Oh man I couldn't sleep with out typing this story up.I have work in like a few hours to but oh well this is my new total drama story. If you haven't read my stories before which are "My Devotion" and "Smash a skull not a guitar" Then be warned I make A LOT Of typos but I do try to re-read my story to my best abilities.

Spoiler for first episode of Total drama All star.

Reason for this story is because I still am a DuncanxCourtney FAN, But I do love ScottxCourtney TrentxCourtney and AlejandroxCourtney. Reason why is Courtney is a power-house when I see Courtney I think of how protective Zoey is of Mike speaking of which I'm going to be making her and Courtney best friends which of course Gwen will be jealous of and still attempt to be friends with Courtney.


ZoeyxMike - Zoey is going to still be the sweet, power-house and the over-protective loveable girlfriend, while Mike is also going to still look out for Zoey but Zoey is going to be doing most of the looking out for.

ZoeyxCourtney (Friendship) - Oh man two power-houses as friends? that speaks for it's self.

GwenxCourtney (friendship) Gwen wants to makeup with Courtney but will Courtney ever forgive Gwen? Only one way to find out

DuncanxGwen (Still together)

ScottxCourtney (Maybe )

DuncanxCourtney (Maybe)


Now now children I can't be giving away the whole story can I? Okay this story will be different I will be basing it off each challenge that happens meaning Tuesday or Wednesday I will be updating but still keeping my Twist in it. Enjoy

Gwen " Wait why am I on the villain's team?!" Duncan was helping her up, Courtney rolled her eyes pointing at Gwen "That's because your a boyfriend stealer" Chris vouched for Courtney. Gwen frowned " I'm nice! after all the nice things ive done one mistake and I'm immediately a villain?!" Duncan held Gwen and smiled "Oh come on babe being a villain is cool and at least we are together" Gwen frowned " Yeah I guess.."


Duncan frowned "Man I hope she wont be depressed for long I mind as well be dating Courtney if that happens..I only came back for Gwen" Duncan frowned " Courtney wouldn't have mind being a villain if it meant being with me-" Duncan's eyes widen "Delete that"

End of Bathroom scene

Chris explained the challenge to them telling to them chuckling manacling as he drove off in his car. Everyone continued walking toward the forest, Zoey held Mike's hand giggling. Courtney was glaring hard at Gwen, Zoey noticed and stopped Mike "You go ahead I'm give her some girl talk" Zoey waited and tapped Courtney on the shoulder, who blinked and looked at her " Yes?'' Zoey frowned not expecting a 'yes' more of vicious 'what'. "Whats done is done save your energy for the challenge" Courtney frowned knowing she was right " It just sucks yeah know? I thought she was my friend.." Zoey smiled at her holding out her hand " As long as you don't betray me or Mike I'll be your friend" Courtney hesitated before taking her hand "How do I know you wont hold me back?" Zoey grinned her eyes narrowing evily "Because we are sorta the same if you catch my drift" Courtney smirked reaching for her hand "As long as you don't kiss my next boyfriend I'm okay with this" Zoey giggled going back to normal "I have my Mike for that" Courtney raised her eyebrow "This is a secret alliance isn't it?" Zoey shook her head "Its more then that it's an eternal friendship!" Courtney smiled "Your right but.." Zoey rolled her eyes "Go ahead and glare"

Courtney did a victory cheer and glared at Gwen again, as Zoey ran up ahead.

Gwen shivered lightly, Duncan looked at her "Man Courtney is glaring at me like she wants to set me on fire.." Duncan smirked "Don't worry I'll glare at her for yeah" Duncan shot a glare at Courtney who in turned looked the other way. Duncan's eyes widen and called out to Courtney "Aye Courtney!" Courtney continued to ignore him. Lindsey slowed down to talk to her " I think he wants you to yell at him for old time sake" Courtney sighed ''Whats the point of wasting my breath? He doesn't listen anyways plus lets be honest he's a bad boy it would have never lasted, it just bothers me Gwen did that to me I thought she was my friend but not making that mistake again.." 'I pick my friends wisely' Lindsey stopped and held her shoulder " You know how to stop making mistakes?!''

Bathroom scene

Duncan was in shock " I'm use to girls yelling at me even hitting me but just blowing me off? I mean Courtney blowing me off!? That's unheard of.. I mean " Duncan shrugged "Whatever"

Scott couldn't stop laughing " I can't believe she blew off "Duncan" Ha he's not as bad as they say and they call me the new Duncan? Right..I'm Scott" Scott smirked at the camera " I'm a lot worst maybe Alejandro statues'' Scott stretched "Courtney is a heavy weight in this game..Duncan really knows how to pick em" Scott shrugged.

