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Hermione loved mysteries, there was nothing better in life than solving a mind numbing, headache inducing, sleep depriving mystery. After the whole war fiasco there weren't many problems that were left to be solved and no deep secrets to be uncovered which had given Hermione a state of giddiness and bliss that lasted approximately for a month and now a year later she was bored out of her wits at the library that she worked in. Her life for the past seven years had been a constant maze and puzzle and so she desperately missed the thrill of unearthing magical crypts.

All the search for a perfect job had led her to the one which would suit her best, the job of an unspeakable. It was perfect. she could work on ancient magic and discover new things, the job of working in the department of mysteries was the biggest mystery in itself,she had jumped with joy when she received an acceptance letter as a trainee working under Madam Greenfin who was one of the people holding high positions in the department and the rumor was that she herself was nearly a hundred and fifty years old, her excitement knew no bounds, she was going to be an intern under a person who had survived the whole war and knew a lot more than they let on, from start to finish. After all working at the mysterious department for nearly hundred and twenty five years would have its perks.

Harry and Ron had been happy and relieved that she had finally found her calling and that she wouldn't rip their heads off out of boredom and lack of complication. They had smiled goofily at her victory dance and celebrated along with her, they were relieved that now that she had her own work to distract her, she wouldn't take it upon herself to solve their auror cases without actually being an auror, they had surprisingly found her underneath an invisibility cloak at a crime scene trying to find clues, being the good friends that they were they didn't chide her but put the blame on Kingsley stating that he had found her hair near the crime scene and asked her to refrain from contaminating the said scene again, to which she had confessed, and sadly in a small voice said that she was just trying to help, both the boys had sighed and let the matter go, they understood, she was someone who wouldn't ever sit idle.

The first day of her internship arrived bright and sunny and Hermione couldn't help but smile when she woke up, brushing her teeth and humming a happy tune she finished all her chores and dressed into a grey pencil skirt with a blue silk blouse and matching pair of pumps,tying her hair into a high pony she applied light makeup and pink lipstick, she felt great.

A tall dark man awaited her at the ministry when she arrived, he had buck teeth similar to the ones she had before they were fixed and she had an intense urge to correct his teeth as well, he look at her with adoration and informed her that he had been waiting for her since eight in the morning to which Hermione informed him that she was asked to arrive at ten, he beamed at her , "It was too exciting to just sit at home and so I decided I rather wait for you, you are my favourite chocolate frog card", he said, blushing slightly as red coloured his dark cheeks. Hermione smiled at him thinking he wasn't that bad looking after all , she could always transfigure his teeth and get rid of his spiky hair.

"I am Daniel humphrey by the way", he smiled and held his hand out.

She shook his hand and returned the smile.

They set off towards the department of mysteries and Daniel constantly chatted about how she was his inspiration and he hoped to work with her and maybe they would be placed on the same assignment. Hermione hoped for the same as he was a pleasant fellow except for his insistent chattering.

The department was dark and daunting as ever and Hermione felt a shiver passed through her when she entered the circular room, "we will be heading to the maze", Daniel stated, his voice had lost all its cheery tone and now he sounded very serious, the room had that effect on anyone, Hermione who had felt all sunshine and rainbows since morning felt thunder and dampness, the mysterious department of mystery had this typical theme, it was all too secretive, after all the various doors and chambers held secrets untold and magic long forgotten.

Daniel lead her on towards the room on the right, he opened the door and she saw a maze much similar to the one she had seen at Hogwarts during the triwizard, "Its the same", Daniel whispered to her,knowing she had recognised the likeness, "the triwizard organisers borrow this maze when they need it."

"Do we have to cross the maze every time we need to reach the main office", she asked curiously.

"well yes", he cleared his throat. "don't worry you'll learn the way eventually, theres a path only unspeakables know off, we take that path which never changes, anyone else who tries to reach the office gets lost", he said taking a turn and then another one again, it was all too difficult to remember but Hermione tried her best to.

The moment they stepped out of the maze her eyes came upon a typical office, one with proper desks and flyers lying around, a dart board on the wall, coffee machines and various other doors leading to offices belonging to high officials, a few people were working on their desks writing notes and the whole office had a nice air of calmness.

Daniel smiled widely showing off his perfect buck teeth which again made her a little nostalgic, she winced.

"Here we are", he said cheerfully, the office held normalcy and so Daniel had come back to his cheerful self.

"Madam Greenfin is waiting in her office,go on and meet her, she will give you your task for the day", he said pointing towards a corridor to the left, "all the best", he added.

Madam Greenfin was a tiny old lady with a button nose and sharp features, she sat on a magical wheelchair which kept hovering above ground, a classic hovering and advanced mind control charms she concluded looking at the muggle contraption that had been magically enhanced.

She had a very high pitched voice which didn't seem to belong to her, she would keep changing the tone of her voice as if she was narrating a horror story, the department had probably addled her brain a little and made her a little scary.

Her office was cluttered with papers and magical artifacts and Hermione couldn't see the wood of her desk due to the amount of papers the lady had deposited on it.

"Miss Hermione Granger, I knew I had to take you under my wing the moment I saw your application, girl she seems to have an attraction to destruction, left my precious brains in a puddle she and her dimwitted band of hooligans.", she seemed to have forgotten that she had been talking to Hermione Granger and not about Hermione Granger.

Hermione cleared her throat and extended her hand, " pleasure to meet you madam", she said politely though feeling heat rising on her cheeks due to embarrassment.

"Ahhh! dearie you are here", the old woman screeched,she seemed to have come back to her senses.

" We here at the ministry give our precious unspeakables assignments that they have to work on for indefinite periods of time", she yawned, "I am still working on the evolution of cornish pixies, merlin knows who accidentally bred them, irritating creatures, ate my office, the whole lot of them, lost all my research and had to begin again", she muttered, meanwhile Hermione just nodded, Madan Greenfin was one of those people who you wouldn't want to cross, she was fierce.

"you can start working on more projects when you cross the one month mark here, if you can survive the constant danger lurking in the department corridors." she whispered eerily.

Hermione imagined her telling her grandchildren horror stories and scaring them off.

Without giving Hermione a warning she zoomed past her head in full speed, she had to duck to save her head, the ceiling of her office was very high and the shelves seemed to be touching the sky, the old woman had disappeared off to one of those shelves and Hermione had lost sight of her.

After an hour of waiting Hermione was getting impatient, she wondered if she ought to go looking for the old woman, she would have probably dozed off on her zoom chair somewhere high up in the air, she was just about to accio a broom when she heard the distinct zoom of the wheelchair as it landed and twirled around her.

"oh my! oh my! I got lost, glad I found you, you must be the naughty little Granger girl", she sniffed.

"You had gone to bring me my assignment", Hermione tried to remind her.

"Ohh! of course, who wants to have a lunch break, not me, I was looking for papers, she acciod a file and handed it over to Hermione.

Hermione left the room in a huff, the old women had given her an adrenaline rush with all her antics, she had instructed Hermione to go through the file and find her partner and that he would tell her about the whole background of the project, according to Madam Greenfins description the lad was a handsome guy and she had been researching on youth potions so she could marry him someday, complaining that there was too much competition in the department when it came to handsome wizards, the old woman was surely crazy if not full of extra energy.

Hermione shuddered at the thought of her becoming someone like Madam Greenfin when she became old because of the crazy environment of the department.

She opened the file and her eyes went wide when she read the headline 'VANISHING CABINETS' and underneath it the name of the other intern who would be working along with her, Draco Abraxas Malfoy.

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