If i was scared and angry when we started the attack on slaughterhouse 9, i was beyond terrified and enraged now! what Bonesaw did to Grue,... and what she was about to do to me.

it was then that i felt it, deep within the earth, from my sanse it appeared to be a worm, but seemed strangely large for one. desperate, a called for it, to come and help me, while i tried to stall Bonesaw.

i was surprised that it reached right under us so fast from such depth, but the floor was an obstacle i had to command it to break, against its instincts.

i anticipated it to surprise Her, maybe delay ,while i figure something, not much more...

when the floor beneath the building gave, what dug itself out ,right where mannequin was standing tossing him aside, was the biggest worm, no, the biggest creature i ever seen.

its maw was large enough to swallow a car whole, and from it three long tongues shot and captured Bonesaw, quickly dragging her inside and closing its large gaping mouth shut on my command ,swallowing Bonesaw, destroying even her body in the crushing giant muscles, and digestive acids, her screams barely heard at first, and quickly going silent.

i saw that the.. whatever it was that i commanded now, had hard time breaking through, its face somewhat bloody, its mind seemed sleepy somewhat... as if just awakening from hibernation.

as if it was a Cue, other capes, led by Miss Militia just burst in, sending mannequin into retreat.
she seemed surprised to see us, and then i remembered that Grue was lying, suffering, unmasked.. and the huge worm was still there, digesting silently Bonesaw...and helped us to free him-i decided in my shock and delirium to keep him and call him Burt.

she later told me that they came to investigate a strange seismic activity localized in that location.

The first thing Piggot said as the team of protectorate capes and wards returned was a sharp order:" Report!"
To which Miss Militia explained about the attack on S9, and that due to skitter's newly shown ability to call a giant worm, Bonesaw is assumed dead.
which brought detailed questioning of all who witnessed the addition to the villain's arsenal, and calls for prediction from their Precogs about it.

all predictions agreed that it has considerable destructive potential.
after the nightmare of confrontation with S9, we met to lick our wounds and prepare to the next meeting with them.
with Brian and Aisha rescued and seen to, lisa asked the question i have been pondering since our retreat from the somewhat successful attack-namely just what is the giant worm i now had at my command.

I don't know, i felt it really really deep underground when i was panicking and about to lose it, i think i woke it."
"yes, it was hibernating, since-i can't believe it! it was asleep from before mankind!" And there may be more!" Just think about it- now you got a Nydus Worm all for yourself!" Aisha exclaimed, to which Alec giggled, and i was utterly confused.
"can it even dig tunnels for our passage? i don't think i want to travel through its digestive system, after the test drive courtesy of Bonesaw."
to which Alec and Imp showed disgust. i was concentrating on it, thinking about how to have Burt (and i was hesitant to reveal that name to my teasing friends) dig tunnels for us, studying the advance tactile sensors it had, which allowed me to feel that someone was coming to our current location.

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