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Chapter 4


Chapter 4

Nate: So bit of a small chapter

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Third Person POV

"Listen and listen well, Olympian." Nate spat at Artemis. "She will decide what she wants to do and you cannot decide for her. Should you even try to force her to come with you, I shall obliterate you on the spot. Do I make myself clear, goddess?"

Artemis nodded with a scowl on her face. She hated that she was submitting to a male but he was far more powerful than her and she'd rather not fade now.

"Good. Now, what is your name, princess?" Nate asked the girl.

"My name is Aurora." The now identified Aurora stated. Nate nodded and held out his hand again.

"Would you like to come with me, love? Or Artemis?" Nate asked kindly. Aurora hesitated a little bit before she took Nate's offered hand. Nate smiled warmly to her and pulled her close to him. She blushed but didn't push away.

Nate prayed to Khaos and soon, the two were in Khaos's office.

"You can let go now, hun." Nate said warmly. Aurora opened her eyes and looked around but did not let go. Instead, she pulled in closer to Nate when she saw Khaos.

"She seems a bit skittish, huh? I guess that means that she'll have to live with you until she's ready to live on her own." Khaos smirked at Nate.

Nate sighed but didn't say anything. Aurora blushed crimson red at the thought of living with this guy. She barely knew him but she felt safest with him.

"Then, if that's the case, I think we'd need either a house or apartment. I don't have enough room in my room for both of us." Nate stated. He felt embarrassed but he'll live with it.

"A house, please." Aurora said quietly. Nate nodded and asked for a house. Khaos nodded and found a house for them.

-Two Days Later-

Percy was, at the moment, laughing his ass off. He had just heard that Aurora was the new recruit and she would not leave Nate's side. Ever.

If there was one thing he knew about Nate, he always wanted his personal space. And to know that, not only is the new girl not leaving him alone, but that Nate didn't do anything about it was just hilarious to Percy.

"Shut the hell up, Percy!" Nate yelled with a crimson blush. This only caused Percy to laugh louder. Nate scowled and blushed harder but didn't say anything. Aurora was with them and holding onto Nate's arm like it was a life line.

She was blushing also. She didn't mean to be clingy but Nate was the only one she knew and she felt safe with him. So, she was always with him. But she was slowly starting to feel more comfortable with Selina and Zoe.

Once Percy calmed down, he remembered that there was something he needed to tell Nate.

"Hey, there's a dance coming up. Zoe, Khaos, and Selina all decided that it would be good for everyone as a way of relaxing. Though, you're the only one without a date." Percy informed Nate.

Nate turned to Aurora and saw her blush and look away. He thought she looked adorable.

"Aurora, would you like to go with me to the dance?" Nate asked her kindly. She blushed harder but nodded. Nate smiled.

"Great. Let's go talk to Selina and Zoe to see if they will take you out shopping to get whatever you want. On me." Nate smiled at her. She nodded and smiled back. They left to go find the two girls.

Percy watched the interaction between the two and smiled. He silently vowed to get the two together. But first, he was going to talk to the others to see if they would help.

Percy POV

One Day Later

"Ugh," I groaned as I fell onto my bed.

It's been a day since Aurora arrived and Operation: Hook Up is working, I think. Anyways, the newest phase of it involved me watching the two interact from the shadows, of course that meant jumping across missions like I was Axe Cop on a night mission. I started to feel Morpheus taking me to his realm and gladly allowed him too.

"Where, where am I?"

I was walking down a hallway of metal, the entire place dark as if it were sleeping. The ground was giving off a low humming vibration like a constant snore. The walls were intricately carved with patterns of lines weaving up and down, left and right, horizontal or vertical, slanted up or down, and they continually shot down the long corridor.

"What is this place?" I asked again to no one in particular.

Soon, I entered a massive chamber. It was circular and the ceiling was domed. In the center sat a massive structure, giant prongs shot out of the ground around it and a platform sat at the base of it. A conveyor belt was built into the side, going vertically up. Just as soon as I stepped through the threshold, the lights came on. Luminous blue lights shot at me, showering me in their brightness before I got use to the intrusion of light. Then, when my eyes opened, they widened in shock and awe.

