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The room itself felt like a tomb. The harsh shadows from the cracked door cast harsh shadows on the maven's walls. A heavy weight seemed to bring the current atmosphere of the room. The posters that once tied the room together were now tattered and torn, forcing his friend's room to become even more menacing. Downtrodden by its darkened state it would be hard for anyone to believe that the room was once filled by such happy and memorable times. It was as if the happiness was siphoned away from some merciless demon for a horrific cause.

As his eyes began to adjust to the room, Alistar spotted the rooms overall destruction. It looked like Zac had caffeine again or- That's when he saw her.

Alistar's legs began to shake at the scene before him, unable to comprehend the hallucination before his very eyes. There was no way the woman of his heart could have done such a horrifying deed. With an aghast look of confusion Alistar spoke to the bloodstained woman that stood before him.

"Ayelia… what have you done?"

"Ali… I- have a question." A much younger Ayelia whispered in the darkness of the dank cell, cleaning Alistar's most recent knee wound.

"What is it child?" The Minotaur asked as he looked into the girls flawless emerald eyes.

"You would… never leave me right?"


"And… you care about me right?" She continued with a blush.

"Of course." The Minotaur replied eyes drooping in exhaustion.

"Would you say that… you love me?"

"What I had to do to get back to you, Ali. I've waited too long to become another animal in a cage. You should know that feeling." Ayelia stated with all the emotion removed from her voice.

"But… Sona?"

"The blue haired musician? She's fine."

"Then… whose blood is that?"


Alistar's mind reeling from all the events that he had gone through started to walk towards the young woman. His inability to make out anything more of the woman's face except her one glowing emerald eye just added to the panic rising within the Minotaur. Ideas of the worst started to flood his mind as he thought of those who could have gotten hurt or worse during her search for him. Was it his fault? Could he have gone about it differently?

Just as he was about to reach her the Minotaur heard the soft voice come from the young woman. "He said he wouldn't leave me. He said he wouldn't leave me. He said he wouldn't leave me…."

"I never wanted to leave you, Ayelia. Please… please come back to me."

Alistar started to approach the woman as he felt the room's atmosphere grow even heavier. Alongside such an unnatural feeling, a dark emerald aura started to form around Ayelia covering the brunette in violent magical energy. A dawning realization of the same power building up in the young woman as it did all those years ago came to Alistar. With a quick burst of adrenaline setting his rattled mind straight he hurried over to the woman in the middle of the room, trampling the partially destroyed coffee table. Grabbing her blood covered torso he gave her the most heartfelt hug of his ancient life.

"I'm here now. It's okay… I'm here now. I'm sorry for leaving. I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…" Alistar spoke, begging the woman to try and stop the tides of her deadly overload.

"You're lying. You're lying. YOU'RE LYING. YOU'RE LYING!"

With every discombobulated sentence being released from the young woman's mouth the violent aura expanded further, completely submerging the broken down figures. With every demented letter Alistar felt it harder to continue to breath. With every promise Alistar had broken collapsing down on his wrecked and battered mind he felt the end coming. With a sense of utter finality Alistar shouted the same last words as he did five years previous.

"Ayelia, I love you. I will never leave you again so long as I live."

Not knowing anything else to do Alistar kissed her on her bloodied and mumbling lips. The fear and pain within the young woman simply evaporated along with the weight of the atmosphere in the room. The violent emerald aura slowly dissipated around the embracing couple removing the obvious danger. Ayelia quickly stuck her tiny tongue into the giant cavern that was the Minotaur's mouth eager to explore the sensational feeling running through her body like electricity.

Alistar felt an ancient feeling of arousal return to him after years of repression since the death of his wife.

"Ugh… what happened?"

A familiar mental voice rang through the Minotaur's head causing him to jump back into reality and the situation at hand. Almost dropping the exhausted Ayelia when he halted the bloody embrace of the young woman, Alistar spoke out into the darkness of the room.

"Sona? Where are you? Are you okay?"

"I'm… okay. I got attacked by-"

"I'm sorry for killing you lady… I thought you were trying to take him away from me…" Ayelia spoke up with the childish tone still in her voice and tears trying to wash away her actions.

