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Let's start where they we're walking in the foods.

Gwen rolled her eyes looking at Duncan desperately " Courtney is glaring at me again Duncan can't you do something?" Gwen pleaded, Duncan looked at her and shrugged " I would love to but right now I'm blanking her like she's blanking me" Duncan nodded agreeing with himself then smirked looking at Gwen " But tell me if you catch her looking my way"

Gwen stopped walking not believing what she was hearing, Alejandro smirked to himself seeing the whole situation he sorta wished he was able to walk but he couldn't break character now. " You know Gwen..if you were my girl I wouldn't let anyone look at you unless it was positive" Alejandro spoke slyly and began to hand-walk away " Just something to consider!" Gwen blinked ' That was odd' Courtney walked by Gwen.

Courtney felt stiff, she didn't know why she continued to glare at Gwen maybe because the fact that watching Gwen get unnerved made her happy? maybe the fact she betrayed her and took Duncan? Yeah that was it. Courtney stomped and growled drawing everyone's attention to her. Courtney blinked and laughed awkwardly '' Uh don't mind me sorry"

Zoey and Mike walked back to Courtney " You okay Courtney?" Courtney sighed shrugging " Just the past won't stay in the past.." Zoey nodded and walked with Courtney talking about the groups idea to feed Sam. Courtney's eyes widen " What?! Zoey No one told me that!" Zoey blinked and laughed " I forgot your not really the hero type.." Courtney raised an eyebrow "Whats that supposed to mean?" Zoey gave her a are you serious look " Come on Courtney be honest would you sacrifice anything of importance for someone?"

Courtney did a thinking look " eh you're right so what should I do?" Zoey and her began talking.

Chris explains the challenge.

Courtney bossy attitude was kicking in and she knew but she couldn't stop it her drive to win was seething threw her. " Zoey which way?" Zoey was panting and looked at Mike and Sierra carrying Sam. Zoey got an idea " I got this" Zoey jumped in a tree and started doing flips until she was at the top " Go left!" Courtney and everyone ran left

Bathroom scene

Courtney took a deep shaky breath a released it " Zoey is so understanding! Ugh I know it's bad for me to let me guard down but she's like the perfect friend! I couldn't ask for someone better, besides her being a strong competitor.. she really is a good person at heart" Courtney shook her head glaring at the camera " Just because she's a great friend better friend I ever had doesn't mean I'm throwing myself under the bus for anyone.." Courtney tried to reassure her self she wont fail this time around.

Zoey scratched her head " Courtney is a great friend she might be a bit controlling and bossy but I think it's in her nature she might be a Leo who know's but she has to work on her temper other then that Courtney is a top notch friend and I would do anything for her! but also Mike I'll of course do anything for Mike."

Mike " Something is going on I'm all alone and I keep destroying stuff! What if I get caught? Worst what if Courtney or Zoey catches me!?"

End of bathroom scene

Scott was running casually behind everyone, listening to the two girls try to milk Gwen. Scott rolled his eyes still thinking about his next plan of action.

bathroom scene

Scott sighed " This challenge sucks.. I mean don't get me wrong I love shooting slugs at people, but got damn it Courtney is on the other team! What if she gets shot with a slug?! I will never hear the end of it NEVER or worst..what if it leaves a mark?! what if hits her lovly legs and leaves a mark HM!? hunny that aint my mark so I don't want it there I mean.." Scott grumbled " Worst challenge ever.. I guess I just have to shoot at everyone but Courtney if anything I don't her damaging the family jewels if you catch my drift.." Scott's eyes slowly went lower to his family jewels until the camera blurred out.

Duncan grumbled " I don't know why Joe and Heather are trying to work Gwen I mean, maybe because I'm not easily manipulated like some but still they could atleast try pfft and not just that what is going on with Scott and Courtney!? I swear if that loser red-neck dares to come on to Courtney I'm going to I mean shes going to yeah! what ever" Duncan huffed and rolled his eyes "Whatever.."

Gwen was happy " YES YES YES ! Work me listen to me ha !"

Heather and Joe had similar thoughts " Wherever Gwen goes Duncan goes simple right?"

End of bathroom scene

Gwen lead them threw a short-cut allowing them to get to the bigger box first, Duncan jumped out and blocked Courtney's path. Courtney tore her eyes away and pointed to the smaller box " Go for the smaller box!"


Mike and Courtney was holding on Sam trying to figure out what to do what the starving deprived guy. "This is terrible, Mike we are going to get hit if we don't figure something out."

Scott could hear Courtney screaming from miles away, and he looked over at his team and realize they were heading straight for her. Scott huffed realizing she wasnt going to calm down anytime soon.

Mike and Courtney watched as Seirra and Camera were trying to find a solution, Courtney eyebrow twitched " Ugh..nerd love.. if you kiss I'm throw up" Mike darker side kicked in and laughed at Courtney's insult. Courtney looked at Mike " Mike do you think we can place him in a tree?'' Mike shook his head " I can't call out my other personalities so I cant even get high enough to keep him out of reach." Courtney sighed and heard something " Wait what was that?"

Scott and everyone came out of the bushes and Courtney's eyes widen " Oh no.." Everyone dived into hiding spots besides Mike and Courtney who waited to be shot with Sam, Courtney's instincts were telling her to run but she couldn't leave Mike here she wanted to drag him away and search for Zoey but she knew Mike wouldn't leave Sam like that, Mike started yelling " ZOEY HEY ZOEY NOW IS A GOOD TIME "

Zoey shot a leech out of no where and hit Alejandro directly in the butt, Courtney cheered and looked foreward and saw the dark gleam in Joe's eyes. Courtney prepared for the worst. ' This is not good.. ugh..leeches..had to be leeches..'

