Activity in the bullpen stopped at exactly 8:46am. Twelve years later. A solom bell rang once, it signified when the first plane hit the World Trade Center in NYC. Minutes later at 9:03am another solom bell rang and again the bullpen was still. Everyone remembering exactly where they were on this date and time.

9:37am, plane hits the Pentagon, again the bullpen is silent. So silent you could here a pin drop. Gibbs and his team look at each other and no words are spoken they are all trapped for this moment in time in their memories of where they were and what they were doing.

9:57am flight 93 goes down

9:59am the Towers fall...

Now in 2013 we remember as the NCIS team rembers this moment.


Tony remembered sitting with his partner Danny Price, reviewing case files when the news came in. He remembered sitting in shock how could this happen, and why. Soon the who squad was on alert, where would the next attack be, and what kind of response was needed. Tony remember talking to several others in the squad room that once they got off, they would try to make their way to NY. Tony tried to reach his dad and just got his voice mail.

Tim remembered sitting in with his grandmother Penny at an open air cafe in Norfolk. They just got a refill of coffee when they heard someone yell, the Towers in New York were attacked and a plane hit the Pentagon. Penny started to cry because she had friends who worked in both places and were praying they were ok. Tim just sat numb, too numb to move.

Ziva remembered being in her fathers office. They had just herd the news on Israeli television. Her father just said sadly this means war daughter. Yes Abba. And they turned back to watching the television screens as the scenes unfolded.

Jethro remembered where he was, he was here at NCIS, working with his team of Stan Burely and Vivian Blackadder. The Navy Yard was just put on lock down as they assessed the situation. Gibbs first stop was MTAC to speak to the Tom Morrow about what they could do help; he was part of the organizing group going to the Pentagon.

End of flasback

With a sad sigh Gibbs and the team listen as the last of the bells rang out in silent tribute to those who died, those who fought and those who remember never again.