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Chapter 2

Max's POV

Iggy and I walk into biology class a good five minutes late.

"Nice of you to join us, Iggy and new student." The teacher says.

I roll my eyes and snort. "Yeah, new student has a name." I say with a yawn, just to get on his nerves.

It seems to work. His eyes turn to me. "Ah, yes. Maximum, is it?"

My eyes flare. "It's Max." I snap.

My teacher looks pleased to have gotten that reaction out of me. "Yes, yes." He waves me off. "Have a seat. Iggy, you have detention after school and for the rest of the month."

I roll my eyes. "All that for a wimpy five minutes late? Oh, you should go ahead and tie him up and toss him in a shark tank."

"All that," he snaps, "for blowing up my desk." He points to the back of the class where a pile of burnt and broken wood lay.

I let out a loud laugh and double over. "Nice!" I turn around to give Iggy a high-five but his hand misses mine completely and smacks me in the face. I stand there shocked for a moment, the sound echoing through the classroom.

"Oops." He laughs nervously.

I smile innocently, even though he can't see it. "It's okay. Let's try that again." I know the poor kid is blind, but I can't help myself. Plus, he hit me first.

I raise my hand and so does Iggy. My hand flies past his and slaps him in the face, like his did to me. "Oops!" I say laughing and make my way to the back of the classroom to an empty table.

I look up at the teacher and see that his face is red. I also see that everyone is looking at me, and realize that I had caused a scene.

I look back at the teacher. "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt your lesson. Go ahead." I smile.

Iggy seems to snaps out of his shock and smiles widely at me. "I like you!" He repeats his earlier statement, walking to the back of the class and sitting down at the same table as me.

I give him a sideways smirk.

I walk into the lunchroom and look around. "Max! Max! Over here!" I see Iggy standing in a chair, looking in my general direction and waving obnoxiously.

I roll my eyes and walk over to him. I flop down into a chair next to a mocha-skinned girl who had curly hair. Overall, she was naturally pretty.

Across from me is Iggy and a boy with black hair, black cloths, and almost black eyes. I raise and eyebrow. "Emo much?" I ask.

He rolls his eyes but stays silent, staring at his food.

"That's Fang." The girl next to me says. "He's really quiet and doesn't talk much but he is always nice to us and protective. Kind of like a dad! I never knew my dad. I guess none of us really-"

A hand cut her off. I look up to see the Fang guy leaning over the table and clamping his hand over the girl's mouth.

"Nudge." He says sternly. "Shut up."

She nods with wide eyes, and he removes his hand. She looks down at her lunch quietly.

"Hey." I snap. "She can talk if she wants." I narrow my eyes at Fang. I didn't trust him.

"No." Nudge says. "I should have stopped talking. There are some things I'm not supposed to talk about. He was just trying to keep me from saying that-… You know what? Never mind." She shut up quickly.

I cocked my head. O-Kay. This was an odd group.

I shrug. Next thing I know, a red-head saunters up and sits on Fang's lap. Fang looked very uncomfortable.

I wrinkled my nose at her.

"Fang-y-poo!" She shrills. I almost clamp my hands over my ears. Iggy does.

I snort instead. Fang sighs. "What do you want Lisa." He says through gritted teeth.

She giggles. "You, silly."

He stands up quickly, causing Lisa to fall on her ass. "I'm going to class." He says quickly. "See you later." He nods at Iggy and Nudge. He glances at me then quickly walks away.

I wave at him. "By Fang-y-poo!" I call. He starts to walk faster.

Iggy starts laughing. Lisa pulls herself off the floor and glares at me. "What did you do to him." She demands.

"Hon, I don't think that had anything to do with me." I reply.

Iggy laughs harder. She narrows her eyes to a squint. Let me just say, it did not improve her looks. Instead of voicing my thoughts, I narrow my own eyes, making them deadly. It was only half hearted, but it still made her flinch.

She composes herself quickly and says, "Stay away from him," before quickly walking away.

Nudge, who was some how quiet throughout this whole encounter, bursts into giggles. "Wow, that was awesome! Iggy was right, you are cool. Hey, I just had a great idea! You can come over to my house on Friday! That would be so cool! We can have a sleep over and everything!" She jumps up and down in her seat excitedly.

I try for a small smile but it looks more like a grimace. "Sure." But she still smiles widely.

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