Naruto sunk to his knees in despair as he observed the scene before him. Sakura was struggling desperately to take in the oxygen that the iron like hand was depriving her from. She lashed out with kick after kick but each one proved how futile her efforts were as Madara ignored the pathetic struggles of a desperate woman. The baby cried out in pain as Madara's harsh fingers held the small child suspended off the ground by only his tiny head. The wails emitting from his child drew tears as he watched it thrash its tiny arms about in an attempt to relieve the pain.

"Choose. Now. This is your final chance." The legendary Uchiha smirked slightly as the supposed Rikudo Sannin incarnate was practically breaking before his very eyes. The satisfaction was unimaginable. He basked in the euphoria that he was experiencing which explained why he failed to notice the shadow creeping upon him.

"Time's up Uzumaki." He smiled a smile of twisted satisfaction as he attempted to crush the life out of the two most precious people Naruto had. However, as soon as he tried he found he couldn't even flex his fingers by his own free will. Instead he found Ino Yamanaka and Hinata Hyuuga helping Sakura stumble away with the baby secure in their arms.

"I see. The Nara shadow techniques saved the day." Madara waited for his time, as he exerted a massive amount of strength and chakra to start breaking the technique's hold over him.

"Naruto take Sakura and run! You need to keep them safe! Don't argue either, we don't have the time for that. Inform Tsunade-sama of what's happening!" Shikamaru found himself going to one knee as his strength was rapidly failing due to Madara's overwhelming power. Naruto stood to protest but at that moment Nagato held out a single hand.

"I'm sorry Naruto but it's for the best. Shinra Tensei!"

The force blew Naruto back just as an angery red barrier shot to the heavens, creating a dome that was meant to cage the combatants inside. Naruto wanted to help his comrades and friends but as he got up Sakura grabbed his arm.

"Please Naruto. Please just listen. For me." Her emerald eyes were filled with terrified tears as she held Minato protectively to her still trembling frame. Ugly marks were becoming more visible on her throbbing throat where Madara had unforgivably held her. His mind was made up the moment she pleaded with him. No matter what, he would always protect her and his son.

"We need to get to Tsunade-Baachan quick then I'm taking you to the hospital." His rippled eyes stared into hers and the nine tomoes spun inwards as he deactivated his eyes. Sakura nodded and Naruto scooped her up before leaping away towards the Hokage Tower.

Shikamaru sighed in relief when he saw Naruto leap away. That was one less thing he had to account for, the wild card he couldn't predict. Now, he could focus all of his attention on what was about to happen. At that point, his jutsu had been completely destroyed and Madara moved his arms freely while flexing his fingers to ensure he had control.

"Well since Naruto already knows his choice I'll ask you. Which of you will die today?" He smirked and waited for someone to charge. That someone ended up being Rock Lee as he quickly shot forward. Having already removed his weights, Lee was confident he would land at least a few good hits.

"Leaf Hurricane!" The flurry of kicks Lee was about to unleash was halted when Madara grabbed his ankle mid-kick.

"Too slow." He spun the Taijutsu extraordinaire around and used him as a club to smash into Choji before he grabbed Lee's upper leg with his other hand and used his knee to snap the green clad shinobi's knee. The pain made Lee black out but to be sure Madara ground his heel into the boy's ribs until the satisfying sounds of snapping were heard. His Sharingan picked up Neji charging from his left and Choji from his right. He leapt into the air at the last possible second causing Choji's massive fist to slam into the Hyuuga prodigy immediately knocking him unconscious.

"I almost didn't notice you Uchiha but you're still not good enough." Madara twisted around mid flight and grabbed the hand holding the handle of his sword. He crushed the hand until the blade finally dropped from his limp and useless hand. Quickly snatching it up, Madara kicked Sasuke to the ground hard. Right as Sasuke landed Madara slammed down onto Sasuke's stomach with his foot before leaping off of him, ignoring the blood that the young Uchiha coughed up. Madrad used the blade to make quick work of Choji who lay bleeding from several nonfatal wounds. He used a Sharingan Genjutsu to neutralize both Ino and Hinata before moving on to TenTen. The weapons mistress didn't stand a chance as Madara grabbed her by the face and slammed her into the ground, head first, causing a crater to form from the impact. Madara then twisted around and launched the sword straight into Shino's shoulder.

Kiba charged forward and attempted to attack when Madara grabbed a discarded kunai and slammed it into Kiba's back. Quickly removing the blade he sliced open the back of Kiba's knees before throwing the kunai into Akamaru's front leg. Jumping over the sliding hound Madara landed beside Shino and pulled the blade from his shoulder before kicking him in the face and launching him into a brick wall. He then set his sights on Nagato.

"See Nagato they had the choice on who will die. But no one answered. Guess I'll choose for them." He disappeared only to reappear in front of Kakashi who was trying to get Sasuke on his feet. Grabbing the half masked man, Madara stared straight into his eyes in order to activate his Genjutsu. He tossed the now limp Kakashi aside and sighed. Without saying a word he drove the sharp blade of Sasuke's own sword straight through the young Uchiha until only the hilt was showing.

Before Nagato had a chance to utter a single jutsu, Madara vanished.

Walking through the alley a lone man found himself grinning, his golden eyes catching the light momentarily.

"Orders be damned." He said softly as he glared at Naruto standing near the third floor window of the hospital room his love and child were being cared for in.

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