I do not own Seven Brides for Seven brothers just the name Haley. Also I would like to thank Hannahfour for pushing me to write another story for 7B. I hope you enjoy this. Thank You

It was a cool day on the McFadden Ranch. Ten Year old twins Guthrie and Haley went to see if they can help their brothers on the ranch. They saw Adam and Crane so they were going over to them.

"Can we help?" Guthrie was asking their brothers.

"No. You and Haley go find something to do but stay out of trouble." Adam was then telling the twins.

The twins then went to go play. While they were playing chase, Haley was trying to catch up with Guthrie. He was running faster than she was.

"Guthrie wait up." She called out to her brother.

"Come on slow poke." Guthrie then told her sister when he shook his head of how low she was taking.

Haley could not keep up so she was then taking her time. She was then walking, Guthrie kept looking behind him to see where she was. The sun was so bright out that day. Haley couldn't see with the Sun glaring down on her. Just then Guthrie heard his sister's cry.

"Haley. Haley!" Guthrie screamed out to her.

There was no answer from her. He was wondering where she was. He kept calling her name but she would not answer him. When he was looking all over for her he had then found her. She was lying there. He didn't want to move her nor he didn't want to leave her, so he stayed there until one of their brothers would come out to find them. He knew they would.

"Haley please hold on." Guthrie was telling his sister as he was worried about her.

Meantime at home Adam and his brothers were finishing up on the ranch. Adam kept looking up to see if the twins were back yet. They were no where in sight. He then started to walk around.

"Hey partner what's wrong?" Brian was asking when he was coming by him.

"The twins are not back yet and its getting late as well." Adam was saying when he was looking around.

Adam was then calling the twins name but nothing. He had this worry look on his face.

"We will find them." Brian said when he told his brother.

Brian had then gone over to where his younger brothers were standing.

"What's wrong?" Crane was asking when he saw the look on Brian's face.

"Twins are missing." Brian said when they were shocked. They were never late.

"Lets go look for them." Evan suggested to his brothers, when they all agreed.

They were getting their guns ad horses.

"Ok Daniel, you and Evan go up North. Crane, you and Ford head down towards Tucker's Creek. While Brian and I will head East. Anything you give 2 shots." Adam was telling his brothers while they were all heading out.

Adam was really worried about them. It was late and getting chilly.

"I am really worried." Adam said when he was telling Brian.

"We will find them." Brian told his brother when Adam gave him a fake smile.

While Crane and Ford were looking, Ford saw the look on Crane's face.

"What's wrong?" Ford was asking his older brother while they were still riding.

"Its bee too long." Crane told him when he was looking all around.

"GUTHRIE!" Ford called out to his younger brother but nothing.

Daniel and Evan were also looking. They too could not find the twins.

"Where can they be?" Evan asked when he was looking around.

"They better not be hiding because this is not funny any more." Daniel was then telling his brother.

"GUTHRIE! HALEY! " Evan called out the twins name.

They were all riding for hours. It was dark out now. Daniel was starting to get worried.

"This is not good little brother." Daniel said to Evan when they gave each a worry look.

"DANIEL! Over here!" They heard someone scream.

Daniel and Evan gave each other a look and then smiled. They knew that was the voice to their youngest brother. They saw Guthrie jumping up and down to flag them. They then jumped off their horses an ran over to where Guthrie was.

"Daniel hurry. Its Haley." Was all Guthrie said when his brothers ran as fast as they can to where Haley was.