The walls were the same, intricate patterns of lines, thin or large running across them, above sat large areas filled with humanoid figures. A claw came out of the central structure and moved over to grab one of the figures and hauled it across the room, far above the ground, right over my head. It came to the structure and another claw on the conveyor belt grabbed it, then the belt started moving.

"A secret long forgotten," I murmured as the figure on the conveyor belt continued on its way down.

As it came into view, I noticed a black suit the figure wore. It was body tight, showing off the actual figure, but it also had on pieces of armor located on its upper torso, arms, and legs.

"A foundry holding a power so great, a force so strong even gods shake in fear," I said as the figure finally landed on the platform.

It was feminine, I could tell by the curves and the hair. Short hair cut so that it would brush her shoulders, a small face making her look cute, and a feminine figure. I could feel my cheeks heat up as I stared at her, but then several robotic arms came out of the structure around her. They turned on and revealed themselves to be tools used to repair. Sparks flew as one of the arms came down to her legs and began using a blowtorch function, making the suit heat up and shift showing robotic parts within her body.

"Hidden for millenia, taken to the dark corners of creation," I gasped as the arms began working even more.

The sides of her waist opened up to show more robotic parts that began to move as the arms repaired the robotic body. Her wrists opened to show the innards of her robotic limb, pipes, pistons, gears, and wires. Her chest opened up to show a sepherical core at the center of her, dull and lifeless.

"Scores of them, awaiting for the arrival of their master," I said as the arms began working on the core.

Then, it activated, the core. It let out a booming noise as it glowed a burning orange like a sun. Her chest closed and her eyes opened, showing luminous blue irises that fixed on him.

"Declaration: Systems repaired and active. Greetings master," she said in a melodic voice.

"Whoa!" I gasped as I woke up.

I was on my bed, the sheets messed up, probably from me rolling around a lot. I got up and looked at the time.

"Crap," I murmured and immediately ran for the training coliseum since Khaos, Nate, Thalia, and I had training this morning. I quickly showered and got dressed and ran for the coliseum like a bat out of hell.

When I arrived, I stopped to catch my breath. I looked up and saw that everyone was there. I walked up beside Thalia and waited for Khaos to brief us on the training today. Nate and Aurora appeared from one of the entrances and ran over to us. We stood still, stiff and at attention for a couple minutes before Khaos appeared, showing up out of a portal.

"Hello children," she greeted and snapped her fingers. Suddenly, all around us the coliseum floor shifted, the ground making mountains and hills. Water appearing out of nowhere and quickly filling up lakes. Several portals opened up and groups of monsters dropped out of them. They began to roam the small area around them, looking around. Khaos snapped her fingers again and groups of automatons appeared out of more portals, drawing weapons and standing ready to fight anything that came close. "This is your training course, you will attempt to defeat every group of enemies and if you fall in battle you will be transported to the infirmary before you actually die. Don't worry, no one's died in here for ten years."

"Um, okay," Thalia said, still staring in shock and awe at the landscape that had just been made.

"Yes, well," Khaos said and snapped her fingers one last time, teleporting us into the armory. Swords, axes, spears, bows, hatchets, war hammers, etc. were set on racks everywhere, made of all kinds of enchanted metal. "Weapon time! Thalia and Percy, you two already have weapons, but if you want some new ones then you can."

I nodded and walked over, looking at them before grabbing a cool looking sword. The Chaotic Silver blade was intricately designed, a pattern of curved lines on it that glowed a fiery red while the edge was carved to give it a special double edged blade. The hilt was made of Imperial Gold, carved to have two prongs that just extended outwards. The handle was wrapped in brown leather and the pommel had a red gem embezzled in it that seemed to have a glow at the center of it.

"Apotéfro̱si̱s Lepída," Khaos said with a smile, "The Incinerating Blade." I stared at her, then at the blade before swinging it. An arc of fire that burned a fiery red, orange, and yellow followed the blade and we all stared in awe. "Good choice Perseus, you should be able to master dual wielding very well," she said, but I saw an evil glint in her eye.

