Pretty Little Lying Monsters

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"If she could see how guilty you all look."

Frankie's Dilemma

Frankie just stands in the cafeteria stunned. Cleo and Clawdeen come up to Frankie wanting to know why Draculaura had just ran out. Clawdeen asks if this had anything to do with the note Frankie and said to give to Clawd. Frankie nods and they ask what it was all about.

"I told something that I wasn't supposed to."

"Does it have anything to do with L?" Clawdeen asks.

Frankie nods once more, her friends ask what it was about. All Frankie says is that they could either find out from Draculaura or Clawd. Just as they spoke though Draculaura comes back into the cafeteria. Frankie tries to talk to her and apologize. She explains that L made her do this, that L had something on her.

"Well L has something on all of us Frankie," Draculaura sobs and wipes away her tears, "I wouldn't do that to you. And you didn't even see what happened or know the reason why. Now Clawd won't even talk to me...and he'll probably break up with me...and I'll lose my knight in furry armor. I thought you were my friend."

Draculaura walks away from them all and tries to talk to Clawd again, he just ignores her. For the rest of the day Frankie tries to get Draculaura to pay attention to her and listen but she keeps finding ways to keep away from Frankie. It didn't help when Cleo told Frankie that she wouldn't do the thing like that. It also didn't help that Frankie still had to get 200 dollars from her father, she didn't even know where to send the money to once she got it.

After school Frankie trudged home instead of taking the school bus. Her books in her book bag were heavy and the strap from the weight of the books were beginning to dig into her shoulder. She felt that she deserved this pain for betraying Draculaura's trust. If only there was some way she could gain her friend's trust back. Frankie thought about telling Draculaura about where her family's money came from. Then again no one could know about that secret. Nothing Frankie thought of seemed to help her current situation and soon she arrived home with an awful pounding headache.

Frankie's mother comes into the living to welcome her daughter home. A mother knows when her child is upset (call it mother's intuition) and she sees that her own daughter is very close to tears. So Frankie's mother leads Frankie over to the sofa and wraps her daughter in a warm, loving hug. She asks her what is going on in her life.

"Draculaura and me got into a fight. She's not talking to me," Frankie tells her mother, "I told something I wasn't supposed to but I didn't have a choice. I'm a horrible friend."

Frankie hugs her mother tighter and starts sobbing loudly. Her mother says that she isn't a bad friend.

"Was this a harmful secret to Draculaura?" Frankie's mother asked.

"I don't know."

"Have you tried apologizing?"

"Yes but she kept avoiding me the rest of the day after lunch was over."

"Keep trying sweetheart. I'm sure things will work out for the best. Now go upstairs and get your homework done. Okay?"

"Sure mom," and so Frankie gives her mom an extra hug and heads upstairs to her room.

Once her homework was all done Frankie tried to call Draculaura again and again. Each time though Draculaura just ignored Frankie's call. Finally Frankie just gave up for the night and went to bed with her dog Whatzit curling up besides her on her bed.

Tuesday was even worse for Frankie. She didn't want to get out of bed, she didn't want to eat anything, not even Whatzit licking her face could lift Frankie's spirits. In the end her mother had decided to let her stay home from school that day. Her mother then warmed up some breakfast leftovers, and made her daughter a mug of hot chocolate for when she decided to get out of bed. Frankie's father went to work as usual and was the one to let Headmistress Bloodgood, via phone, that Frankie would not be in school that day. He also asked if it would be possible to pick up his daughter's homework during his lunch break from work. The headmistress said yes and that she hoped Frankie would feel better soon.

Throughout the rest of the day Frankie's phone kept receiving text messages and calls from her friends wanting to know if she was okay. Not one of them was from Draculaura though. It wasn't until one in the afternoon when Frankie decided to get out of bed. She ignored her phone like it had the Plague, she scratched her dog behind its ears, and made her way down into the kitchen. She still wasn't hungry, and the hot chocolate her mother had made her had gone cold. To make herself feel a little better, Frankie decided to warm up the hot chocolate in the microwave and searched for the whipped cream to add on top of it. The hot chocolate didn't make her feel any better though, so once she finished her cup she headed back to her room to check her phone messages.

