My dears I am so sorry it literally took me so long to update this story! But the good news is I DO PLAN TO END IT. I have the ending already thought out and planned I just need to finish typing it up. So sorry this chapter is on the shorter side but, I needed to update this story and I thought this was better than nothing so, enjoy! Thank you so much for making it this far and sticking with me!

.1: In the TARDIS.

"My…someone is very fond of you." Jack was even more attractive up close. Amy found herself almost blushing when he took her hand (as if the action were nothing) and kissed it, all the while keeping his eyes, twinkling with what she recognized as lust, firmly on her. Clearly the pregnant swell of her body didn't deter him, but she was too caught up in the new presence in the control room. His aura was powerful and all-consuming, it enveloped her the same way the Doctor's did. Only this aura was all hunger. Hunger for sex, a small sense of greed, self-preservation. But the Doctor's was warm and kind, it drew her in almost by accident, with a certain shyness that she adored.

Jack's voice was smooth and teasing as he spoke. "And why might I ask, is someone as beautiful as you running around with the Doctor? How on earth did he manage stealing you away when you're obviously so well loved?" He waited a beat, grinning at her as if she were his date in some diner in the 50s. Amy wasn't sure if she felt flattered or offended.

She snorted, with her other hand covering her mouth to rein in some of the laughter. He quirked a brow, likely surprised by her lack of response, but all she offered in lieu of explanation was, "I'm from Leadworth. And…" She added with another laugh. "It's a bit complicated."

He nodded like that was all the explanation he needed though she could see a lingering bit of curiosity in his eye as he glanced at his wrist. The control room lights dimmed and the ship gave a displeased hum. Amy gave the console a few soothing pats, eyeing him curiously. "Why doesn't she like you?"

Jack shrugged as if he hadn't the faintest idea, then checked the strange gadget on his wrist again. "We have a complicated history. She's a little touchy about some things I've done in the past."

The past is a complicated thing, isn't it? She was curious about what sort of thing he could have done to make the TARDIS dislike him to such a great degree, but something told her she wouldn't be getting any answers to personal questions from this guy. So instead she thought she'd ask about the strange device on his wrist. "What is that?"

"This?" He held up his wrist. "Why it's my very handy, very dandy, vortex manipulator!" Jack reminded her of those men on infomercial who were just way too excited about the product they were selling. His enthusiasm got another amused laugh out of her. He put on the airs of someone vaguely offended, pointing a finger rather dramatically at her as he said, "Hey now, this is nothing to turn your nose up at. They are very hard to get ahold of! You should be impressed."

"Is that so?"

"It is!"

She grinned at him as if she couldn't help it. He and the Doctor were awfully similar, they both could pull a smile from you when you least expected it. She absently wondered why the Doctor had never mentioned Jack before, but as he launched into a very detailed explanation outlining just how difficult it was to actually obtain one of those manipulator thingies, she suspected she would find out soon enough. This man was clearly a sign of trouble on the way.

.2: In the Tomb.

"There better not be any rats down here…" The Doctor squinted at the dimly lit ground as he led the two archeologists (who were almost worse than rats) down yet another stone corridor. "Because I hate rats."

The tomb was quickly revealing itself to be a pain in the ass to navigate through. The Doctor (still stuck with dumb and dumber) was also quickly finding that despite being alive for over nine hundred years, he wasn't getting any more tolerant of the stupidity of archeologists. They were arguing about some insignificant detail such as whether or not they were lost, or if they'd live to see tomorrow or whether or not they could find remnants of the past or whether or not that had passed that particular rock several times already.

Leave it to them to be stuck on the boring stuff. The Doctor thought as he tossed another frown over his shoulder at the two men behind him. The younger of the two tripped over flat ground and nearly collapsed.

Unsurprisingly, when they came to the end of this long stretch of hallway they were met with another turn, which led down…another…stretch…of…hallway. The time lord was fastly approaching the point of beyond being finished with the exploration of this tomb. "What is with this crypt?! It can't just go on forever! It's not wibbly wobbly or timey wimey!" His arms flailed frantically toward the heavens, and then about his thin frame as if he were trying to rip a hole in the time space continuum.

Dillon looked lost, reaching an uncertain hand out toward the strange man, only to stop when he felt Mr. Cobb place a gentle but warning hand on his own shoulder. The older man leaned over and whispered, "You mustn't disturb him Dillon, he's just gathering his thoughts. Working things through. Every man has his own methods."

Dillon nodded naively and watched on as if he we witnessing the birth of a great ruler. "He certainly is fascinating though isn't he?"

"Indeed, boy. Indeed he is."

More of that wretched noise from earlier gave them all pause. The Doctor tilted his head and listened, straining against the chorus of thoughts loudly bouncing around in his head. He pressed his ear to the left wall, feeling the structure vibrate with the sound waves as they echoed throughout the tomb walls. He blindly reached for the sonic, finding it within moments and pointed it directly at the wall. A quick scan to check their surroundings and…"AH HA!"

