Okay I'm gonna level with you all I can't finish this I can't I tried but no matter how hard I try I just get writters block. And lets be honest with ourselves I wrote in to many characters to quickly that was my bad.

I apologize but to make it up to you here is a brief summary an epilogue if you will:

It was to begin with a tournament ment to introduce both Ukyo and Mousse with generally the same motivation they had in the series. And during said tournament Dr. Tofu would have been reintroduced where he would have savagely beaten Kodachi while finally proclaiming his love for Kasumi where Masamune would then chase him do in revenge. He falls over a waterall, Ranma wins the tournament.

Then things calm until the Musk show up and kidnap Masamune seeing as he is technically Musk and it is revealed that Valkyrie is actually another dragon born through the Musk. As her "Dad" (Vengeful exiled Musk member) actually push and locked a fully grown Valkyrie in Spring of Drowned Child and the shock gave her amnesia. She regains her memory unlocks herself and has a tearful goodbye with Masamune as she needs to stay with the Musk. Then Masamune leaves for six month then eventually returns to Kodachi and Kasumi.

Ranma and Akane don't work out to which he ends with Shampoo and Ukyo (lets face it they seem the most likely to end up in a borderline same sex relationship). And Akane (who had been training with Genma) leaves home to in order to prefect her craft were she meets and travels with Ryu Kumon. And thats about it.

I will be starting a new Ranma 1/2 fanfiction in about a week or two give our take.