There were a handful of messages and missed calls from Jackson. A few were from Abbey and Clawdeen. Even Cleo had also tried to contact her but Frankie didn't want to see anyone at the moment. There was one last text from Jackson and it said that he was coming over to her house once school was over. Frankie just sighed went to her closet and wondered to wear for when Jackson came over later. She couldn't bring herself to change into any of her clothes though so she just decided to stay in her pajamas even if it meant she looked like a mess.

Three-o-clock came around and a ring on the doorbell let Frankie know Jackson had arrived. Her mother was the one who answered the door and said that today might not be a good time for her daughter to have any visitors.

"Please Mrs. Stein," Jackson asks, "Everyone is worried about her. Plus I thought she should know what happened at school today."

Frankie's mother allows him to come in but that he can't stay long. Jackson then sits on the Stein's sofa and Frankie's mother goes upstairs to get her daughter downstairs. Her mother finds her daughter writing in her journal when she comes in. She tells Frankie that Jackson is downstairs and that he wants to see her. Frankie reluctantly agrees to go downstairs to speak to Jackson. She sits besides Jackson with her back against the armrest and her knees against her chest. Her hands are wrapped around her legs and her fuzzy blue slippers tickle Jackson's hand.

"So, does everyone know what happened between me and Draculaura?" Frankie asks her boyfriend.

"Not everyone. Just the members of the casketball team." Jackson answers, "I missed you at lunch."

Jackson tries to reach out and hold Frankie's hand, Frankie pulls away though.

"What happened Frankie? You can tell me."

"No one knows this. Not even my best friends," Frankie says, tears filling her eyes, "And someone is threatening to tell my secret."

"What is it?"

"During the last part of the summer, my dad lost his job and it got to the point mom would have to go back to work." Frankie sniffles a little, "...And dad got desperate and went to the nearest normie town late at night. He terrorized the people there, I think he even hurt a few people...By the end of the night the mayor of that town gave dad a lot of money to get him to stop."

"Frankie, I'm so sorry," Jackson tries again to hold Frankie's hand, this time she lets him, "Then what happened?"

"Dad only told mom but mom woke me up later and told me what dad had done. Then she told me that this secret could never be let out. That it would be totes disastrous for us if anyone in town found out. She told me that we'd stick to a lottery story. Dad had already bribed the newspaper to run with the story."

"And the person that knows this?"

"I don't know who it is or how they found out since I never told anyone. This person knows though and said that if I wanted to keep it a secret I had to betray Draculaura. But you have to promise not to tell anyone Jackson," Frankie pleads.

"I won't." Jackson then kisses Frankie's cheek, "Do you want me to do anything? Clawdeen has been trying to talk to Draculaura. Maybe I can find out who this mysterious person is."

"Thanks Jackson but I don't think anyone could find out who this person is."

"Okay but at least let me do something. You want me to talk to Draculaura?"

"If she's not listening to anyone else then what's the point?"

"Alright. I should go though. I promised Heath I'd help him with his math homework."

"Okay. Bye Jackson."

And so Jackson left and Frankie went to her room and hid under her bed covers.


The day Frankie was out of school, Clawdeen tried everything to get Draculaura to speak to Frankie and to hear her out. Draculaura wouldn't budge though. All she would say on the subject is that the people you once trusted can surprise you in big ways. Clawdeen said that it wasn't fair to Frankie and that L made her do it.

"Well was her secret more important than our friendship? Before Frankie betrayed me I got a text from L. L told me to steal Cleo's idol."

"Did you do it?" Clawdeen asks.

"No. And I don't think I have to since what happened with me and Clawd is all over the whole school."

"Well will you tell me what happened with you and that doctor?"

"Fine, but not here. Maybe you can tell Clawd and he'll understand," and so Draculaura led Clawdeen down the school hallway to an empty janitor's broom closet.

The closet was about the size of two bedroom closets. It was filled with buckets, mops, and brooms in the back corner. Neither of them bothered to turn on the light, in case anyone from outside could see a faint light from the space under the doorway. Draculaura then sunk against the wall and onto the hard, dirty floor. Clawdeen sat besides her and wrapped a reassuring arm around her friend.

"Okay, What happened ghoulfriend," Clawdeen says.

Draculaura begins to tear up again, she's been crying a lot lately, and she's been thinking that this might become her new normal. Well whatever normal was now.

