Yep, I did it. I finally went and did it. I'm writing a HMB fanfic. Throw me in an asylum.

Just kidding! But seriously, I started reading HMB fanfics and the idea was annoying me saying: "Write me... Write me... You know you want to..." And I concluded that whether or not it ends up looking like crap, I'm gonna write this.

So please enjoy my little plot-bunny/love child while I try to figure out what to do for the next dozen chapters.

NOTE: For all you crazy Batman, Superman, misc. superhero etc. fans out there, I'm writing this based on what I've seen in Holy Musical Batman with the little I've seen from a few episodes of the 1966 Batman series. So if there is incorrect or offending information in this story, please don't feel the need to raid my inbox with angry comments of "You don't know about (insert significant superhero event here)!" I know. I don't. I'm managing.


Stephanie tapped her fingers anxiously on the table, waiting for her partners in crime to arrive. Their mission was of vital importance. She needed both of them by her side to succeed. She told them to be here on Friday at this spot. So why the hell weren't they here?

And then, just like that, one of them emerged.

"About time you got here!" Stephanie exclaimed, her brunette buddy dropping her bag in front of her.

"Excuse me, missy!" She replied teasingly, "But my bus was late!" Meredith was the only one out of them that didn't have her license yet. She didn't care though. It was much more entertaining to her to see the variety of crazies at the bus station.

"Well, it's not like we can do anything until-."

"Hey guys!" Matt ran up to us, panting heavily from running. He ran his fingers through his light hair, trying to at least save it from getting somewhat messy.

"Hey," Stephanie responded, "Did you bring the stuff?"

He chuckled, "Did I bring the stuff..." He then opened his backpack, causing comic books and assorted candies to fall onto the floor. The other two cheered with excitement, grabbing the first comic book it front of them.

"Let the end-of-the-week hangout officially commence!" They each slumped down in their chairs and began reading, the noises from Kent Lounge fading away. Kent Lounge was designated as "Nerd Central" at the University of Gotham, but it didn't really seem to matter. Everyone in Gotham, in one form or another loved superheroes. Especially the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin.

"Ugh..." Meredith groaned openly while reading an issue of "The Joker Strikes Back."

"What's up?" Stephanie asked.

"It's the puns these villains come up with!" She whined. "What the hell is up with them and these corny jokes?!"

"It's not like the superheroes do it much better. Have you seen Spider-Man?"

"Whoa, whoa, hey!" Matt replied. "No one disses my second favorite superhero."

"Sorry, but it's the truth. Even Batman and Robin have their moments. At least Superman lays off it a little bit."

"True. But they're superheroes, they have a right to get away with it."

"Besides," Meredith joined in, "The comics exaggerate their stories quite a bit. Who knows if they actually throw out puns?" It was true. After the arrival and success of Batman, comic books were created and distributed throughout the Gotham City and beyond. Some superheroes even made special appearances like Superman, the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, etc. All to exhibit the courage and strength to be the Super Friends. But like the trio, others had wondered what these events were really like, what the heroes were really thinking... even who Batman and Robin really were.

Stephanie dropped her now-fully-read book onto the table, taking another sip of her orange soda. She was lucky to grab the Anniversary Edition first out of the assorted pile. That particular comic shared the story of how Batman teamed up with the Robin to save Gotham from Sweet Tooth.

It had been almost ten years since the final battle. Since the "Candy Prince of Crime's" death by chocolate, the crime rate plummeted. The only crime-related thing that really happened now was the occasional theft or sexual assault. If one was lucky, you could see the Dynamic Duo zoom by in the Batcar. Even if there was barely any crime left in Gotham, the heroes were still as admired as before.

Stephanie and her friends still remembered that time though. They may have been only kids, but the day was still fresh in their memories. The screams, the maniacal laughter. She stayed up late one night watching Sweet Tooth's on air message, revealing that he kidnapped Robin. Stephanie would never forget that horrible song he sang at the beginning.

"Who can take the sunrise...Ah! And sprinkle it with-!"

"Hello compatriots!" Stephanie snapped back to reality, along with her friends.

"Hey, Dick," they all grumbled. Although Dick Grayson was the ward of the infamous billionaire, Bruce Wayne, he was probably the most annoying kid in their entire class. At least to Stephanie and Matt anyway. Meredith, however, had other ideas.

"So what do you think of the big Anniversary celebration coming up?" He asked with a smile. The city decided that every year they would close down the entire Main Street of Gotham to hold a block party extravaganza.

"I don't know, Dick," Matt said, "It was fun when we were kids, but now it's just kind of... Old!"

"Yeah," Stephanie added, "Even the novelty of the Rogues Gallery dartboard has worn out for me. And I used to love shooting at villains like Two-Face and Penguin!"

"Hey," Meredith added sharply.

"What?" The other three look at her, confused.

"Never mind," Meredith slid back into her chair, memories flooding through her mind. Her uncle was only a pawn in HIS game and now he was gone from her forever. The closest thing she had to a father since hers turned to alcoholism so many years ago, she never be able to hug him and smell his tobacco-infused shirt ever again.

Dick continued to be engaged in the conversation, but still couldn't ignore Meredith's body language. She looked sad, troubled. He hated when she was like that. It made him feel like he couldn't do anything to help her forget.

Stephanie noticed the connection and spoke up, "Hey, Matt, let's grab a drink from the vending machines over there."

"But I'm not thirsty!" Stephanie shot him a dirty look to drop a hint and he begrudgingly went with her, leaving Dick and Meredith to themselves.

Dick spoke, "Are you alright?"

"I guess," Meredith sighed.

"You can tell me of you want to." She debated this in her mind. Dick and her had known each other for a while. Since freshman year in college, in fact. But what would he think when he found out? "I'm good at keeping secrets of that helps."

She took a deep breath and told her story, "The Penguin was my uncle." Dick felt a knot twist in his stomach as she continued. She had to watch the closest thing she had to family be ripped from her forever because of Sweet Tooth's wrath. She had to tell the world that her uncle was killed by Sweet Tooth's hands... which, now that he thought of it, was somewhat the truth. How could Penguin have known? He saw her uncle die, his head exploding into a rocket-blue raspberry Gusher within seconds. The fact that he nearly met the same fate sent shivers down his spine.

As this went on, Stephanie and Matt watched from a distance.

"Why did you drag me over here again?" Matt asked rather loudly.

Stephanie shushed him and resumed watching, "Can't you see they've been eyeing each other for months? This is perfect!" They could hear nothing, but saw Meredith nodding and smiling about something and Dick embracing her. Matt tried to remain calm, curling his fist and digging his nails into his hands.

Stephanie decided that enough time had passed for her to return, dragging Matt behind her, "Everything alright?"

"Do you mind asking them?" Meredith said to Dick, grinning from ear to ear.

"Sure," he smiled back, turning his attention to the other two. "I would like to personally invite you to the unveiling of the Gotham Museum's Rogues Gallery." Stephanie's eyes widened with excitement. She had heard of this event, which was said only to be open to the Gotham Museum's biggest contributors. This sounded so much more interesting than going to the Anniversary block party. It was even rumored that Batman might be there.

"I'm in!" She said excitedly.

"Sure," Matt said sternly, venom creeping into his voice. The excitement launched into their conversation, but he wasn't really paying attention at this point. He had his mind on other things.

You never tell a girl you like her. It makes you look like an idiot.