Never Lost From Memory

By: El Chacal

Summary: They have no idea what to make of it except that it was not what it used to be.

Disclaimer: No infringements are being committed and no profit is being made. Coyote is mine, Cricket belongs to TellatrixForever, SOA belongs to Kurt Sutter.

Cricket held Coyote's hand as he looked up at the tall building in front of them. For a long time, he did not say anything. Coyote just stood there, looking out at what used to be a barren lot with a big hole.

"I know it's not what it was but perhaps this is our way of trying to move on." Cricket offered.

"Have we?" Coyote asked. "As bad as the attack was, it has become a part of America's history, whether we like it or not. The empty space that used to be here should have served as a reminder to it so future generations would know what happened here. Now all they are going to get are stories told from person to person. Even that can fade in time and become fables."

Cricket grabbed Coyote by his shoulders and said, "Coyote, as long as someone remembers and passes the story right to the next generation, it won't become a tall tale. No one will forget or think it could not have happened."

Coyote hugged his Old Lady warmly before looking back at the Freedom Tower.

"The building looks weird."

Coyote walked up to the fence that held many tributes and memorials for those lost on 9/11/2001, tied a red rose to the fence links and bowed his head. Cricket put a hand on his shoulder and held his hand as they both prayed for the dead.

"Let's go, Coyote. We don't want to miss the Annual Memorial BBQ in Hunter's Point." Cricket let out a smile before leading her man back to their Harleys.

A/n: 12 years later and I have not forgotten the day that forever changed this country. God bless America.