"Well that day my dad got sick and the ambulance had to take him to the hospital," Draculaura began, "While I was waiting I ran into Valentine and found out he was working at that hospital. He started to get to me and then kissed me...And I don't know who saw...but somehow L knows and L told Frankie and now everyone knows. What did we ever do to this L to deserve this Clawdeen?"

"I don't know but I think I know someone who can help us?"


"Romulus," Clawdeen says, "Out of all the werewolves I know he says the best sense of smell and the most cunning and intelligent. Plus now that Howleen and the rest of my family knows, Romulus might as well know about this."

"Do you think he'll help?" Draculaura wipes away her tears and Clawdeen says that Romulus probably will help.

"Now what do you say we blow the rest of the school day and hit the mall," Clawdeen suggests, "I don't think the school's a good place for either of us right now."

"Okay. How about we see the new movie. The one about the talking bat and cat becoming best friends."

"Sure," and so Clawdeen helps her friend off the floor and sneak out of the school. They took the back way out. It was the back exit at the end of the drama hallway. Once in the parking lot they get into Draculaura's car and head to the mall to catch the next movie showing.

At the cinema they split a giant tub of popcorn with extra butter and each get themselves an equally large cup of soda with even more ice. Unlike what the television previews had claimed this film was a total flop. The animation and voice acting was terrible and the plot was nonexistent.

After the film was over Clawdeen and Draculaura decided to hit the shops. Clawdeen decided to layoff the Draculaura/Frankie falling out for the time being. They just had fun in the moment trying on different clothes and accessories, making the store clerks angry for not buying anything yet trying on practically everything in the whole store. In-between stores and making the clerks angry, Clawdeen texted Frankie making sure that she was alright, she got no reply back.

Hours pass before either of them check their phones for the time. When they did check the time they realized that it was already half past three. Both ghouls decided that they should head home. Draculaura dropped Clawdeen at her house first before going home. When she got out of Draculaura's car Clawdeen didn't have much time to figure out how to smooth things over with her sister.

In the living room as Clawdeen was entering her home, both of her parents were sitting on the sofa. Her parents looked disappointed and Howleen was smirking from the kitchen as she watched the whole thing. Clawdeen's parents told her that they had received a call from Bloodgood that she(and Draculaura) had missed school that day. Her father said that this was unlike her. Her mother asked why Clawdeen was skipping class. She asked if it was because of Romulus or if it was about Lagoona. Clawdeen says no to her mother's guesses.

"Then why would you skip class?" her mother asked.

"Monster High isn't the best place to be right now," Clawdeen replied.

"Why," her father asks.

"We offered to let you stay home from school for a few days after Lagoona's funeral service," her mothers reminds her daughter.

"Yeah, me, Cleo, Draculaura, and Frankie missing school at the same time wouldn't be suspicious at all," Clawdeen says sarcastically.

Her parents told her not to mouth off and to take that tone with them. Clawdeen apologizes and says she's just hasn't been in a good mood lately. She then excuses herself to her bedroom and locks the door behind her so Howleen can't get in right away. She needs time to think on how she's going to explain things to Howleen, and how she's going to explain L to Romulus. So Clawdeen calls Romulus and tells him to come over. Romulus tries to be the bad boy by sneaking into Clawdeen's room, she doesn't buy it though but she's glad that he didn't bother knocking on the front door. He sits on Howleen's bed opposite from Clawdeen's and asks Clawdeen what's going on, that she looks tense. She replies that she is.


"Someone is after me and my best ghoulfriends. They've been out it since the start of the school year. That's how Howleen found out about us and how the school's talking about Draculaura and my brother."

"Who is it?"

"I don't know but they call themselves L." Clawdeen says, "At first we thought it stood for Lagoona but then we found out that she's dead. So I figured that maybe you could try and some investigating. I'll make it worth your while. Okay?"


Minutes later Romulus leave Clawdeen's room and not long after Howleen bangs on the bedroom door demanding to be let in. Clawdeen unlocks the door and Howleen storms inside giving her older sister the cold shoulder. Howleen just said that she only came in to get her journal and tries to leave. Clawdeen goes over to the door and closes it putting herself between Howleen and the exit.

"Sit down Howleen and talk to me," Clawdeen tells her sister, "You're not leaving here until we talk."

