I woke up in my own bed. Was that all just a dream? "Grace, you need to get out of bed or you'll be late for school," my mom called.

"One sec, mom," I called back. I saw my drawings in their place and my bag was where I usually left it. I checked my calender. Still the same day I left. I guess it was all just a dream.

I put on my 'KEEP CALM I'M THE DOCTOR' shirt on and my jeans with a flower print at the bottom. I grabbed the two stacks of pictures and put them in my bag.

I brushed my hair on the way to school. That's all I ever did with my hair.


I ran into my crush, Travis. But I really don't have a crush on him anymore. He was wearing his ROTC uniform. "Hey, Travis," I greeted.

"Hey, Grace," he greeted back. "Did you remember to do your math homework?"

"No, I totally forgot."

"Lab Rats again?"

"Yep," I admitted. "Come on, let's go upstairs." This is just like the conversation from my dream. But this time I actually made it upstairs. I went on through the day. I had a felling I was being watched. It wasn't a freaky, stalkerish feeling watch...it was comforting.

No one's POV

There was a white wolf sitting in the back of the class watching Grace. She wasn't an ordinary wolf...she had wings.

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