A different start

It was a rainy day in the streets of Nerima were the few people on the street were shocked by what the saw a red head girl and a black haired boy being carried through the mist by a panda.

"It's a panda!" Shout a man in a business suit.

Ignoring the crowd the panda gave a loud growl while continuing it path only to stop and slam the black haired boy into the ground head first upon hearing the boy moan. It stared to walked away, but obviously got annoyed by the whispers of the crowd. After a loud roar the people quickly dispersed, and the panda walked on.

Tendo Dojo

"At last Ranma is coming. Soun Tendo said while looking at a post card, and tears running down his face. He then shouted for Kasumi, Nabiki, and Akane.

After a 5 minutes of silence he shouted again.

"Kasumi! Nabiki! Akane!"

"What is it father?"

Then Nabiki showed up.

"Yes daddy."

"Where is Akane?" Soun said after noticing his third daughter was missing.

"Ill go get her." Nabiki said while walking off to find her. Moments later Nabiki reentered the room with Akane still in her gi.

"A fiancée? Kasumi said in a meek voice

"Yes, the son of a very good friend of mine. His name is Ranma Saotome. If one of you three girls were to marry him, and carry on this training hall, then the Tendo family legacy would be secured." said Soun

"Wait a minute you expect saying one of us has to marry a we know nothing about!" Akane shouted in anger

"Is he cute? Nabiki asked seemingly ignoring Akane

"He'll be here any minute he and his father have been on a training trip they just cross over into China." Soun said with a smile

"China." Nabiki said with interest

"Whats so great about China?" said and uninterested Akane

"Is he cute?" Nabiki again asked

"I hope he's not t young younger men are so...young. Said Kasumi

"Is he cute. Nabiki said in a slight rise in anger

Soun laughen as he turn his back to his daughters. "I don't know." he said while only turning his head to them.

"You don't know?" Asked Nabiki

"I never met him."

"Let us down you old fool!" Said a high voice from the hallway. "I told you neighter one of us want anything to do with this! Now put us down!

"Sounds like we have visitors." said Kasumi

"It must be Ranma!" Nabiki said with excitement

"Saotome! My friend! We've been waiting!" Cried Mr. Tendo, following his daughter

Slower, Kasumi and Akane followed "I hope that he's older than me" said Kasumi

Father and daughter came running back, followed by a panda with a person over his back

"C'mon Pop! Your scaring them Ranma said

"So father, this is your friend?" asked Kasumi

The man shook his head

"Oh, so this panda just decided to drop in, is that it? Huh?" Retorted Nabiki

Again, Soun shook his head. Then the panda placed Ranma in front of the Tendo

"I'm Ranma Saotome sorry 'bout this said the redhead

"Hi " said the black haired boy with a wave

Pulling Ranma into a hug, Tendo said I'm so glad your here

Then his eyes widened, as squeezed her. Looking her over he stepped back, shocked as he realised it was a girl he was facing, not a boy

Nabiki poked Ranma's breasts

"Ummm..." Said Ranma "Could you stop that?"

Nabiki turned to Mr. Tendo, hand on Ranma's chest "Ranma's not a boy! He's a girl!"

"Ah girl so that means... turning to the black haired boy you must be Ranma," Soun said with renewed glee while trying to hug him only for the boy to push Ranma in front of him.

"No miss I'm trying to hug Ranma. Soun said while looking at the boy seemingly ignoring how the boy was pointing at at the girl.

"Excuse me can we get some hot water while we explain whats going on. The girl said

'Oh of course Kasumi get these people some hot water. Said a confused Soun

Minutes later Kasumi return with a kettle of hot water. "Here you go." Nodding thanks the short girl takes the kettle over her head transforming into a tall black haired young man and then pouring the kettle over the panda revealing a chubby man in a dirty gi.

"Saotome what in Kami's name! Shouted Soun

Rubbing the back of his head Genma says "Hello Soun, I have a very good explanation for all this."

"The training grounds of Jusenkyo, what a terrifying place. So cold water changes you into your cursed forms while hot water changes you back? Well, your problem is not that bad." Soun said happily. He turned to Ranma. "My daughters, Akane, 16, Nabiki, 17 and Kasumi, 19, pick one to become your bride."

"Oh he wants Akane." Kasumi said quickly.

"Definitely, Akane want this." Nabiki added.

"What, why me?" Akane shouted.

"Well, you hate boys' right?" Kasumi asked.

"Well, you're in luck. He's half girl." Nabiki added.

"But what about him." Akane said while pointing at the black haired boy.

"Oh my do to all this excitement I forgot to ask for your name Mr... "Kasumi said leading him to answer.

"Masamune." the boy now identified as Masamune answered.

"Yah why don't one of you two marry Masamune instead he seems normal. Akane said while trying to sound excited.

Before anyone could responded Ranma interrupted "That won't work."

"Why not! Akane shouted

"Cause Masamune here isn't human." Ranma said while rubbing the boys head who smiled at the action.

"WHAT!" shouted Soun and Akane

"It's true see." Ranma said while poured the rest of the kettle on Masamune's head who in turned transformed into a white wolf.

"Mind explaining how you met and how this happened? Nabiki questioned

"Oh the horror during our training trip we found little Masamune a young wolf pup standing above the dead body of his dear mother being the saint I am I allow him to join us on our noble journey. Genma said in a sincere and sage like manner. Looking at the group before him Genma could see looks of sadness on everyones faces except Ranma. Clap clap clap clap "Great story Genma now lets give the truth a whorl shall we." said a wet Masamune wearing only doggy pants.

"Wait why are you wearing those? Asked Kasumi

"Oh when you have a human curse water attracts to you so this is better than being naked not by much but still. Any way back to the conversation at hand that fat bastard is lying! Shouted Masamune

"How dare you saved you after your mother died! Shouted a sad and anger Akane

"Did he mention he's the one who killed her." Masamune said in a pissed off tone

"WHAT!" shouted everyone but Ranma and a sweating Genma.

"Thats right now here is what really happened me and my mom were in the woods playing when all of a sudden we heard a whimper we ran towards the sound were we saw a little boy laying by a tree who was in fact Ranma. Now we were trying to wake him when all of a sudden Genma came down from the trees and elbow dropped my mom on the neck. Masamune explained with some anger

"Ah I only hit here because I thought she was going to attack Ranma it was instinct." Genma defended

"Bullshit first off if you were a better father this won't have happened and second if it was instinct why did he beat her to death with a rock after she tried to get away?


"And I saw that look in your eye you were gonna come after me next if Ranma didn't stop you."


"And to answer the whole curse thing after Genma hit Ranma into the pool I got mad so I figured I could kill Genma and eat a panda but Genma's 'instincts' saw me coming and hit me into the spring of drowned man.

The room was dead silent "So about the engagement." Soun said only to receive a glare from Ranma.

"You know what Masa what do you think who should I be engaged to because I don't give two shits anymore." Ranma said in a laid back attitude

"Mmmmmmm I'd pick Kasumi."

"Oh my why me if I may ask."

"Oh it's actually pretty simple really when Ranma was first offered a fiancée you threw him under the bus first."

"But you know it's been a long day so how about we get some sleep and decide tomorrow." said Soun

"Sounds good to me." agreed Ranma

And with that everyone went to sleep not knowing the new adventures they've all just started.

To be continued

Authors Note This will not be a Ranma Kasumi fanfic it's just I noticed when rewatch the first episode of the show is that when Soun asked Ranma to pick a girl Kasumi was the first to throw him under the bus. Just saying also my OC is the same person just a different personality. Also this willnot be a 2-3 fanfiction it will end when I find a good ending.