Howleen groans and stomps over to her bed and sits at the end of it.

"What do you want?" Howleen says in a mouthy kind of tone. She crosses her arms and tries to tune out her older sister. Clawdeen just snaps her fingers to get Howleen's attention.

Clawdeen sits besides her sister.

"I know you have a lot of complaining and anger so you might as well let it out." Clawdeen takes her sister's chin and makes her look her straight in the eyes.

"How could you start dating Romulus?" Howleen shouted, "You knew how I felt about him!"

Clawdeen places her hand on Howleen's shoulder.

"Look sis, I'm sorry for hurting your feelings but I'm not going to apologize for going out with Romulus. Plus you have to understand that he didn't feel the same way about you. Can you understand that?"

Howleen pouts and says that it isn't fair. None of the boys like her she claims. Clawdeen says that Howleen's a catch and that one day someone will want to be with her. She tells her sister not to push it though.

"Easy for you to say. All the boys have had crushes on her since they were pups. And it doesn't help that you're so popular."

"Who cares about popularity. You can't be me. Besides as soon as you stop caring what others think of you and whether or not they like you, the sooner people will like you and even want to be your friend. Until then you have me, and your best friend Twyla. You even have Frankie, Draculaura, hell even Cleo."

"I guess. Thanks sis." Howleen gives Clawdeen a big hug and tells her that mom said that dinner was ready fifteen minutes ago.

"Then lets go."

During dinner Clawdeen sat across from her brother Clawd. When he was already having his second helping Clawdeen told him that she had news from Draculaura. She said that it was about what Frankie had told him earlier.

"It wasn't her fault. Valentine forced Draculaura to kiss him." Clawdeen says, "You could have waited for Draculaura to explain what had happened before jumping down her throat."

Clawd feels guilty now so he tells his sister that he will call Draculaura and apologize. He excuses himself from the kitchen table and marches up the stairs to his own bedroom. He dials his girlfriend's number.

A Scorned Ghoul

At home Draculaura still wasn't feeling very good. Her day with Clawdeen made her feel a little better but Draculaura still had harsh feelings towards Frankie. Dracula couldn't even get his daughter out of her room to eat dinner. He even made monster vegetarian lasagna to coax her out and eat dinner. She didn't come out though not even when her father told her that the school had called to tell him that Draculaura had skipped school again.

"Why would you leave school? Don't you care about your education anymore?" Dracula said as he stuck his head in Draculaura's bedroom when he tried to wish her a good night.

"Its not that daddy," Draculaura pouts, "Nothing's turning out how I thought it would."

"Well you can't miss school again. Do you want to drink blood again young lady?" Dracula always jokingly threatened his daughter to drink blood as punishment, but he never meant it or carried it out. Draculaura lets out a soft giggle, she gets up from her bed, and goes to hug her father.

"I love you daddy. You're the best dad ever. Can I be alone now though? I'm tired."

"Sure my sweet little bat," Draculaura rubs his daughter's head, slightly messing up her hair, "Good night."

Just as Draculaura was going to bed and covering herself up nice and warm in her blankets her phone rings. The screen says its Clawd calling and stretches as far as she can to grab it from the edge of her nightstand. She barely grabs it before it falls off.

"Clawd!" she says excitedly.

"...Uhh...Hi Draculaura," Clawd nervously says, "...I called to say I'm sorry. I should have heard you out. Forgive me? I understand if you won't, I just didn't want to lose you. I still don't."

"Aww, so scary sweet. Of course I forgive you silly."

"Clawdeen told me what happened. Do you want me to teach that Valentine a lesson?"

"If you want," Draculaura giggles.

"So, are you talking to Frankie again?"

Draculaura gets stubborn.

"No. I don't want to."

"I know she hurt you but she's your best ghoulfriend and-" Draculaura interrupts Clawd at that point.

"Can we talk about this tomorrow? I'm tired."

"Sure. Night."

"Goodnight Clawd. See you tomorrow."

Wednesday morning wasn't any better. Draculaura decided to skip breakfast, her father made her grab at least a pop tart before leaving for school. Before heading out the door Draculaura kisses her father on the cheek and says goodbye. She then climbs into her car and drives herself to school. In the student parking lot she runs into Clawd and Clawdeen first before seeing Cleo as well.

