So this is a new story that I thought up. I hope you like it. Prolog is short. It will have all the flock members plus some. Let me know what you think.


Max's POV

I push through the front door panting and out of breath.

"Mom!" I call as I slump against a wall for support. My mom appears from the kitchen holding a plate of cookies. Any other day I would have been on them in less than two seconds.

Her smile drops when she sees my matted hair, sticky with sweat, my torn and muddy jeans, and a long gash across my arm.

The tray clatters to the ground, scattering cookies everywhere. Her hands come up to cover her mouth as she looks at me wide-eyed. I nod grimly and voice what I know she's thinking. "They found us."

Tears form in her eyes and I'm there in a second, rubbing her back. "I-I thought we were finally safe. I mean, we haven't seen them in years." She says.

I nod. "I know, but they never giver up. They always find me eventually. We have to go now. We will be okay."

She lifts her chin gives a watery smile. "I know. Now go on, change and pack. We better go." I give a curt nod and dash up the stairs. I go from drawer to drawer, stuffing everything in a bag as quick as possible.

She's not really my mom - my birth mom, I mean - but it doesn't matter by blood. She's more of a mom than whoever does share my blood. She found me when I was ten, dirty and torn cloths, and half-starved. I warned her people were after me but she took me in, enrolled me in school.

But just as I suspected, they found me by the time school was out. She didn't care though. She had me pack my stuff and we moved to North Carolina. They found us a year later and were forced to move again. I tried to get her to just let me leave, but she wouldn't have it.

It was the same thing every year. Finally, when I was thirteen, we moved to New York and were never found. At least for four years. I had just turned seventeen. Now, they were back.

I come running down the stairs after a five minuet shower with my bag flung over my shoulder. I rush out the door to find mom already putting her stuff in the car. We leave everything else untouched as we drive to the closest car dealership. She sells the car and buys a new one.

"Where are we going now?" I ask.

She gives me a small smile. "How about Arizona?"

I smile back. "Sounds perfect."

And so, like always, we disappear.

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