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Draco malfoy,former death eater, disliked individual number one,hated by many loved by only women, now lived the good life. He was an unspeakable which entailed not speaking much and doing his work in solitude, he loved being lonely and after all the attention that he seemed to have roped in during the whole war scene he preferred seclusion. He had a few faithful friend which actually involved only one friend and one very narcissistic girlfriend who claimed to love him more than her mirror reflection.

He had been arranging charts regarding his research on the board thinking about his oh so perfect life when he heard a timid knock on the door,a new intern was coming in today and he hoped it was them and not Madam Greenfin, he was so not in a mood to give her a goodbye kiss so early in the day.

He flicked his wand and cancelled the locking charms so that whoever was planning on disturbing him could let themselves in.

"ahemm hmmm", the interrupting individual cleared her throat, it was a her, and Draco who was still casting a pinning charm on the board hadn't bothered to look at her,he had a flair for dramatics and so he was waiting for the perfect moment when he would turn around according to his fancy.

"Mr. Malfoy", she interjected again, he finally decided to give in and turn around, he wished he hadn't, he blinked twice and sat down on his desk continuing his paperwork.

"Malfoy", she shrieked.

"This is really happening, she told me it was a pleasant surprise, this is a bad dream", he muttered pulling at his hair.

"Malfoy now that I am here, I expect you to behave like an mature individual and not whine like a sissy", she said in a sharp tone with her nose up in the air.

"Still all high and mighty are we mudblood?", he spat, her face turned pink with indignation but she didn't retaliate.

She didn't even bother to snap back at him and started her tirade about the research, Draco slumped back at his chair and waited for her to finish her speech

"….so i conclude its dark magic or blood magic plus you already mentioned it involved medieval sorcery dating back to the fifteenth century", she finished and let out a loud puff of air, she had spoken all in one breath.

"Miss know it all or is it Mrs?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

"miss", she informed, how daft can he be, didn't he read the prophet any more.

"Have a look at the cabinets closely miss Granger before coming to silly conclusions", he said, walking towards her and looking down upon her, she sniffed at him with disdain.

"follow me", he ordered, he looked much different now, his face was once more healthy unlike the shrunken corpse he looked last year, his grace and poise was back, he wore a classy blue shirt,shiny leather shoes which could blind her if she looked at it in sunlight and grey formal pants which hugged his arse finely, she felt mortified at herself when she realised that she had been checking out ferret arse, god help her she needed to get rid of her virginity, her hormones were attracting her to animals from the weasel family she thought,now the joke was on her again, she wanted to bang her own head on the nearby wall.

He took her across the maze towards another room, she wondered why the doors didn't move around anymore but didn't ask him as she was sure he would insult her know it allness, she promised herself that the moment she reached home she'd floo Flourish and Blotts and find a book.

He took her to a door that led to a corridor and she couldn't make out the end of it,looked like it lasted forever ending into darkness, they walked for a few minutes silently, only her heels making clicking noises as she struggled to keep up with his fast pace, they had ventured into the dark corridor eventually reaching a smoky end, the wall looked like it was made out of dark fog and it had a shimmery sheen to it, "now this is blood magic", she heard him say as she felt him lift her arm and prick her with something sharp.

The moment a drop of blood left her body the whole corridor illuminated, no wonder the git could see everything, his strides had been too confident for someone walking in pitch black darkness.

"Being blood bound to this research you will be able to make it into the corridor from now on without getting lost, I have registered your magical signature with mine", he said.

"I remember you thought I had mud in my blood,didn't know mudbloods could carry magic", she said sarcastically,she couldn't resist making a jab at him.

"I have much better things to do than argue with you", he countered,he opened a black door which had appeared in place of the smoky door, the room inside was illuminated with a few candles floating around and it had dark green walls with intricate gold patterns which had an unnatural sheen to it. Inside the room there was nothing else except two large cabinets, both equally tall, the only difference was that one was dark mahogany while the other one was a lighter shade, which looked a little bleached with age.