"So are you ever going to talk to Frankie again," Clawdeen asks, "She's supposed to be back today."

"I don't care."

"How are you going to ignore her? We have every single class together."

Once inside they head to their lockers and get ready for class. Cleo and Ghoulia meet up with them again. Cleo kept trying to get Ghoulia to let her cheat off Ghoulia's homework. Ghoulia still refuses. Nervously walking through the hallway was Frankie. She walks up to her friends worrying about what will happen with her and Draculaura.

"Hi everyone," Frankie says shyly with a small wave as well, "Hi...Draculaura."

Draculaura turns her back on Frankie and continues to give her the cold shoulder. She grabs her books, slams her locker shut, and tells Clawdeen and Cleo that she'll see them in class. Frankie waits until Draculaura turns the hall corner before Frankie speaks again.

"Is she still mad at me?" Frankie asks.

"Looks like it," Cleo says, "I'd help but I have fearleading practice after school. Sorry you ghouls didn't make the team this year."

Cleo and Ghoulia leave and head to their class next. Frankie bangs her head against Draculaura's locker and Clawdeen tries to calm her down.

"Just give her sometime. You know Draculaura."

During all of their classes Draculaura had succeeded in ignoring Frankie. In each class though Frankie tried to get her friend to hear her out. Nothing work but things would get even more tense by History class. By the end of History class the teacher assigned them a project and she paired Draculaura and Frankie together for it. They had to do their project on the semi-symbiotic relationship between monsters and humans.

In the hallway Frankie tries to catch up with Draculaura. When she finally got her attention Draculaura acted a bit hostile.

"We may be paired together for the project Frankie but I haven't forgiven you yet." Draculaura walks away from her friend and has lunch alone with her boyfriend Clawd. In the middle of lunch though Draculaura receive a text from L.

"That bitch got what she deserved didn't she. It's so fun keeping you and Frankie divided. If you want revenge go to the fountain in ten minutes."-L

"Do I?" Draculaura whispers.

"What was that?" Clawd asks.

"Nothing. I'm not hungry anymore. I think I'll go outside."

"Do you want me to come with you?"

"It's okay. Finish your lunch." Draculaura gets up, dumps her salad into the trash can, and heads into the hallway. When the ten minutes pass Draculaura goes to the fountain where L said to meet. L wasn't there of course. The only thing there was a thick looking envelope and in block letters Draculaura's name was written on it. The words underneath her name read, "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Draculaura knew inside the envelope was something bad about Frankie. Sure Frankie had hurt her but did that mean she would want Frankie to hurt as much she did? Draculaura didn't know the answer to that. She sat on the edge of the fountain debating in her mind about what she should do. When the lunch bell rang, she put the envelope in her backpack and headed to class. After all she did promise her father she wouldn't skip class anymore. The letter though kept haunting her for the rest of the day. At the end of the day though she received one last text from L.

"P.S, if you do this I'll keep quiet about the Gory incident. Slip up and I tell."-L

As she climbed into the car at the end of the school day Draculaura decided to see what in the envelope before starting her car and heading home. Inside the envelope was a dozen or so papers, they were made up of human newspaper clippings from the next town over. Also in it was a rejected expose piece about Frankie's father as well pictures showing him terrorizing a single town at night. The headline read, "Classic Monster Scares Normie Town Next Door."

Draculaura couldn't believe what she was holding in her hands. She thought if she could really do that to her friend. Of course she was still angry with Frankie but did that mean she deserved to have a secret as big as this be let out in the entire monster town community? If this was let out it would ruin her friend's whole life. However if Draculaura didn't do was L said to do, what happened with Gory would be let out. She was conflicted. She then placed the papers back into the envelope and was about to start her car but she couldn't. All she could do was bang her head on the edge of the steering wheel. The second time she did it the car horn blared throughout the entire parking lot, luckily pretty much all the student had left at that time. Coming out of the school though to see what was going on was Headmistress Bloodgood. She walked up to see what was going on with the ghoul.

"Draculaura was that you?" Bloodgood asks.

"I didn't mean to. I'm sorry." Draculaura sadly says.

"What's wrong Draculaura? You can talk to me."

Draculaura begins to sniffle again and tries to convince the headmistress that it was nothing.

