Nobodies POV
4,000 years before the story of Percy Jackson began the Gods, Hades, Chiron, the Fates, and the Oracle sat together. During the usual meeting, on the Winter Solstice, the Oracle, Chiron, and the Fates barge in.
The Oracle has foretold a prophecy that can change or destroy the world, a prophecy not even the Fates have a say in. They exchanged looks and swore, on the River Styx, to never tell anyone of this until the prophecy begins.

One has been found

The other is hidden, safe and sound

When their eyes first meet

The heart of the storm will began to beat

Sons and daughters of the gods

Will battle against all odds

Magical beings brought to the light

Sent forward to fight

As the seek for the thing most sought

Gods are being caught

The dead brought back.

Thus begins the attack

For she is the brightness

That will light up the abyss

Author's Note: I don't own Sisters Grimm or Percy Jackson characters, but the rest is mine.