"Oh Khaos," I thought in my head.

"I heard that," Khaos said as Thalia went up to get a weapon and I cringed in fear. She looked through the bows, picking one out and testing the drawing strength of the string before putting them back. Finally, she grabbed a bow that was made of the same silver wood as Artemis' bows, but it had Celestial Bronze armoring and a string that looked like it was made of Chaotic Silver.

"Boon Kyni̱goú," Khaos recited once more, "Hunter's Boon. A proud weapon used by an old hero that was in my service." Thalia stared at the bow and grabbed a quiver full of arrows with Stygian Iron heads. She pulled back the string and shot an arrow at a target in the corner, hitting it dead center. "Wait," Khaos said and snapped her fingers. A golden glow encased the quiver and the Primordial smiled, "It's enchanted now. Infinite arrows."

"Nice," Thalia said and smiled as she walked back to our line. Aurora went up now and started testing each weapon. The sword felt wrong to her, the axe, warhammer, mace, and morningstar fell out of her hands, and even a bow wasn't her style.

Finally, she put on a pair of fingerless gloves colored a steel grey. She willed them to do something and suddenly they glowed and transformed. The fabric transmuted into Chaotic Silver and began to expand, turning into long gauntlets that went up to her elbows and down to her fingertips. Blades shot out from her fingers and became serrated and razor sharp. Now she had on Chaotic Silver gauntlets with Freddy Krueger claws.

She smiled wide and started swinging them around, slicing the air into ribbons before letting it reform.

"Oh yes, those," Khaos said with a smile, "Never really had a name for those."

Aurora walked back into the line and immediately, Nate ran for a sword. He pulled it out and swung it. Big mistake. A loud gunshot noise resounded through the room as he flew into a wall. After we had made sure the noise was gone, we took our hands off our ears and made sure he was alright.

"Ventus Homicidia," Khaos introduced, "The Wind Slayer, an air powered sword. Very powerful."

"Cool," Nate said as he held it up. "Where'd all of these weapons come from?"

"Most of them were forged by members of the Chaotic Legion, others were taken as prizes from wars and battles. That particular one you are holding, Nate was forged by a warrior in particular," she said and he face seemed to drop. She looked down, somber and her face scrawled on with a sad expression. "Excuse me," she said and left the armory, simply opening the door and walking out instead of teleporting.

We looked at each other, confused. Finally, I broke the silence.

"So, we should go to the coliseum and start training, right?" I asked and everyone nodded in agreement.

Third Person POV

The heroes four made their way back to the arena when a voice rang out in the mexican's head. He stopped as it rang out.

"Hello," a melodic voice said, ringing in his head like a chime.

He stopped and looked around, twirling in place as the three others of his party stared at him.

"Um, Nate? You alright?"

"Hm, oh yeah," he answered as he walked up to them, "Just thought I heard something."

"You did." the melodic voice said again and he looked around once more.

"Okay, someone is in my head!" he shouted out loud and the three demigods looked at each other, then at him.

"Um, you sure your okay?" Thalia asked and he looked at her, eye twitching in anger.

"Please excuse me for a moment," the voice said again and suddenly, his sword glowed a light blue.

The wind picked up around them and a figure colored a faint blue appeared amongst them. It was female, around their age. She was petite, but had curves and short hair. Her hands were behind her back, one hand holding the other in a respectful manner.

"I am Quod ex Aere or rather Being of Air in English," she introduced as she bowed before them. "The creator of this weapon fused my being to it and now I inhabit it as a form of enhancement and aid in combat."

"So you were enslaved into this weapon?" Percy asked, but she shook her head.

"No, I willingly volunteered for this. There is no need to worry. When this blade is sheathed I sleep and when it is used to slay enemies I am awake."

"That's awesome." Nate smiled towards her. "So, are you part of the blade or are you the sword?" he asked.

"I am part of the blade, Master." Aere answered him, referring to him being her new master. Nate frowned at the 'Master' part though.