"Sweetie you can't fool me. You've been at Monster High for three years now and by now I can usually tell when something's wrong with you."

"N-nothing Bloodgood," she turns on the car and shifts it into gear, "I have to go."

So Draculaura wipes the tears from her eyes and drives out of the parking lot. Bloodgood decides to drop the subject for now and heads back to her office. Along the way to her house though, Draculaura's mind kept going back to the Gory Incident.

A Bad Memory

The final school bell rang loud and clear at the end of the day. The bell marked that the school year had ended and that summer vacation had officially began. All of the students in the school ran out of the building in a flash. Gory had stopped Draculaura at the front entrance though, she had a smirk on her face.

"What do you want Gory," Draculaura asks.

"Oh nothing, just to let you know you're not going to the Vampire's Summer Camp For Creative Writers," Gory says while looking at her nails.

"Why? Everyone knows I'm one of the best writers in the school."

"Because they don't want weak vegan vampires."

"But they didn't know that."

"They do now. And I'll be having all the fun there while you're stuck here," Gory turns around and cackles leaving the school, "Say hell to that mutt Clawd for me."

Draculaura walks over to her car feeling dejected. She had really hoped to go to that creative writing camp this summer. In her rear view mirror Draculaura sees Clawd running up to her car. He had some great news to tell her. He says that the casketball coach had told him he was the number one choice to attend casketball camp. Draculaura behind a small smile.

"That's great Clawd," Draculaura says, "When do you leave?"

"Next week," Clawd excitedly says. However he notices that something's wrong with Draculaura, "What wrong babe. You're my ghoul. I hate to see you so down."

"Nothing. Gory just ruined my chances to get into that creative writing camp," she sighs, "I just want to go home."

Clawd then drops the subject and says that he'll be training for the rest of the week for casketball camp.

"Okay. I guess I'll see you at the end of the summer then. Bye Clawd, you're my knight in furry armor."

And so Draculaura drives away and heads home. When she pulls into her driveway she decides to texts the news to her best ghoulfriends. All of them were shocked and in a matter of minutes they had decided to pull a prank on Gory to get back at her.

Late that night all five ghouls, from Lagoona to Cleo, sneaked out of their homes. They decided to meet in the back woods by the park. Cleo had known Gory kept a hiding place in the clearing of the forest and would more than likely be there that night. All of them though all had something they had brought with them.

They each carried a stink bomb to throw into Gory's hiding place. Once ready the five of them tip-toed through the dark forest.

"Are you sure this is such a good idea Cleo? Lagoona?" Draculaura whispers.

"Yeah, we don't want to hurt her," Frankie adds.

"Hey, Gory needs to pay for what she did to Draculaura. Now quiet, we're almost there," Cleo tells them.

As they reached the hiding place they saw that a light was on inside. Lagoona crept over and hid under a window, briefly peering inside to make sure Gory was in there. Lagoona then gives the okay signal and the other four crept over to the window.

"Alright on the count of three we throw the sink bombs through the window," Lagoona whispers.

The five of them countdown together.

"1...2...3..." and they all throw the stink bombs through the window. The they all quickly run and take cover behind a clump of trees nearby. None of them expected though what happened next.

A loud and huge explosion lit up the night sky. Everyone gasped at the horror of it. They even heard a very faint coughing from the hiding place.

Cleo tells them all to run and not to look back until the got out of the forest and out of the park. They do as they're told and run as fast as they can, putting the explosion behind them.

None of them stopped until they got to Draculaura's house and climbed into her bedroom window.

Draculaura turned on the light showing how frightened she had become.

"What just happened? You said Gory wouldn't get hurt Cleo. We never should have listened to you."

"Calm down Draculaura. No one saw us," Cleo claimed, "Now everyone here agrees this can never get out. This never happened. Got it?"

"But it did happen," Clawdeen says, "Do you really think Gory is going to let this go? She'll go on a monster hunt if she survives to find out who did this."

"She won't survive," Frankie gasps.

"Look it was just a few stink bombs that went bad. I'm sure she won't die," Cleo says trying to assure them.

"But we don't know what going to happen. We could get into serious trouble for this," Lagoona points out.

"This didn't happen. We're all in this together and equally guilty. Now we all have to promise that no one will tell."

