Greetings to my first fan fiction ever. First of all if you are going to read this story you must be 18+. There will be gore and potentially a lemon or two. This is Alistar we are talking about here... he's brutally strong. I am very new to the community so I am thrilled to be here. This story is going to be pretty long so any reviews or advice would be great. Sorry if there is some formatting errors or grammatical errors. I'm not a professional writer by any means. Any feedback would be great! I hope you all enjoy my story! Here is... Unbreakable Will.

A young girl crept her way down the dark cobble stairs holding a rag and a wooden bucket of hot water. The girl took a peek at the drunken slob in the corner of the dank dungeon. The guard in question was a bald headed man with a face the years had not been kind too. The man's name was simply known as Brutus due to the brutal way he treated those beneath him and his hideous appearance. A sigh of relief left the girl as she realized he was completely unconscious. The 14 year old girl slowly approached the guard's charge located in the only intact cell within the block. The girl approached with a smile that could warm the darkest of hearts light up."He actually forgot to lock the cell again. What a dolt." She thought. Slowly she applied some pressure to the cell door praying the rusty metal screeches did not wake the sleeping brute. She rotated herself lengthwise and sidestepped into the cell of a Noxian slave wonder.

"You should not be here Ayelia." The captive spoke in a booming voice. In front of the young girl stood the giant Minotaur, Alistar. Ayelia could barely see the giant bull within the decrepit cell. Alistar who once stood proud amongst his peers looked beaten within the confines of the Noxus prison. He was bent over in pain due to his various injuries and exhaustion. He was only held upright by the spellbound chains which were the only restraint from stopping the large beast from obtaining freedom. The Minotaur was the common colour of his old tribe however, his purple fur was covered in blood and scars due to the brawls Noxus forced him to take part of. His appearance is a terrifying one due to his rugged build and foot long horns attached to the top of his head, ending in two fiercely sharp points.

Ayelia examined at her close friend and spotted his newest injury, a cut just above his left eye. "I know." She replied to her close friend, "However, I heard that one of the gladiators landed cut your face. I wanted to make sure it didn't get infected. Besides I haven't seen you in months." A chill spread through her as she remembered her last visit. Ayelia really should not have been under the dark confines of The "Fleshing" (The Noxus famous gladiatorial arena) after that frightful night.

"Well you are here now child, I might as well accept your aid." The Minotaur spoke from the shadows. Nodding, Ayelia slowly approached the giant bull's injury and stared into the Minotaur 's dark red eyes. She then dipped the rag into the soapy bucket and told the Bull to hold still. Alistar closed his eyes and allowed the girl to clean out the gash above the eye. "How is your mind old friend?" Ayelia asked when her charge winced a little to the young woman's slender touch. Surprised Alistar replied, "At ease… for now. Seeing you again definitely helps."

To this day Alistar was always surprised by the young girl's kindness. Ayelia seemed to always be worried for his wellbeing. Her never-ending kindness was perhaps the only reason he was still sane. He was also surprised by how much she had grown from the last time he saw her. She was no longer the timid creature who approached him so many years ago. "I can't believe how big you are getting Ayelia. You're a young woman now." Ayelia's bright green eyes expanded and her cheeks blushed at the compliment. Ayelia was thankful that her old friend could not see her shame in the dank cell.

The pale young girl caressed Alistar's face and spoke, "Thank you friend. Your cut is all cleaned out. We really wouldn't want you losing an eye now would we?"

"I'm not certain of that child."

Ayelia, with a confused look on her face, replied "Why?"

"I would look pretty badass with an eye patch." Alistar joked.

Unable to contain herself Ayelia started to laugh. The sound carried out of the cell, out of the dungeon and into the cloudy skies of Noxus. If you would be able to hear the sound, my dear friends, your heart would melt and a smile would cross your face. Unfortunately for the friendly captives not all the responses to Ayelia's laugh were positive ones.

"What do you think you are doing girl?" growled a husky voice behind Ayelia. Unfortunately, Ayelia's laugh was loud enough to awake Brutus from his drunken slumber. He was not happy to be awoken at all.

