the civilians of Konoha. Ah, I didn't mean to muddle your brain, but words such as 'Clairvoyance' might be a little too much for you... sorry.

Preview of the next instalment:

"Will you lend us your strength?"

He pondered the question whilst rubbing his chin. Hm, it was a tough decision, after all. Chin rubbing ceased as he turned towards Mangetsu, a small gleam in his eye, "Okay, sure..!

Mangetsu released a breath of relief as a small smile dance on his face.

...On one condition."

Purple eyes swivelled in on the Kaguya boy, an eyebrow raised, "A compromise?" A curtain of spiky white tresses bobbed with enthusiasm.

"Yep, I'll fight if you let me play with one of the special swords!"



He watched her with wide eyes, her raven-blue hair matted down her back in a medium sized braid. A small, beautiful smile graced her face as she tended to the small animal. He took a step backwards and cursed as a twig snapped beneath his foot. The once beautiful smile was replaced by an impassive front as she looked up.

Naruto's breath caught in his throat. Deep crimson orbs swivelled in on him as three tomoe spun wildly. In but a second she'd crossed the ten metre distance and placed a kunai under his chin. He offered her a sheepish laugh.

"Aha... I seem to be in a little prepermanent."

"It's a predicament, you idiot."

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