Beep! Beep! Beep! She jumps and falls off the bed. She lays on the floor and she palms her face,

"Its just your alarm silly." She says out loud to herself.

She get to her knees and switch her alarm off. It's 7:00 am I guesses I was afraid of over sleeping she thinks to herself. She gets to her feet and head to the bathroom after she shower she start to get ready for her interview. Anna is dressed and has her makeup on, "Now what to do with my hair?" She says out loud.

"Up or down?" She grabs it into a ball at the base of her neck. She sticks her tongue out at her reflection and drop her long hair. I'll just wear it down She nodes and heads to the kitchen for tea. She finishes her tea and looks at her watch 11:00 am time to go. She locks up and heads out.

She is standing in front of the door to the Stark building. She take a deep breath, you can do it she rolls her eyes at her own encouragement. Anna opens the door and walk up to the counter. The lady smiles. "Hello can I help you?" The lady asks.

"Yes I'm her for an job interview for the um therapist." Anna smiles.

"Oh yes just go to the 24th floor the elevator is to your right." The lady smiles back. Anna thank her and walks over to the elevator. As she steps in she hears someone call

"Can you hold the elevator please."

She place her hand between the doors and it opens as soon as she dose it senses her small hands. As it opens she see a purple shirted man with black hair tan skin and thin rimed glasses. She blushes and her heart races o god it's him from the coffee shop! She looks down to hide her red face.

"Thank you very much." She hears him say kindly.

"No problem." She mutters her head still down.

"Is something wrong?" He asks adjusting his glasses from the run to the elevator.

"Oh no I'm fine." She smiles at him being brave maybe he won't remember her she thinks.

He smiles, then a hint of recognition appears in his eyes.

"Wait your the women form the coffee shop right?" He takes his hand out of his pocket and gestures with it. She blushes. "Yep that's me the clumsy girl from the coffee shop."

"I'm really glade to see you I mean I've been thinking about you well about the incident." He says nervously lightly red. A giggle sleeps out from her lips, she blushes and covers her mouth. He is cute when he is nervous. She thinks to herself. He gets even redder when he hears her giggle. He must not talk to women very much.

"Um what brings you here." He smiles and recovers his normal color.

"I'm here for an job interview." She smiles, she enjoys his company.

"Really that's great I work in the lab here."

"Oh? What do you do?"

"Just a little bit of everything mostly energy and medicine what about you?" He asks smiling.

"Oh well I just got out of collage, I majored in psychology." She smiles back.

"You must be here for the therapist job so far Tony hasn't like any of them." He adjusts he's glasses. The more he talks to her the more comfortable he felt being around her.

"Really?" She laughs a little nervous.

"Don't worry I'm sure you'll be fine I mean your the prettiest one so far... I mean Tony kinda looks for that." He blushes and looks down at the ground. He thinks I'm pretty She blushes then the door opens.

"Well good luck just be your self." He smiles and offers he's hand to shake.

"Thank you." She smiles and shakes his hand and walk out. "Mr Stark is waiting for you through the door Ms." A lady behind a desk says as she walks by. Anna nods and thanks the lady and walk through the door.

Bruce placed he's head in his hand. What was with the hand shake? Why did I do that? He thought. She must think I'm odd. I don't have a chance what was I thinking she is so beautiful for a man like me, the man that's in the lab 24/7 and has poor social skills with the opposite sex, she did giggle and blush that's good right? "I'm hopeless." He whispers to himself and walks to his lab to busy himself to try to get her out of his head again.

She knocks on the door and hears a, "Come in." She opens it to see a man in a suit sitting in a chair.

"Ah you must be Anna May the psychologist." He smiles and eyes her up and down. "Not what I expected isn't your dress code a fuzzy cat sweater or something like all the other therapist Ive seen them wear?" He jokes.

"I must have missed the memo." She nervously kids.

He chuckles at my remark and looks at the folder in my hand. "No need for those I all ready looked at you credential, top of your class, fresh out of collage, tones of recommendations, it seems your more then qualified for the job." He stands and walks around her looking at her from every angle. "Not to bad, your the prettiest so far."

"So I heard." She replies.

"Oh by who?" He's eyes glint with curiosity.

"Well I don't know his name but he wears purple dress shirts every time I've seen him." She replies.

"Bruce?" He laughs. "He talked to you? He rarely talks let alone to a women. Wait you have spoke with him severally times? Tony asks confused.

"Yes well I just met him yesterday at the coffee shop when I-." Before She could finished Mr Stark stared to laugh.

"Don't tell me you drink chia tea." He asks with a big grin on his face.

"Well yes, wait how did you know- oh that's right he said he needed to go to a meeting with you." Mr Stark was still laughing he dabbed at he's eyes.

"Ah this is great, well to be frank I didn't really see why my company needed a therapist but others say different but what do I know, then again a laugh now and then is quite therapeutic...your hired!" He laughs again. She didn't under stand what was so funny but she smiled at the fact she now has a job.

"Oh thank you Mr Stark you won't-." She is interrupted by Toney again.

"I know I know you want let me down." He smiles. "Your office is on the 23 floor next to purple's lab."

"Oh ok but I thought that was all just one big lab?" She asks.

"Oh no there's a nice little office before the big lab doors, besides I'd like to see what Bruce dose when he has to share a space with a pretty lady, now go set up shop and if anyone needs a place to cry Ill send them down." He laughs. She had a feeling a lot of why she got the job was just for Starks amusement but She guessed it's better then nothing. She smiles and makes her way back to the elevator.

When Anna gets to the 23 floor she steps out. The walls were metal and two big steel doors were a few feet from the elevator with the words Dr. Banner's lab in black bold letters. To the left was a small door with fogy glass and no letters on it. Well this must be it, she opens the door and was surprised it was nice, the first wall you see when you walk in was just a big window and to the right was a desk with a chair in front of it, a book shelf and therapist set up to the left as you walked in. It smelt like old books and she liked it. She smiles and walk over to the books and ran her fingers along the bindings. She finds one and sits on the lounge chair meant for patients and begins to read.