"Before we ask any more questions, I want to get one thing straight. If you feel more comfortable calling me Master then go ahead, but I will not think of me as your master nor you as my servant. You may be a blade but you can still think and talk and act as a living creature. You and I are partners now. We will work as one being, one person." Nate said kindly to her. What happened next shocked him and everyone around him.

Aere hugged him.

"Thank you so much, Master. That means so much to me. All my previous wielders only saw me as a sword and didn't treat me like a person. And for that, I thank you." She told him as she wiped away the tears that fell as she smiled at him. Nate smiled back before he noticed all the monsters converging on them, same with everyone else. Percy stepped forward.

"Well, Nate, you'll just have to find out what she does in the middle of the fight. Thalia, fall back and cover us from long range. Nate, you're with me. Aurora, guard Thalia and keep them away from Thalia so she doesn't have to fight back and forth between long and close range. Let's kill us some monsters!" Percy shouted with authority in his voice. They all nodded.

Thalia fell back and got into a good position while Aurora activated her claws and got into a defensive position next to her. Percy and Nate each drew their respective swords while Aere disappeared, but Nate could still hear her giving him a good overview of her abilities. Nate let loose an insane smirk, while he chuckled madly.

"Oh man, this will be fun! Let's get wild!" Nate yelled as he charged the monsters and automatons, his insane smirk never leaving. Percy grinned and charged with him. Thalia and Aurora smiled at the two while they both rolled their eyes and said at the same time, "Men." They grinned at each other before Aurora began fighting off the monsters that got too close to Thalia, while she shot arrows at any monsters that tried to sneak up on the two men.

Nate was cutting down monsters left and right. Aere had told him that she could build up air pressure and he pull the handle on the hilt to release that air pressure to cause his swings to break the sound barrier and slice anything that he was aiming at to slice cleanly in two. And that's exactly what he was doing. He was using the blade as a pro but he still had a long way to go before he became a master.

Nate spun around and pulled the handle on the hilt and everyone heard a gunshot. Percy looked over to Nate and saw him cut down three automatons and four hellhounds in one swing. Nate still had the insane smirk.

Percy dodged a swipe from the hellhound that snuck up on him and cut him cleanly in half before throwing his sword at one of the automatons that had decided to try to lop his head off. It stumbled back and Percy ran up and grabbed his sword before back-flipping and cutting the automaton in half from the chest up. He cut down two more empousa and a hellhound before dodging a swing from an automaton he was just about to kill the automaton before he had to dodge a flying hellhound. He looked over at Nate, who was laughing insanely as he batted monsters and automaton away from him with the flat side of his blade.

Thalia saw Nate doing that and face-palmed before killing a hellhound that almost took a swipe at Percy's back. Aurora saw Nate batting around monsters and automatons like they were baseballs and thought, 'He's so strong and handsome.' She smiled at that and continued to kill monsters that got too close to Thalia. Aere saw her new master batting around the monsters and thought, 'My new master's insane.'

"Batter up!" Nate yelled and laughed insanely as he batted away another monster into the side of the arena. Khaos came back and saw Nate and thought, 'I can't believe that he's my assassin.' And took a seat in the stadium to watch as they cleaned up the remaining monsters.

Third Person POV

Aeren watched her master/lover train, blue optics staring at a man turn into a monster by smashing his arms into the ground and emitting a black smoke from his body as he changed into a dragon. The wings sprouted out and his reptilian head appeared from the inky black cloud, smoke snorted from its nostrils. In a loud cry, he breathed an enormous plume of fire that incinerated all the robotic automatons that came at him.

"Master," the android spoke and the reptilian menace turned its head.

With a loud roar, it disappeared into a cloud of black smoke, Aethorium stepped out.

"Yes, Aeren?"

"Already we receive reports from our spies. Chaos' army is in disarray, but we have discovered a new threat."

"New threat?"

"The hero known as Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon, slayer of both Titans and Giants, and Hero of Olympus."

"Impressive titles," he remarked and moved past her, "but we must not fret. I fear no pathetic demigod."

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