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Pairing: Rose x Ten. The Doctor discovers the most wonderful alien artifact of all time and can't wait to share it with Rose.


Banana Tree

"Rose! C'mere! You've got to see this! It's the most fantastic thing ever!"

Rose Tyler looked up as the Doctor rushed over to her from across the bazaar and grabbed her hand.

She smiled at his enthusiasm but she was busy looking at bezoolium and thinking of home. Or her former home at least. "In a moment, Doctor, I just found the perfect thing. This bauble reacts differently depending on the conditions. Mum can use it to tell the weather!"

"Rooooseee…" He whined. "We can come back here. But they've only got one of these! You've never seen anything like it!"

Rose sighed dramatically but there was no exasperation behind it. She loved his childlike wonder and seeing the universe through his eyes. "Oh, all right. Go ahead. Amaze me."

The Doctor led her across the bazaar to a food stand. Exotic as well as common fruits and vegetables were laid out in baskets and on shelves. Most of them were alien to her from all over the galaxy, as befitted an asteroid bazaar of the future, but there were some from Earth.

She saw carrots, potatoes, apples, bananas, even the Doctor's arch nemesis when it came to fruit, pears right at the end of the row where he abruptly stopped. Knowing that there was no way he'd be excited about those she looked at him curiously. He loved bananas but he wasn't looking at them and they certainly weren't anything she hadn't seen before. Instead he was staring at her expectantly.

"What am I supposed to be seeing?" She looked around again, trying to see what she was missing.

Now the Doctor sighed. "Oh, Rose. That!" He pointed near the cash register.

Rose realized he meant the small wooden structure with a metal hook she had already noticed. Hanging from it were several bananas. She stifled a grin. This meant a lot of him, she could tell. She didn't have the heart to tell him she'd seen plenty of different types of banana trees before. "What is it?" she asked, feigning ignorance.

His eyes lit up. "It's a banana tree. You hang bananas on it and they last longer and don't ripen so quickly. Isn't it brilliant?"

Rose nodded. "Very impressive. Although…" She frowned, wanting to play with him.


She sniggered. "You eat them so fast I don't think you give them the chance to ripen too much."

The Doctor ran a hand through his hair. "Wellll… fair point. But now we can have them even more! Remember, bananas are good and good for you, Rose." He winked at her.

She laughed at him and his ever present love of bananas. He's told her that so many times, she now suspected he does it just to see her smile.

Before Rose returned to the bezoolium stand with a happy, bouncing Time Lord on her heels, she watched in quiet amusement as he bartered and convinced the proprietor to sell the banana tree even though it had been part of the display and not for sale.