End of bathroom scene

The Villains were all plotting against each other none trusting each other besides Gwen of course, as they made it to the top of the cliff. Scott argued for the cart, while Courtney made Lindsey push the cart. Zoey vouched for her " Lindsey would forget about the key or worst forget how to swim" Lindsey titled her head "Swim? whats a swim?" At that point everyone agreed

Everyone but Joe and Lindsey was at the top of the cliff about to dive in. Courtney stood up "I'll go first" Zoey and Mike cheered her own " GO Courtney you got this in the bag." Courtney smiled at Zoey while Mike "Becareful!"

Zoey,Mike, and Scott looked over and saw a shark grinning at them "OH NO FANG" Gwen looked over scared "Who!?" Zoey ran over to Courtney "Courtney look out for the light blue shark! his name is fang" Scott walked over to his group scared, Gwen ran up to him "Who's fang?" Scott scoffed "Who?"

Bathroom scene

Scott held his knee's "W-well okay I have a ph-phobia of sharks can you blame me? d-doesn't mean I'm help anyone on this team please" Scott rolled his eyes and smirked " But Courtney that women has legs for days..."

End of Bathroom scene

Courtney stood there smirking as Lightening dived in and jumped after him, Lightening punched fang which made it easy for Courtney to grab her key and dive into a cart " GO LINDSEY" Lindsey looked confused "Go where" Courtney glared "ANYWHERE JUST GO"

Few minutes later

Courtney was trying to get the key which of course failed "UGH"

Courtney was watching from the sidelines as it was Duncan's turn and watched as he uncooly fell into the water she chuckled lightly 'Same old clutz' Duncan was irritated and snatched a key up going to where the cart is "See yeah later princess" Courtney again ignored him which was starting to get on his nervous.

Bathroom scene

Duncan "Did she move on or something!? I mean whats her deal!"

End of Bathroom scene

Courtney watched as Mike jumped in after kissing Zoey " Come on Mike! You can do it!" Courtney was chanting from the sidelines Duncan glared at her ' Is he who she is into?' Duncan crossed his arms until he saw Gwen "GWEN" Zoey was shooting rocks at fang while Courtney was throwing rocks at the other sharks like a professional baseball player. Duncan " What the hell are you doing?" Courtney didn't respond as always and continued throwing rocks until Mike was on land. When Gwen came on land she shot her a glare, but as quickly as it came she was giving Zoey a thumbs up.

Bathroom scene

Courtney was looking at her nails " If I don't acknowledge it, it will go away I'm not like Gwen I actually look out for my friend's me and Duncan we could of no we were like Zoey and Mike welp looks like good things must always come to an end.'' Courtney glared at the camera pointing at it with a long nail "Not saying being with him was good"

end of bathroom scene

Duncan watched as Courtney's team took the lead, Zoey dived in the water to grab a key which Mike gasped at the dark look on Zoey face. Courtney face also darkned as she watched from the side-lines wanting to help but knowing Zoey could hand herself. Duncan stared at Zoey in shock but ran up to help Scott " Yo go in there"

Scott clung to the rock "NO Send the robot" Duncan tugged harder "NO It can't swim" "But its shark proof.!" Lightening accidently bumped into the robot which fell into the water in which Alejandro appeared with a key in which they won.

Finally my twist ugh.

It was still daylight outside since the challenge was fairly easy, Courtney watched as Duncan helped Gwen bring her stuff inside and how Heather carried Alejandro distastefully inside. Courtney kept a blank look on her face. "Courtney we are going adventuring in the woods" Courtney looked over at Zoey holding hands with her boyfriend. Courtney smiled rolling her eyes " I get it I get it" Mike laughed scratching his head with his free-hand "No no we want you to tag along?" Zoey nodded excitedly.

