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'Run...' That's all Arthur thought 'run...Run...RUN!' Arthur's wing was broke, HE was

broke, his body was broken and bloody, running for his life. "Come on doll." running from

a demon. "This would be easier if you stop running." Arthur scowled "NEVER!" He shouted

"There's no use fighting I always win." Adrenalin that's what Arthur had and in a moment

of hope flapped his wings " AHH!" he screamed, His wing dripping blood convulsed with

pain rippling through his body. "Mmhh I like your scream maybe later you can try my

name?" Arthur Felt adrenalin hit his body again as he sprinted faster into a snow covered

field in the middle of the field Arthur heard a sickening crack and the land beneath him go

out it was a pond not a field but right as his feet hit the water to gentle hands he new so

well caught him "Carlin." Arthur choked out to his little sister her red hair blowing behind

her, "SHH Arthur you'll be ok I think I can get us back to the hav-GAHH!" She screamed

out an arrow hitting her side she spun in a tight circle dropping Arthur on land "RUN!" she

screamed as she let him go and she was engulfed in water within seconds. "CARLIN!"

Arthur screamed "NO!" Arthur let out a sob then darted away oh but fait had a way of

screwing him over "atta," the demon chuckled pinning Arthur to the ground "now you

should have just stopped." Arthur layed pinned to the snow laiden ground. Arthur sobbed

lightly " p-please just let me go." Arthur whimpered as the demon's face came closer to

his own "haha nope," the demon chuckled, "your funny, I like you." He whispered the last

three words into Arthur's ear then nipped it and Arthur responded with a yelp. Struggling

to get away "no p-please no" Arthur whimpered trying to curl up but the demon on top of

him prevented that, the demon then traveled his lips up and down the angels neck

nipping, licking, sucking, and kissing his neck. "n-n-no s-someone h-help me" he

whispered silently for he new it would either way fall on deaf ears *CRACK* the sound of

ice shattering and water splashing made the demon cease his assault on the poor angels

neck "F*ck the girl is stronger than she looks!" the demon had Arthur Tied and in his

arms bridal style within seconds, Arthur at one point squeaked during this action.

"ARTHUR!" said angel looked up to see a partially frozen Carlin flying straight at them the

demon then flew swiftly away Carlin hot on his heels, "LET HIM GO YOU BLOKE!" the

demon laughed "NO!" he replied "LET HIM GO OR I'LL KILL YOU!" she spat out in furry

"HA I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY!" The demon dove down swiftly causing the angel to shriek,

a hole opened up in the ground ...'a gate to hades...oh bloody hell...literally' five demons

flew out and around Arthur and his captor. As they flew through the hole Arthur looked

back with tears in his eyes to see his sister fighting ...alone. "NOOOO!" He screamed as

the hole closed, it was to much, his whole body hurt, his head throbbed, he was captured,

his sister was fighting five demons, and he probably would never see haven again, his

eyes poured over with tears, his body visibly trembled, black spots clouded his vision, he

couldn't hear. The smell of death and decay invaded his censes until he couldn't fight it

any more and he blacked out into a dreamless sleep.

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