Sona was lying in the corner with a pounding headache comforted by the soothing strings of her Ethwal. Reaching out from her daze she tried to communicate to the enlightened silhouettes that stood in the middle of her destroyed room. When she heard Alistar's confession of affection towards the aura wielding mage standing in the middle of the room her heart dropped. Unable to understand the direness of the situation she tried to stand up but only managed to receive a blow to the head.

The culprit was her own side table causing further damage to the Maven's pounding mind and blurring her vision further. Through the pain she was able to attach her mind and question him about the current events unfolding in her living room.

Never before had she seen him jump away at the sound of her voice. He always seemed to enjoy their mental connection… what in the void did she miss? Forgetting about Alistar's odd reaction to her voice and upon hearing the concern in said voice, she tried to reply but mentally choked at the thought of how much he cared for her.

"I'm… okay. I got attacked by-" Was all she could choke out before her Assailant began to ramble.

Ayelia was lost. She didn't mean to hurt the woman but… she needed to find him. She needed to hold him again in her arms. She was so afraid. So very afraid of losing him again to these robed demons. Tears continued to fall down her face as she apologized to the woman in her mind. Just as she had done with all the souls she condemned to the afterlife.

"I'm… I'm not dead…"

"But then- how can I hear you? Why are you trying to trick me? Why won't the voices just leave me alone?"

"Ayelia, she can only speak through magic users minds… You'll get used to it." Alistar answered the confused woman before beginning to approach the distraught woman and envelop her in his loving embrace. "Those voices though-"

"Ali, can you help me up? I need to show her… I'm okay. Get the lights too if you could."

"Uh- yeah right. Sorry, I'm… losing it I guess." Alistar replied. After a quick pat on Ayelia's arm to try and comfort the mentally scarred woman, Alistar went to the side of the door and turned on the forgotten light switch. As the room began to illuminate with artificial light from the various hextech lamps scattered around Sona's destroyed apartment, Alistar's eyes began to adjust.

When his vision cleared Alistar spotted the blue haired Maven off in the furthest corner of the demolished room, hidden under her side table. The vase that used to remain on top of the side table now lay shattered on the ground, the rose within already beginning to wither. Carefully, Alistar began to make his way towards Sona hoping that Ayelia was wrong about his friend's current condition. Working his way past the remains of his friend's furniture he ended up looking down on the woman in her tattered clothes. His heart beating rapidly he peered down at the young Maven, examining her face and fearing the absolute worst.

The expression on Sona's face was one of deep thought, loss and contemplation but she was still drawing breath. Alistar breathed a sigh of relief unable to comprehend how he would have reacted if Ayelia had murdered his best friend. Sona quickly accepted the Minotaur's outstretched hand and grasped it with the little strength she had left in her fatigued body.

As Alistar started to help up the young woman he noticed that she had a head wound that needed to be addressed. The wound admitted a slow but steady trickle of blood that made its way through her light blue hair, tainting its smooth surface with chilling crimson. Before Alistar could bring Sona's wound to her attention the Maven spoke out to her current house guests.

"I'm not sure what happened… but the two of you certainly have some explaining to do."

Author's Note

So... I fucked up. As you all have read Chapter Five (Agony) was one of the most emotional chapters I have written in my life. As few know it was actually a chapter that I relate too on a personal level. Of course it never actually went as far as Sona's demise (I'm still drawing breath and yes the chapter does happen) but... it takes place in the future. Unlike what you were all expecting the previous chapter did not take place during her suicide. I tried to hint that time is not sequential but I know more of you are believing that I am "coping out" of Sona's actual death. You would be false. I just jumped the gun when I released that chapter due to some personal problems. So... yeah. I'm sorry if I let you guys down and toying with your emotions and expectations. Furthermore, having to explain myself through an author's note is my biggest fear. Don't worry though I have taken precautions so that such a moment won't happen again... or will it? Once again sorry for the bewilderment... but... it does add something... right? As always, best of luck in love, life and literature! Also, don't forget to leave feedback! I really would appreciate your thought's and feelings about the latest "plot twist" as well as any other thoughts you may have. I really appreciate all feedback both negative and positive as both allow me to grow as a writer and reader. Even if your introverted and have something to say about the story or chapter feel free to private message me! I don't bite! Thank you all so much for reading!