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XANA Awakens

An icy landscape void of any life, a pulse like ripple running through platforms being held in the air by nothing, defying gravity it's self. White as far as the eye can see... The ripple diminishes on a single platform carrying a cylindrical tower, the top half is an off-white while the other half surrounded by dark brown root like protrusions diving into the platforms. This tower glows an ominous red.

Kadic Academy-Cafeteria-Morning

The cafeteria looks like any other cafeteria with a few minor changes, such as instead of benches aligning the tables they're royal blue cushioned foldable chairs with the Kadic Academy symbol on it, a K in a box made up of vines with with parts of it branching off at random points, rectangular tables same color as chair with the same symbol directly on top the tables looked like they were arranged randomly to use all available space without it being to cluttered And this is where we find two of our soon to be Lyoko warriors.

"Yo, Ulrich!" Yelled the ever exuberant Odd as he settled in a seat across from Ulrich, since the seat next to him was currently occupied by none other than his newest number one fangirl, Sissy. She seems to be sitting a little to close for comfort, if Ulrich's annoyed facial expression was anything to go by.

"Hey..." He said a bit irritated by his unwelcome guest next to him.

"How'd you sleep?" Ulrich trying to forget his current annoyance, emphasis on the 'trying'.

"I slept pretty well, although I wished I could have slept longer, ya know? Damn, morning classes." He said as he bit into his bread that he was dipping into some kind of red sauce. Although he mumbled about the last part. " I mean whose the genius that said we should start class a freaking 8 in the morning..." Odd complained, obviously he does not like mornings, "So, how about you?" He asked as he continuously stuffed himself with seemingly endless bread and sauce.

"As well as one gets since last night's little discovery. I mean it seems so unreal like something you only find in a sci-fi movie." Ulrich spoke in a whisper leaning a crossed the table so only Odd would hear.

"Huh?" Odd looked confused for a moment trying to figure out what he is talking about, then after a few moments it clicked. "Oh! You mean the abandon factories supercompu-" Ulrich leaped over the table covering Odd's mouth to keep him from continuing.

"Quiet Odd." he whispered harshly hoping Sissy didn't catch his slip up, but it seems fate decided to screw with them.

"Ehem!" Sissy cleared her throat as Odd turned his head widening as he just noticed Sissy's existence.

"Ehehe, didn't see yah there Sissy." He said with a nervous chuckle, Sissy's eye twitched from going unnoticed.

'How did he not notice me, I am the daughter of the principal and the most popular girl and he didn't see me! How dare he!" She raged in her mind.

Then she made those thoughts known, "How did you not se-" She stopped herself from lashing out because if she did she wouldn't be able to get the info she wants about the supercomputer, well not that she gave a damn about some nerdy hunk a junk no she wanted to know because 'her' Ulrich is trying to keep it a secret from her.

"So... A supercomputer in the old abandoned factory, hmm." It was a statement not a question as she raised a delicate eyebrow. Odd & Ulrich groaned knowing she won't let this go. So, they looked at each other, then Sissy then back again nodding to each other and did the next best thing, they ran. "See yah! Gotta go!" They yelled back at Sissy as they booked out of the cafeteria leaving a speechless Sissy.

"H-hey! W-wait up!" She yelled as her mouth started working again, she stood for another moment before she registered they were gone and dashed after them. Leaving a cafeteria full of people going 'What the hell is wrong with them'

Kadic Courtyard

The courtyard is the center of Kadic with several paths and walkways leading to various areas in the school. In the heart of the courtyard stood a large tree roughly 23 feet tall and 4 feet thick on an island. Crowding around the tree stood several dozen bushes and even more tables bordering that. The courtyard was mostly dirt walkways with large patches of grass near the buildings. You can see several student hanging around this area seeing as it is the most popular area on the school campus since it's closest to all the classes being the center Of the campus and all. Although, this is not the only popular spot in the school there is the field, not quite as popular, but still favored by the students due to the ability to lay in the grass and watch the clouds or simply make out with your girl/boyfriend due to the distance from the buildings And prying eyes of teachers. Anyways, back to the courtyard where we find Odd and Ulrich trying to hide in the bushes.

"Damn it! Stupid bush stabbed me with its thorn!" One Odd Della Robia yelled while sucking his index figure due to the bleeding.

"Odd shut the hell up! You'll give us away with all your damn yelling!" Ulrich whispered loudly and harshly While covering Odd's mouth... Again. Although, unknown to the both of them a figure was sneaking up on them over hearing their earlier bickering.

"Hey!" The figure yelled scaring the crap out of the duo making them jump out of the bush and into Sissy who was about to find them after hearing Odd's yelling.


Tennis Fields

On the other-side of the school where the tennis field is a Japanese girl with short black hair looking at the direction of courtyard where the sound of three, yes three, very girlish screams were. If she didn't know any better she would have assumed that those were a couple of guys screaming like little girls, but no guy screams like that... right?

Kadic Courtyard

"Ahahahahaha! Oh my- Ahahahaha, oh my- aha, god!" the mysterious figure said between laughs.

"MASAKI! WHAT THE HELL MAN? YOU NEARLY GAVE US A HEART-ATTACK YOU ASSHOLE!" Odd and Ulrich screamed in unison as they recovered from the fall on Sissy. Masaki winced at how loud they were.

"Geez, deafen me why don't you." He said slightly irritated, that's when he noticed Sissy and still the duo were ranting like idiots so he chose to ignore them in favor of figuring out what happened to Sissy.

He thought for a moment and his eyes widened finally figuring out what happened. 'Well this won't end well... for them anyways." He thought with a bit of sadism.

Still the duo were oblivious to how red Sissy was. So Masaki decide to help them out a bit by pointing it out, Still choosing to ignore the fuming and ranting duo, in favor of pointing out the predicament.

"Bro what happened to Sissy?" Still not paying attention to the duo's ranting. Of course they did not take kindly to being brushed off as if they haven't been nearly killed, according to them anyways.

"What the hell don't brush us off like th-" they stopped as soon as they noticed what Masaki was pointing to. A red faced Sissy cover her chest with her arms. Of course the only ones that couldn't piece together what happened was Odd and Ulrich completely oblivious to their impending doom.

"This is not going to end well for you two." Masaki stated in a matter of fact tone while trying to hold a chuckle.

Before either can ask what he meant Sissy yelled with righteous feminine fury "PERVERTS!" Their eyes widened and looked toward Masaki.

"You should run... Like now." He stated simply As they ran From Sissy... Again. Masaki just looked at the retreating forms laughing. They should enjoy this while they can because... shit is about to hit fan and fast.

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