Reluctantly they agree to this and pinky swear that none of them will tell a soul about what happened that night.

A Memorial To Plan and the Usual Suspects

Two weeks later the school's population was beginning to move past the death of Lagoona and Frankie and Draculaura still weren't speaking to each other. However for all four of them moving on passed Lagoona's death was proving to be a very tough thing to do.

During a passing period between classes Cleo came up to the three other ghouls to ask if they wanted to go shopping with her and Ghoulia after school. Draculaura said that they couldn't, that she a Clawdeen had two weeks of after school detention for skipping class a few weeks before. Frankie declined as well so that just left Cleo and Ghoulia.

Before the passing period was over, Bloodgood came over the intercom. She called the four ghouls to her office. Cleo groaned and said that she was tired of constantly being called into the Headmistress's office.

Once in Bloodgood's office all of the ghouls sat down across from her. Bloodgood told them that she has noticed that it was harder for them to move passed Lagoona's death. She suggested that the four of them could set up a memorial for their friend and added the Rochelle said that she would be willing to build bust of Lagoona.

"If Rochelle is making it then what would we do?" Cleo asks.

"You ghouls will be in charge of it all." Bloodgood adds, "The completed bust will be placed in the park. All of you will decide how the area will look and what the finished product will look like."

"And why are you doing this?" Frankie asks.

"Because I think that this will help you four to move on and have some more closure. What happened to Lagoona was horrible but there is hope beyond her death."

None of the ghouls speak and Bloodgood makes a comment about the fact that Draculaura and Frankie still aren't speaking to each other.

"Their argument would give soap opera stars a run for the money," Cleo says.

"Watch it," Clawdeen says as she ribs Cleo in her side. Clawdeen turns to Bloodgood and says, "So when do we start working on this memorial?"

"After school today. We want to get this done by homecoming."

"In two weeks?!" Draculaura exclaimed, "That's impossible!"

"Well I know you ghouls well enough to know that nothing's impossible. Now is there any further questions?"

All four said that they had no questions and Bloodgood let them go, except for Draculaura and Frankie. The two of them look nervously at each other and then at the headmistress. She told them that it pained her to see two friends refusing to talk to each other because of a small argument. She told them that she understood Draculaura's hurt feelings and that she also understood that Frankie felt horrible about what she had done.

"You don't even know what she did," Draculaura says.

"Honey, the whole school knows what happened," Bloodgood softly says, "And that Frankie was the one to tell."

"How many times do I have to say I'm sorry?" Frankie pleads to Draculaura.

Draculaura crosses her arms and says, "I'll let you know when you get there." She turns to the headmistress and asks her if they're done and if they can be excused.

"I suppose but let me say this. You can't stay mad at Frankie forever."

For the next week the ghouls worked hard on Lagoona's memorial and where in the park it was going to be placed. All throughout the week Clawd, Clawdeen, and Cleo all kept trying to get Frankie and Draculaura to apologize and become friends again. By the end of the week they had enough of this feud and Cleo came up with a plan to all meet up at the Coffin Bean. They all met up at the coffee shop but Cleo's plan didn't work, so they decided to discuss who L could be. Who could be twisted and mean enough to black mail them and make their lives a hell. Cleo suggested that it could be her older sister Nefera and Frankie suggested that Toralei could be L. Draculaura said that Gory could be behind all this as well.

Frankie said that Nefera would only be after Cleo, not the rest of them. Draculaura said that Gory would want revenge on all of them for the incident which cost her, her flying ability. And Toralei has always been mean to them so they couldn't count her out. Then the barista had called up their orders, Clawdeen volunteered to pick them up. Cleo ordered a decaf latte, Draculaura had iced tea, Frankie had a frappecino, and Clawdeen a smoothie. As they were finishing their drinks though, Spectra came and interrupted them.

"What is it Spectra," Frankie asks.

"I have bad news," Spectra admits, "Someone had smashed Lagoona's memorial."

They all gasp and ask Spectra who would do such a thing. Spectra answers that the information on who had done it hadn't come to her knowledge yet. When Spectra left the cafe though the four ghouls saw a group of police officers barging into the store next door. The police dragged out someone unexpected, it was Gill. The police said: "You young man are under arrest for the murder of Lagoona Blue. Anything you can and will say can be held against you. You're coming with us!"