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Chapter 1. The Request

"What" the emerald eye stared at the girl in disbelief. He must have misheard, she couldn't ask him that. He couldn't grant that. Anything but that. She meant too much to them. To that person.

"Please Hatori-san, if you would" her eyes looked so sad, so anguished, like there was something silently trying to tear her apart from the inside out. "I mean, if it isn't too much trouble, please erase my memories" her large brown eyes stared pleadingly into his.

The dragon looked down at the onigiri with a mixture of confusion and pity. She was always so lighthearted, so carefree. What could have caused this? "I'm very sorry Honda-san, but I can't erase memories without the express request of Akito-sama." It was a lie. However he couldn't, he just couldn't bring himself to do what she was asking of him. It would not be him that destroyed all their lives like that. He would never be able to look into those chocolate eyes again if he did this thing she was asking from him. However, Tohru didn't question the refusal.

"I understand Hatori-san," she said, looking down at the tatami mat she was kneeling on, her golden hair hiding her face. Hatori studied the girl for a moment. There was something off about her today. Her usually neat hair was mussed and her clothes, blood stained, looked as though they had been hastily donned. He realized after a few moment's careful observation that the girl in front of him was crying. He kneeled down next to her and gently pealed the bandage from her face. She flinched as he gently traced his thin finger down one of the deep scratches in her cheek.

"Tohru," Hatori said kindly, trying to take off the bloodied blouse she was wearing "Is everything ok?" She looked up and pulled away from his grip, plastering a fake smile on her face without a moment's hesitation.

"Of course!" she said in a falsely cheery voice getting up quickly, and turning to pick up her bag. "I must get back, dinner doesn't make itself!" Tear tracks still lined her dirty face, but she didn't seem to notice. She made a bow, obviously as deep as she could and Hatori noticed that the girl's shirt was sticking to her back. "Gomen suminasai" she said as she hurried out of the doctor's small apartment.

The dragon stood up and paced pensively. Tohru was acting weird and had odd scars, and possibly even new wounds. He knew the only explanation for both phenomena.

"Akito" He hissed to himself.


Translations -

gomen suminasai - im sorry, excuse me (literally) - more like, i am sorry for bothering you