Courtney stretched standing up " Fine where to?" Scott was walking over to Courtney with a smug look on his face. Zoey glared at him holding Mike's hand tightly "What do you want Scott" Scott rolled his eyes " To talk to Ms.C.I.T now beat it" Zoey lunged for Scott just to be grabbed by Mike, Courtney smiled " It's fine Zoey" Zoey looked at her as if ' let me know if you need help'

Courtney sat back down this time Scott sitting next to her "You're pretty chill.." Courtney eyed him "Whats not to be chilled about? " Scott rolled his eyes " I don't know toots the fact your ex boyfriend is here with your ex bestie" Scott chuckled, Courtney rolled her eyes "Key word 'ex' now what is it Scott? I know you didn't come over here just to talk" Scott smirked at her "straight to the point I like that, Honey you and me work together" Courtney laughed " Oh yeah shark boy wants to work with me" Scott glared " You know it would be great to have someone on your side on a different team" Courtney eyed him " That's like having Alejandro you arint worth my trust" Scott scoffed "but imagine how Duncan would fe-" "Been there done that he would feel nothing, not that I care"

Scott was at his wits end with this one she was difficult but he liked that.. Scott stood up dusting himself off "Well I might as well follow you guys into the woods Mike isn't really a big strong guy yeah know? Gotta protect you" Courtney laughed pinching his cheek "Protect me? honey you have no idea what your getting into" Scott blushed rubbing his cheek watching them hips sway back and forth as she left off into the woods.

Bathroom scene

Scott was love-struck " man...sassy and cute.."

End of bathroom scene

Duncan was watching the whole scene " Did you see that?" Gwen blinked kicking invisible dirt " I know what you mean Zoey and her being bestfriend it bites yeah know?" Duncan frowned ' Not what I was talking about' "You don't need her you got me" Gwen looked down sadly "Yeah.. " Duncan glared 'What the hell?'

Mike and Zoey were joking and running around having fun, while Courtney was walking behind them having small talk with Scott until..On land was Fang cracking his knuckles. Courtney's eyes widen 'The hell?' Scott screamed climbing up a tree like a expert, while Mike already in the tree yanked Zoey up

Courtney looked around and rolled her eyes " You gotta be kidding me a fucking mutating shark?!" Fang stalked closer to her which she stood her ground until she saw it.. a invincibility right behind fang, Courtney eyes widen and her competitive streak kicked in and she growled slouching foreword circling with Fang.

Scott stared wide eyed at the scene 'What the hell is she crazy?' Zoey also in the tree was glaring down darkly wondering why Courtney wasn't trying to run..until she saw it the invincibility she stared throwing down branches at fang, along side Mike.

Courtney tackled Fang while Zoey fell on him from the top, Fang flung them off running back into the ocean. Scott didn't know if that was hot..or terrifying maybe this was a bad started climbing down the tree while Courtney tossed the invincibility to Zoey who hid it behind her back grinning, Mike notice it but didn't say anything 'Seems they get along perfect' Mike kissed Zoey on the cheek

Courtney looked up "Let's go back elimination should be starting soon" Scott was flirting with Courtney who infact knew he was flirting but didn't mind it so much. Alejandro and heather approach scott eyeing him "What was that about" Scott shrugged "What can I say she's hot" Scott looked at Courtney retreat hips sway as she was walking inside. Heather laughed " Oh this is to funny you think you have a change with Crazy Courtney?! Why would anyone ever go for her" Sierra had over heard everything along with Duncan and Gwen " Well I think its cute!" Scott rolled his eyes great.

Alejandro smirked " Well I wanted to say Thank you Scott for freeing me but I also wanna warn you that girl will take a long time to tame" Duncan smirked " I tamed her in no time" Alejandro rolled his eyes "Ah yes but you also lost her in no time" Everyone laughed even Gwen, Duncan looked down at her and she tried to hide her laugh 'Really?'

Joe glared " He doesn't really like her shes the enemy" Lightening glared " Keep your enemies close and your friends closer ahhh I see you" Scott crossed his arms " Does it matter what I do like I said shes hot." Heather eyed him " Just becareful if we lose because of you francizing with then enemy you will go home" Alejandro sneered 'Heather you think I forgot about what you did to me hm? no no chika far from forgotten..and much more far from forgiving' Duncan couldn't believe what he was hearing, this boy was gonna make a move on his princess? I mean ahem princess. Duncan laughed loudly " Oh please princess would never go for you but good luck trying really " Duncan walked away laughing more. Scott glared " What a dick""HEY" Scott raised an eyebrow at Gwen "What?" Gwen was mad he called her boyrfriend a dick but.." Are Zoey and Courtney close" Scott walked away his hands in his pocket " I said I wouldn't be francizing with the enemy" Gwen watched him walk to the dock of shame " But we are on the same team" Scott looked back at her "Doesn't mean your not an enemy"