Realizing she had been caught Ayelia's beautiful laugh came to a complete stop. She turned to look at the abusive jailor just to receive a blow to the face from the malevolent guardsman. Alistar bellowed in rage as he witnessed the cruelty of the Noxian.

For the millionth time he tried to free himself from the runic chains that kept him enslaved. However, Just like all the other times he had tried the chains held taunt and glowed from the strength of the magical creature. The chains started sapping all of his strength from Alistar as it had always done when he fought their hold. Alistar would never give up however, seeing how his friend needed his help.

Brutus watched the Minotaur 's struggles and gave a hearty laugh at the bull's attempt. "Calm down there cow. Wouldn't want you to miss the show." The jailor chuckled through crooked yellow teeth. Ayelia started to stand up; still dizzy from the heavy blow the menacing brute had given her. Brutus quickly grabbed the girl by the throat and started to choke her.

"NOOOOOOO!" Bellowed Alistar, "It's my fault! Punish me instead!" Alistar continued his struggle as his only remaining friend's life started to fade in front of him.

Brutus sneered at the Minotaur and said, "Oh but I am punishing you stupid cow. You're going to watch your little friend here di- OOOOF."

With what little strength she had left she swung her foot right into the groin of Brutus. The force of the impact to his little jewels was enough for him to loosen the grip on the young girl's throat. Greedily gasping for air Ayelia started to scramble towards the cell door.

"GO CHILD!" Shouted the Minotaur hoping it would be enough to get her to refocus.

Ayelia managed to get on her feet and run towards the door when she stumbled over the bloody water bucket. Panicked she held her hands out to catch herself only to have them slip under the weight of her body, her inertia and the frictionless wet floor. Her decent finally came to an end with a sickening crack as her head hit the cell's cobblestone floor.

"NOOOOOOO!" Screamed the Bull-Man fearing the absolute worst. As luck would have it though, the blow to her head didn't even knock the girl out. Something strange started to happen to the young girl. Sitting up quickly she realized the gloomy basement was suddenly covered in different colours of light. Her eye's opened in horror at the new development. Looking at her hands she saw a light green aura hugging her skin.

She then examined the dark purple Hue that surrounded Alistar and the malicious Green and Red Hue that sapped away his strength. Finally she saw the dark red aura of Brutus as he recovered from his most recent trauma. Still shocked by what she saw Ayelia tried to recover from her daze. She felt something creep over her… a feeling she had never experienced before. She felt…

Her windpipe suddenly was cut off. Brutus hands were once again at her throat. Ayelia's vision suddenly went back to normal but that mysterious feeling never left. As her vision started to fade and the bellows of Alistar grew farther away. She realized what she had felt. Power. Pure and uncorrupted power.

"Goodbye, you little slut." Brutus chuckled as he tightened the grip on the young woman's throat. "I hope you meet your little shit of a brother in hell."

This last insult resulted in a rage she had never felt before. The once kind and compassionate little girl's expression changed from one of pity and sorrow to a glare of vengeance and destruction. Brutus felt a twinge of fear at the sight of the girl's glare when he started to feel a strange rumbling sensation deep in his bones. The hands around the girl's neck were the first to feel the sensation. Then his arms, shoulders and before he knew it his whole body was shaking from the raw power of the little girl.

"WHY WON'T YOU DIE?!" Brutus screamed, terrified by the immense power he felt coming from the girl. As a last ditch effort Brutus put all his might into crushing the girl's throat. It was too late however and an explosion of pure green light bathed the cell. For the first time in decades the room was lit up bright.

The pure force emitted from the young woman caused Brutus to be flung into the roof of the dungeon killing the drunken jailor outright and causing his corpse to explode from the impact. Alistar could not believe the sight as the power emitted from his old friend forced him into the wall of his cell.

Even though his proximity to the girl was close, Alistar survived the blast simply due to his huge build. When the light from the magical explosion suddenly faded Alistar reopened his eyes to see young Ayelia lying on the floor covered in the remains of his extinct jailor.

