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spoilers for Bionic showdown

High School Accident

"NOOOOO!" Grace screamed as she watched the debris fall on Marcus. He was her favorite character of the show. Sure he was evil, but he was cute. When the episode was over she got ready for school. Well, it wasn't over, her mom turned off the T.V. after that scene.

"Grace, you need to get ready for school."

She sighed, "Okay, mom." She threw on her 'Keep Calm I'm The Doctor' shirt, a pair of jeans with faint flower decorations at the bottom, and her pink and black sneakers. "Oh, almost forgot." She grabbed two piles of paper. One was pictures of Furries and the other was pictures of Night Furies. She drew all of those pictures. She was planning on showing her friends at lunch time.

"Grace, honey, you're going to be late," her mom called from the car.

"Be right there!" she called back as she stuffed the piles in her book bag. She zipped up her bag and raced to the car. "I had to get my drawings to show my friends." She brushed her Dirty blonde hair on the way to school.

After she was dropped off she went straight to first block. She had to catch up on some missing work until class began. At least making the PowerPoint was fun. She had to do it on a topic related to business or health. She chose to do it about being a vet. She was halfway through when the bell rang. She saved her work and logged off of her computer. She put her folder away and left the business building. She had to go upstairs for second block. She hated stairs. She tripped a few of times an all the stairs she ever went on. She fell up a couple of times. She ran into her crush on her way to the steps. "Hey, Travis." Travis was blonde with blue eyes. He was a couple inches taller than her and was in ROTC. He was wearing the ROTC uniform. They were both in ninth grade.

"Hey, Grace," He greeted back, "Did you remember to do your math homework?"

"No, I totally forgot."

"Lab Rats again?"

"Yep," she admitted. "Come on, let's go upstairs." Half way up, Two older teens ran down and grace was in their path.

"Grace, look out!" Travis yelled, but she was already tumbling down. Travis ran as fast as he could to her. She bumped her head very hard against the concrete at the bottom causing her to head to bleed. Her vision turned dark and the last thing she heard was Travis calling her name. Then her body vaporized. It materialized somewhere else. In some mansion living room.

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