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ok so this is the new update, ohhhhh aaarrrttthhhuuuurrrrr!

arthur: she owns nothing, aside the plot line and random OCs.

me: thanks and I just realized HOW. MANY. DAMN. COCK. BLOCKS. ARE. IN. THIS. STORY. seriously I was rereading it for kicks and every time I say a cock block I was like "NO DAMN IT!" but that's the wa. It needs to be IM SO SORRY

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"OMG I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU!" the firey red head said bounding around like a hyper child on a sugar high.

"hehe what is it Kelly I was, ahem a little busy." Alfred said his mind wandering to the angel chained up in the other room.

"Ok, prince, ya see I, being the awesome person I am, got you and your 'friend' a vacation on the surface!"she giggled.

"that's awesome! dont call me prince."

"BBBUUUTTTT AALLLFFFIIIEEE!" the girl wined giving him puppy dog eyes even the devil himself couldn't say no to.

"fine, fine, but how did you get, it and were is it at?"

" YAY THANKS PRINCE, well... I pulled some strings, and its in canada in one of the most remote wood lands and in a pretty little two story wood cabin furnished to your tastes by yours truly," she chirped and took a breath, " And on the bottom floor is a large living room (flat screen duh), washroom, and a kitchen then upstairs past a mahogany door with a lock, the whole floor is a bed room with a king sized bed a big couch, also a flat screen, full bath/washroom complete with jacuzzi, and a dresser and soft carpeting, all set in a natural tone with some red color accents-!"

"BREATH!" Alfred said covering her mouth, "that sounds nice and I will see it when I get there."

"good 'cause you earned this and some...alone time with your 'friend'." She purred waggling her eyebrows suggestively.

" You are SO dirty!"

"I know, but," she said switching to a very high sweet voice, "that's how I deceive you haha!"

"god thats creepy." Alfred said shaking his head,

"oh well!" She said and switched back to her normal voice, " call me when your done packing you leave when you're ready, BIE PRINCE!" And she zoomed out of there, Alfred just sighed and locked his front door and he went back to his room to un handcuff the angel and pack.

He quietly opened the door and as greeted by quiet sobbing, he looked up, the angel had his head down and was quietly sobbing he body shaking with each unstable breath. Alfred swooped over to the angel, snapping his fingers making the hand cuffs disappear, he engulfed the smaller male into a hug, whispering sweet nothings into his ear and continued even when the angel threw his arms around Alfred -a sign of trust- this made Alfred smile and hug him closer.


place: cabin in the canadian wilderness

" wow she out did her self," Alfred said looking around the cabin, Arthur wad speechless. "OH YEAH THE SECOND FLOOR!" Alfred smiled and gently took Arthur's hand to the (only) room upstairs.

"whot is on the second floor?" Arthur asked.

"A bed room!"

"wait...only a bed room?"

"YUP!" Alfred chuckled and opened the door to the second flood ...the reaction was synchronized.

"wow." They both breathed was beautiful.


"... She has great taste." Arthur said appreciatively, 'well better than hell, even if he is here.' he thought glancing at Alfred.

"Best in all of hell, beautiful." Alfred commented and Arthur blushed at the nickname. "Alrighty ummm." Alfred snapped his fingers and his suitcase unpacked it's self. "There we go!"

"Alfred, there is a box on the bed." Arthur said noticing a pristine white box on the bed that neither had brought.

"huh? oh cool Kelly must have left it," Alfred said walking over to the box, "hmm there is a note, it says Hey Prince, I thought your friend might need these ;)."

"she added a winking face?" Arthur asked

"Yeah she does that, well let's see what's in the box!" Alfred said taking of the top cover to reveil ... "how the hell? Arthur she gave you well a few tunics."

"whot?" Arthur asked and peered in the box, "they even look my size."

"Every day is a new suprise with her powers ain't it."

"Interesting ... my sister could do the same thing." Arthur noted,

"The same one who did magic with out your tutoring?"

"...yes." Arthur said looking down. Alfred swiftly lifted his head up with his index finger and stole a kiss, "EEP!" Arthur squeaked and covered his mouth forgetting who had just been mentioned and his face going cherry red.

"OH MY GOD," alfred said engulfing the small angel in a hug, "STOP BEING SO CUTE!" At that comment Arthur's face got into a deeper shade of red and tried hiding his face in his hands even more.

" 'm not cute." Arthur comented his words muffled by the demon's hug and his own hands.

"If you're not cute then you're adorable!"


"NO!" Alfred stated and hugged the angel tighter and Arthur let out a small whine.

"H'te y'u!" Muffled Arthur loudly

"you're lucky you're cute."Alfred said pulling back from the hug and Arthur grumbled under his breath. "Hey if you want to the shower is over there, so you can take like a shower or erm a bath while I make some thing?" Alfred noted pointing to a door in the room.

"That there a lock on the door?" Arthur asked

"yes, why?"

"I don't want you coming in on 'accident' while I am."

"I'll give you privacy!" Alfred said indignantly, and Arthur sighed.

"then yes I will, thank you." Arthur said nodding his head and going into the directed room. It was a simple white washroom, Arthur pausor for a moment hearing a though of...the demon's? "Oh eww!" Arthur said to him self and shouted at Alfred through the door, "STOP TRYING TO IMAGINE ME NAKED AND GO COOK!" Arthur heard an indignant squawk and the bustling of foot steps down stairs, "I thought so." Arthur huffed and started to take off his tunic for his first shower in days.

(with alfie down stairs)

'HOW DID HE KNOW!?' Alfred thought facepalming at what he was thinking just a few seconds ago. "damn," Alfred said with a sigh, "but I bet he would be so... NO BAD ALFRED!" He said hitting his palms on the table. "Well that's one way of making him think you're a pervert." He said to himself. "What's that ?" Alfred said and heard a sweet voice...Arthur's voice,

Are you, are you

Coming to the tree

Where they strung up a man they say murdered three.

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

"his voice is so amazing and this song..." Alfred said to himself.

Are you, are you

Coming to the tree

Where I told you to run, so we'd both be free.

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.


Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

"that song is so depressingly beautiful... I though angels only sung things holy and all that crap?" Alfred said, "hey, what?" he said and realized somehow he unconsciously walked to the base of the stairs, "His voice is so hypnotizing...I didn't notice me even get"


' Someone was at the' Alfred thought opening the door to see Francis, Gilbert, and Antonio. "Why are you guys here?"

"Mon deau ve arn't sure!" France said worriedly

"Ja like something urged us go into this Forrest!" Gilbert claimed seeming very confused .

"Sí and we ended up here at your vacation house!" Antonio exclaimed, "It was like a ..." they all spoke at the same time.


"weird." Alfred said then heard the water up stairs turn off... Oh crap.

"Mon ami, do you know the nearest town?" Francis asked

"yeah, head north you should run right into it in 5-10 minutes Alfred answered happy that they were going.

"later bro."

"Au Revoir."

"Adios!" They chimed in unison,

"Bie guys." Alfred chuckled and closed the door. "Ok note to self, his voice may or may not attract demons ." He whispered as he walked to the kitchen where he was making pancake batter. The sound of two feet walking came to his ears. "Arthur?" He asked.

"yes?" The angel answered back.

"just making sure it was you."

"alright." He whispered slightly to Alfred.

the song is "The Hanging Tree." From the hunger games search it up on you tube, ((I suggests the pink one with a drawing as the cover)) I swear to you it is beautiful!

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