Scott was having a inner battle with himself '' Oh come on!'' Scott side stepped casually in front of Joe and was shot with the leeches.

Mike shot heather in the head and ran away, everyone was distraction the villainous voultures while Courtney dragged Sam into a cave. " You're fine, you're fine okay we gotta ugh" Courtney began panting she was exhausted " You need to lay of the bacon!" Courtney hid near the front of the cave to take out anyone who came in. 'Good luck Zoey, mike you better be helping!'

With Duncan & Gwen

Gwen was disgusted " You don't know me at all! could you think I was that vengeful?" Duncan looked at her " I never said that! I'm just saying you have it out for Courtney so it seems"

Duncan took a leech for Gwen, and Gwen looked at him sadly " You took a leech for me..'' Duncan sighed " Looks like you don't know me very well either pasty.." Duncan heart was hurting was this a heart break?

Bathroom scene

Duncan sighed " Did she not see how worried I been about her? Man..what is up with her recently.."

End of bathroom scene

Joe was closing in on the cave at this point, Courtney tried to load and leech but missed. Joe began shooting at Courtney who dived behind Sam and used him as a shield, Courtneys eyes widen " Oh no what have I done."

Zoey came in and saw the situation and took out Joe. " Courtney?!" Courtney eyes widen " I swear I didn't mean to! my survival instincts kicked in you would of done it to!" Zoey shook her head " We have to work on your people skills " Courtney pouted huffing " I didn't mean to" Zoey knelt by Courtney " I know but you can't just use him because he's not your friend he's still a teammate"

Courtney shook her head " I don't understand this he's a teammate yes but what about when the merge happens?! then what is he a enemy?" Zoey sighed rubbing her temples " Courtney lets take one step at a time" Zoey laughed walking away with Courtney forgetting about Sam.

The Elimination

Courtney sat down with the hero's taking in everything her and Zoey talked about ( I will get deeper into later in the chapters ) Courtney was a bit distracted and then she remembered someone and looked over and saw Scott still covered in a few leeches, she smiled softly

Flashback Courtney POV

Courtney was waiting for the leeches to attack she squinted her eyes not wanting to see the attack coming but not wanting to miss it either what she saw was Scott looking angry and confused at the same time, then she saw him lower his weapon slightly and step in front of the canon..Courtney's eyes widen and she used the moment to drag away Sam.

Flash back end


With that Joe was eliminated, Chris began to talk about sending someone to boney island someone more deserving Courtney rolled her eyes ' Like hell I'm going there..' That was until Camera jumped for the chance, Courtney was a bit shocked and felt bad for the little guy and was about to change her mind.

"We are also switching two members do to one doing a villainous act and one being more heroic Duncan and Courtney" Courtney jumped up angrily at what she just heard " WHAT?!" Zoey's eyes widen " Your joking?" Mike also was a bit upset " Wait! can't she have one more chance?" Chris began to blink " Uhm..no. SWITCH" Duncan gave Gwen a quick kiss and began to walk over to the other team.

Courtney hugged Zoey, and Mike whispering in there ear " I'll keep a look out for you two. " Zoey's eyes changed, and oddly enough so did Mike's and in agreement they came up with at the moment.

Courtney began to walk angrily to the other side and saw Duncan step in her line of vision, Duncan smirked " Now you gotta admit I exists." Courtney glared growling out " Yeah you exists so what ?!" Duncan was ready to back down but he need to use this moment who knows when the next time she will willingly talk to him " What's got you so pissed off what did I do this time?!" Courtney eyes widen in shock " Your joking?"

With that Courtney began to walk around Duncan, Duncan grabbed her arm just to get kneed in the nads " Don't touch me Duncweny!" Duncan glared " Really?! That's what this is about?!" (I'm not a DxG fan so I'm not sure how the name goes together i'm sorry if I messed it up)

Duncan was reassured one thing when he sat with the hero team 1. Courtney hated him and Gwen, and lastly she still had a kick to her. Duncan was okay with this until he saw Courtney sit next to Scott, who blushed Duncan grumbled angrily, and Zoey smirked looking at him.

Gwen felt bad she almost kicked a bucket of leeches on Courtney, Courtney again was pissed off luckly Courtney ducked before it hit her.

Team Villain

Scott was angrily pulling of leeches today was the worst days of all days ' Fucking Courtney had to be such a hassle at least I didn't get voted OW' Scott pulled off one leeches successfully and dropped in a bucket, Scott rolled his eyes 'two more to go-'

Courtney walked over to him with a match " Let me help.." Scott was slightly pissed at her just because she let her self get put out there like that. Courtney carefully began burning off the leeches "Toots don't burn me" Courtney smiled softly " Thanks for helping my by the way"

Scott blushed " Uh no it wasn't like that! Joe just had shitty aim ta'ts all" Courtney shook her head removing one leech carefully " Right." Courtney began to remove the second leech " Now tell me whats team Villain like?" Scott rolled his eyes " Boring.." Scott smirked " But now that you're here might be more interesting."

Courtney finished removing the leeches and sat next to him " Sucks I like Zoey and Mike " Scott cringe ' OH no girly moments...ugh' " At least you have some one on the other side now" Courtney looked at him smirking " are you trying to make me feel better?"

Scott stood up " Ha pffft no whatever I'm going inside" Courtney stood up and hugged Scott from behind " Thanks Scott." Scott smirked " No problem hun"

With that Courtney went to her cabin and Scott went to his.

With Duncan

Duncan looked out the window at the scene and glared " That's got to stop..like yesterday" With that Duncan went to bed having a inner battle with himself

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