Carrie: Hello, everyone! This is Carrie here, along with my rad band The Newmans! I'll be hosting our Truth or Dare's Fanfic!

Kim: Hey, guys! Please do ask some Truths or maybe some Soggy Dares in the reviews!

Konnie: Yeah, remember, more reviews means more of this little T&D with us!

Lenny: …

Carrie: Lenny?

Lenny: …

Carrie: okay, any who, please ask away some truths or dares!


Lenny: OUCH! Alright! Alright! I'll play along with it then. Ignoring this didn't really do much, but your screaming did much to my ear.

Carrie: yay!

Lenny: I suppose I'll wrap this up then. Remember to never be shy to ask, and remember to keep away the pervy things, if you know what I mean.

* I walk in and push Lenny.*

Lenny: Hey! What in hell was that for, Sunset?! (Yes, my name is Sunset)

Me: I'LL wrap this up. Hi guys! I've been seeing Truth And Dare fanfics for grojband, so why not the newmans? Anyway, here are the rules:

Remember to ask ANY dare or truth, just not the extremely pervy questions.

Next, if there's about 5 reviews of truths or dares, that's when the Newmans will do another segment of their little show.

And remember, they'll never miss a review!

* I run out the room before Lenny has a chance to push me*

Lenny: Dang it! You can run, but you can't hide!

Carrie: So remember the rules and ask away!

The Newmans: Bye!