Gwen felt hurt by that statement was there anyone here that liked her " Wait can you atleast tell me if Courtney and Zoey are close" Scott laughed " Maybe later" Gwen was angry but knew she couldn't do anything and left to go find Duncan

Dock of shame

Gwen had picked a few flowers for Courtney against Duncans wishes ' she has to forgive me now!' Gwen jogged up to Courtney as her boyfriend watched her lazily " Courtney I don't know why I'm saying this since I did nothing wrong.." Zoey scoffed loudly earning a glare from Gwen " You call that an apology if you don't even mean your sorry why say?" Mike nodded in agreement with his gf " Did anyone ask you?" Mike stood up " Hey she was just speaking her mind" Duncan stood up at that point " Did anyone ask her? This is between Gwen and Courtney so sit down mister multiple personality disorder" Zoey stood up angrily " That's low!" Duncan scoffed sitting back down. Courtney rolled her eyes " Enough already what is gwen" Gwen shoved flowers in Courtney's face " I pick these for you! I'm sorry"

Courtney sneezed and then sneezed again, Gwen gasped " Oh no please don't tell me your allergic " yes yes i'm allergic! ugh" Courtney sneezed again as Gwen walked away "VILLAIN" Courtney continued sneezing as Gwen sulked sitting down Duncan spoke up lazily "told yeah not to do it" Gwen glared " You knew?!" Duncan nodded, Scott laughed along with Alejandro and Heather. Gwen blushed "Why didn't you tell me!" Duncan threw his hands up defensively " I'm a villain remember? I thought it would be fun..plus I thought you knew" Duncan rolled his eyes " You guys being friends and all"

Gwen gasped "I didn't know we weren't friends that long" Zoey raised a hand wiggling it " I knew well then again me and her took the time getting to know each other earlier right love?" Mike smiled " Yep Courtney is pretty cool" Duncan rolled his eyes " her cool? please"

Courtney again did not retaliate which pissed Duncan off again

As names were called only ones who's names weren't called was Zoey, Courtney, and Lindsey. Zoey for sticking up for Courtney, Courtney for voting Lindsey to drive, Lindsey for her shitty driving which was okay because Zoey and Courtney both voted for Lindsey they were safe.

Zoey got her marshmallow and fed it to Mike giggling. Courtney sat there pretty chill not even up set 'Old Courtney is gone..nothing will work me up this time.' "COURTNEY" Courtney caught her marshmallow and smirked holding it. " I tried to give you the easiest task Lindsey" Lindsey looked down sadly " I'm sorry" Courtney nodded.

As Courtney walked back to camp with toilet water on her Zoey and Mike were sprawled out on the beach talking about stuff, Scott walked up to Courtney smirking " Hey dollface whats got you all washed up'' Courtney frowned " Disgusting toilet water that's what" They both laughed as Courtney reached in her pocket pulling out a marshmallow that was soggy " I had saved this for you but sadly.." Scott laughed and tossed on the ground. "Now look what you did." Courtney raised an eyebrow " Now I have to get you something" Courtney smirked " Why are you being so sweet? I see last season you don't have to lie to me"

Scott "Excuse my southern hospitality then..no but seriously -'' Duncan glared at the two from a distance and walked up to Courtney " Courtney can we talk" Courtney stood up dusting herself off and he gripped her hand " Court come on" Courtney pulled away and walked to where the beach was to Zoey and Mike not saying a weird. "WOW Thanks Duncan'' Duncan rolled his eyes " Trust me dude you stand no chance"

Duncan and Scott glared at each other heatedly "Whatever" Duncan walked in the same direction as Courtney and caught up with " Court..princess come on" Courtney stopped in her tracks " Stop it Duncan go back to Gwen and leave me alone" Duncan got chills down his spine it wasn't exactly what he wanted but close enough. " Why are yeah ignore me court?" Courtney looked at him and stretched " Tell Scott I said goodnight" Duncan grabbed her hand as she tried to walk around him " What is he to you?" Duncan said looking to his side at her, Courtney looked away from him "Something you will never be.."

Shalala DONE, Anyways this isn't how I usually write my stories so bare with me hopefully after the second episode I'll get more of myself into this story but anyways I hope you enjoy and I hope this story isn't to un-readable I finished at 4:07 am so YAAY


AlejandroxCourtney Might not be in this story I thought about it and well no I'm just make this a possible DuncanxCourtney, or ScottxCourtney

But until the romance happens it's mostly going to be around Gwen trying to win Courtney friendship, Mike and Zoey's relationship, and Zoey and Courtney dominating each challenge.