When they arrive at home they were sitting around the living room.

"I have never been so tired." She told her brothers.

"Do you wanna go lie down for awhile?" Brian was then asking her.

"Nah I just wanna be here with my favorite Seven brothers." She told them with a smile.

She was sitting on the couch between Daniel and Ford.

"So how long was I out of it?" She wondered.

"Lets say it was long enough." Adam said to her.

"You didn't even who we WERE." Guthrie told his twin sister.

"WHAT! How can I not I know who you all her?" She sat there asking them.

"It doesn't matter. Your back now with us." Evan said to her.

She sat there and smiled.

"You ok?" Adam was then asking her.

"Throat is dry." She told her brother.

"I'll get you some juice." Crane told his sister.

"You all need to stop worrying. I am here." She told them as Daniel was putting his arm around her.

She was now sitting in Daniel's arms. Crane was giving her some juice. It was getting late. Daniel was then carrying her upstairs.

"You know I can walk." She told him with a smile.

"I know. " He told her when he kissed her on her head.

She didn't take long to fall asleep. Daniel was then coming back down.

"She ok?" Adam asked his brother when he saw the look on his face.

"Yeah. She's asleep." Daniel said when he then sat down on the chair.

"Its great to have her back." Brian said when he was telling his brothers.

"Let me get dinner going." Crane suggested to his brothers.

The others were playing ball outside while Crane was getting dinner ready. With that dinner was ready and Haley was then coming down.

"Hey you." Evan said with a smile.

"How ya feeling?" Ford was asking his sister.

"Better. Thanks." She told them.

She saw Ford sitting in her seat. She was confused.

"Ford-um that's my seat." She said to him confusingly.

"Sit there for now." He told her when he pointed to his chair.

"Yeah cone and sit by your big brother." Daniel was then telling her when she was confused even more.

"Daniel. You ARE all my big brothers." She told him when then laughed.

"Well how about your favorite brother." Daniel said to her.

"Then Ford needs to switch with me so I can sit next to Crane and Evan." She told them when now they were all laughing.

"Nice sister. " Daniel said to his brothers.

Adam was sitting back listening to his siblings act the way they se to act before her accident.

"How bout I put some mash potatoes on my fork and flick it." Daniel said to her when he was getting it ready.

"Hey no food fight." Adam told his brother and sister.

"Your lucky Dad was sitting there." Daniel told his sister.

"Daniel. I am NOT dad. " Adam said when he hated when they were calling him that.

But after all that goofing around. Haley was sitting next to Adam and Daniel. He was putting some chicken and mash potatoes on her plate.

"You ok kiddo?" Brian was then asking his sister when he saw the look on her face.

"Nope. Just happy to have my memory back and to be here with you guys." She said with a big smile.

They all sat around have a nice family dinner...