Both archeologists lept three feet in the air at the time lord's sudden outburst. "W-what is it, sir?" Dillon inquired with a hand firmly planted over his thundering heart.

The Doctor swiveled around at a nearly blinding speed, with a grin so wide the younger of the two archeologists felt uncomfortable. "I knew there was something odd about this place. Well. You know, aside from all the noises coming out of a place where everything should be dead—although sometimes the things we think are dead are actually just asleep."

At the two blank stares he received he frowned. Right. Archeologists. Forgot who I was talking to for a moment there. "Anyway. The point is this. I know how to get out of this bloody maze."

And immediately the two perked up, the urge to grin an infectious one. "Do tell us Doctor!" Mr. Cobb clapped his hands together joyfully. Dillon mirrored the overzealous expression on his face.

Well I was just about to get to that you impatient—Doctor focus. The faster you get this thing solved the faster you can get out of here. And then you'll be back with Amy. Sweet, sweet Amy.

Rather than explaining away the complicated mechanisms of the system that had created the maze in the first place, the Doctor pushed himself against the left wall again listening to every noise and cell vibrating within the wall. He waited until the horribly loud noise began again, and then quickly jerked his head back, reaching to knock rhythmically for a few moments.

The two archeologists behind him, standing the in the middle of the hall, looked not unlike two pirates in an ice cream parlor (totally out of place and silly) and watching with this incredibly curious looks on their faces.

The Doctor traced a few lines on the wall, following the curve of some of the hieroglyphics painted there. He thought back, thinking of every wall they had passed, every ancient picture he had noticed—and then it all clicked. "We've been walking around in circles this entire time."

"…what?" It was the elder Mr. Cobb who spoke, as Dillon was still far too caught up in watching the Doctor figure it all out.

"Well. Not actually circles—if we're being technical we've been walking in squares but regardless. We haven't been making any progress because we've been caught in a loop." He turned his attention back to the wall as he continued talking, though he didn't seem to be aware that words were still falling out of his mouth. "Which means there is most definitely something someone does not want us to find within this tomb, and they're going to an awful lot of trouble to keep everyone else out."

I just hope they're not trying to keep anything in.

Pulling out the sonic with his right hand, he kept his left on the wall, still deliberately tracing the faded pictures. His fingers curled around the device, twisting and turning bits of it to readjust the settings. After a few moments of this, he pressed it against the wall—against the eye of a sphinx and clicked the device on. The sonic buzzed quietly, nearly drown out by the noise from beyond the wall, but within a few moments something within released with a loud click.

"Oh my! It was a false wall?" The Doctor felt the need to roll his eyes at the elder archeologist, but retrained himself for the sake of time.

"No. The walls are entirely real. This one just happens to open when you press the right buttons." Tucking the sonic back inside his jacket pocket, the Doctor watched as the wall in front of them slowly split, pulling apart from each other as if they were curtains on strings. He made a grand gesture when it was all over, spreading his arms out wide. "Ah! Here we go! Now onwards men!"

And onwards they went.

.3: On the TARDIS.

"May I ask you something?" Amy managed finally, with a dainty hand extended. She wasn't sure if she were reaching to stop him or to set a hand on his shoulder in encouragement but her arm seemed frozen in its extended in this gesture.

Jack immediately stopped, blinking at her warmly as if she could do no wrong. (She couldn't tell if the gesture was meant to be flirtatious or not). "Ask away."

"Why are you here?" She hadn't meant it to sound nearly as blunt as it came out, but Amy also found she didn't have the energy to correct her tone either.

The man stood with his mouth open for a few moments, looking torn between the truth and a lie that would woo her. But the unimpressed look on Amy's face must have discouraged the idea of lying, because his mouth finally closed and he cleared his throat. "Well. It's a bit complicated." He repeated her earlier words with a teasing smile. "But I'm tracking some space pirates."

"Space pirates!" Amy announced with some surprise. She hadn't quite been expecting that. "How did you end up here then?"

"I was following the lead of this other device—one that can track energy signatures with a bunch of complex science doohickeys—and it must have picked up some readings off the TARDIS. Have you been somewhere recently that pirates might have been looting treasure?"

The red head paused, thinking of Egypt and the archeologists, of all the noises coming out of a tomb full of "should be" dead things. "Now that you mention it…I think I might know where you're pirates are hiding."

"You do? Where?"



"Egypt." Amy said with a nod, turning to face the TARDIS console. "You have to take us back there, old girl. I think the Doctor might need our help." Her hand ran over the keyboard used for typing in coordinates. "You know how he gets."

The control room lights dimmed very slowly, as if the time machine were contemplating this statement, and then brightened abruptly as the bowels of the engine began to whir to life. The TARDIS began groaning and shifting, signaling lift off, and Amy held desperately to the center console.

"Here we go!"

Hang on Doctor. We're on our way.