Sabrina's POV

My eyes instantly shot opened and I pulled my tongue back into my mouth (when we started frenching I don't know) and jerked away as fast as I could.

Puck's eyes opened in confusion. His blond hair was even messier than usual, I mentally take a bow for that, his lips were slightly swollen, and his eyes that are usually green with hints of blue, are now blackish silver. Which I must say is very hot. I know I must look like that too well, except for the eye thing.

He looks at me and I slightly tilt my head towards Daphne, knowing that my eyes were wide with shock and fear. He slowly turned like prey does when trying not to alert a predator. When he saw Daphne he gave a squeak, then he looked towards me, then back to Daphne.

"How long have you been standing there Marshmallow?!" He said his voice higher than a normal guys voice should be.

I guess that was just too much for the crowd because they all burst out laughing. Especially two twins who looked strangely familiar and had begun making kissing noises which caused me and Puck to blush harder than before, but one person who stuck out the most to me was a blonde girl.

I felt like I've met her before, she had a typical California look, but her grey eyes ruined the picture pretty; but intimidating. Then my dreams came rushing back to me and I realized why these people looked familiar.

I stood up slowly and shakily, you would too if you suddenly saw people you have been dreaming about in the flesh. I walked up to the twins, "Your names are Conner and Travis aren't they?" I said softly.

They looked at me in surprise, "Do we know you?" they asked in sync. I remembered! I was pretty excited and was about to respond when Daphne started speaking.

"OMG! YOU AND PUCK WERE MAKING OUT! I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN! AWW, NOW YOU ARE GOING TO START DATING AND HAVE LITTLE BABIES! YAAAAYYYYY! PUCKBRINA SURVIVES!" Puck started sputtering and I looked at her with wide eyes. Time for a subject change before she gets to the wedding planning.

"Daphne! Where have you been! I've been worried sick! You better have a good explanation for this or I will have to tell mom about how you snuck out and used magic to see the Justin Bieber concert and stole his hat and some of his hair!" I yelled in an angry yet relieved way.

"Daphne, how do you know these people?" Annabeth asked.

"Oh! This is my sister Sabrina and her boyfriend Puck and when we escaped we ended up here and met these people who said we are demigods! Isn't that pucktastic! Though I'm slightly upset that one of parents isn't really our parents, but can you believe it us half god!" She said in one breath.

"Hey!" Someone yells causing everyone to quiet down. "What the Hades is going on here?!" the mystery person screamed.

That's when he came out, the green-eyed boy, hero of Olympus, Percy Jackson. He meets my eyes, his own widening, and his jaw dropping.

"Guess we're both real huh?" I said smiling nervously to his shocked face.

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