Alistar started to make his way to the young girl praying she was still alive and yet his chains still held him back. The rage within Alistar towards his restraint was unmatched when he saw the runes that normally leeched his strength grow dim. The power from the explosion had offset the magical chemistry of the runic enchantment, essentially nullifying their use. With a quick pull from his massive biceps the chains that restricted him from all those years finally broke freeing the Minotaur. However, Alistar did not feel the relief or pleasure from his release. It was not worth it if Ayelia had died.

The Minotaur rushed over to the Brunette and hugged her close to his body. She was still breathing, just barely. "Don't die on me now baby girl." Alistar moaned. He brushed back the hair of his young friend and wiped away most of Brutus' remains off his friend. He had to get her medical help right away or she would probably die. Yet before he could come up with a reasonable plan his young friend whispered, "You won't forget me will you, Ali?"

"Of Course not dear you're going to be fine. Everything will be fine. You're fine don't worry." The Bull-Man wouldn't let her die now. Not after everything they have been through. He roared into the air hoping that his magical nature would help heal the girl enough to where she would be stable. It was hopeless. "Ali… It's starting again…" Whispered the girl in his arms. Alistar looked down at the girl who showed so much compassion towards him for the dark years he spent in the imprisonment of Noxus. He looked in horror as the magical green aura surrounded the girl once again. "No. It's okay. You're okay. Stay calm… you're alright." The Bull-Man denying that the girl would have another outburst kept on stroking her hair.

Ayelia terrified she would lash out and kill her friend started to try and reign in the aura around her. She imagined a metal container to suck in the magic she was emitting. Struggling to keep her power in check she gasped, "You need… to run my friend. I'm going to go off like a bomb. Don't want you… to get hurt. Save… yourself." The Bull-Man shook his head to the young woman. "I can't just leave you here." He replied. "Please. Please go… For my sake… So people know of Noxian brutality… For me… Please…." She begged. Alistar wept for the first time since the slaughter of his tribe realizing how she was right. "I won't ever forget you child." He whispered in unrelenting agony.

The girl took a locket of bronze she had since she was young from her neck and gave it to her friend. "Keep it safe for me Ali…" She managed to speak. The container in her mind starting to overflow from the sheer volume of power within her. "Now go… Before it's too late." Alistar held the locket in his enormous hand and kissed the girl's blood stained forehead.

"I'll never forget you Ayelia. I love you." The Bull Man promised as he slowly rose from the girl's side and made his way towards the stairs of the dungeon and freedom. Tears streaming down his face he left the prison of a decade. He heard his young friend scream as her newfound power finally overflowed from her body.

"I LOVE YOU TOO ALI!" Ayelia screamed as she let out the power that had both saved her and condemned her. Alistar hearing those words reeled around to see his old prison collapse upon itself. He stood there staring at the remains of his old jail, his mind still reeling from the recent loss of his friend and freedom.

"What the fuck did you do?!" An angry voice shouted at Alistar.

Alistar slowly wiped away his remaining tears and adorned the locket left by his close friend around his neck to turn and face the intruder. The commotion from Ayelia's overflow had brought Noxian soldiers from The Fleshing's Main Arena. Anger coursed through Alistar as he saw the opposition that kept him locked up all those years, which helped slaughter his tribe and finally, he saw the soldiers who managed to kill a young little slave girl whose only crime was the compassion in her heart.

With a cry of rage of all his misfortunes Alistar started to charge the wall of Noxian soldiers. With a bloodthirsty roar he boasted, "NOTHING CAN HOLD ME BACK!"

Author's Note!

I just went back over the story and touched it up a little bit. Fixed some grammatical errors and reformatted some parts for easier viewing! Quick thanks to SolitaryWolfxd for giving me some advice I'll definitely be using in the next couple of chapter's. I seem to have a tendency to open my sentences with nouns… Oh well it's a learning experience after all! Thanks for reading and as always feel free to review or send me a pm! I'd be happy to answer any and all questions! Until next time… CIAO!