He opened the cabinet door of the one with the darker shade and said softly as if talking to himself, "this was in Borgins", Hermione who had seen the cabinet open for the first time in her life asked him inquisitively, "didn't these cabinets get burned due to the fiendfyre?"

"no, the magic protecting them was stronger than anything we've ever seen and that is the reason we have them here Granger"' he said as if it was the most obvious thing in the whole world.

" how is that possible"' she asked him surprised, she had never seen anything like this before, fiendfyre was one of the most destructive and darkest of fires which had the power to destroy all sorts of magic and enchantments.

"Granger, tell me one thing the whole war taught us?, he asked her as if talking to a child.

"love is stronger than all magic", she stated matter of factly.

"ten points to gryffindor", he mocked.

"what do you mean", she asked, now getting seriously interested in his theory.

In order to give her a better explanation about the whole thing he opened the mahogany cabinet and showed her the inside of it, it looked like plain wood but if someone used a powerful torch or a strong lumos they could see a small carving at the top corner of the inner wall of the cabinet,it was written in beautiful calligraphic script,the words written made Hermione's heart clench for reasons unknown.

'My love, my love will find you, if the portals close and the magic leaves,my heart will find you,when dreams are shattered and tears are spilled, my last breath will find you, if I die and you are lost,in my next life I will find you.'


"what the hell is this Malfoy?" she asked a little breathless after reading the script.

"you tell me granger, wait till you see the next cabinet.", he smirked, this was something he knew more about, he wanted to rub it in her face.

Without bothering to wait for him to open the next one, she rushed towards the ashen cabinet and pulled it open, a candle floated nearby so that she could see what was written in there, what she saw inside shocked her, there was no calligraphic carvings or romantic thoughts in this one but it had something much terrible, the cabinet looked like it had played the role of a tomb for someone who had been buried alive,the doors and inner walls of the cabinet had scratch marks all over it, there was brown stains marking the scratch marks which she concluded was dried blood. Hermione bend down to look at the floor of the cabinet which was covered with dust, it had more scratch markings which looked a little different to the ones on top, they were smaller yet deeper as if scratched with help of something other than human nails.

Draco who had been standing behind her seemed genuinely surprised at her discovery, he had been on this research for the past week and hadn't yet looked too closely at the scratches,he was busy with the background and history of these cabinets, he had requested and pulled many strings and lost considerable gold to land up in this assignment and wanted to be sure not to be left behind in anything regarding it.

He cast a simple scourgify at the cabinet floor which earned him a smack on his arm from Hermione, "we could have found some Dna you idiot", she reprimanded.

"Granger", he took a pause and gave her his best glare, "it would have been too contaminated to be of use plus I already have samples of the dried blood", he snapped.

She turned pink in the cheeks from embarrassment, she had forgotten that not everyone was careless like Harry and Ron.

She looked back at the scratch marks which had faded with age but she could make out a few letters on it,she conjured a camera and clicked a few pictures of the markings.

She stood up straighter and a sudden thought struck her, "do you think Montague carved this when he was stuck here?"

"Do you think I haven't asked him that?", he asked, looking insulted. "He did nothing inside the cabinet, he was stuck somewhere in between both of them and tried apparating but he couldn't manage it,seemed like the magic of the cabinets kept changing frequencies, he managed to get back after a few hundred tries", he finished.

"Lets get back and get these photos developed", she said after a few minutes of silence in which they both seem to be lost in their thoughts.

"ok", he agreed.

They walked back to his office in complete silence and when they entered the space they noticed it had been expanded and a new desk had been added facing his in the opposite corner.

"Wonderful", he growled.

"Looks like we are sharing this office Malfoy", she smiled at him evilly, " princess may get my mudblood germs now", she said in a sweet voice. He scowled at her and went back to his desk and picked up a random flyer to read so as to get his mind off this new uncomfortable development.

"perfect", he grumbled.

"I'll be right back Draco once I finish developing these", she said sincerely giving him a genuinely kind smile which she usually reserved for house elves and old women.

Draco looked at her and blinked a few times, she knew he was shocked that she had used his first name but she didn't want to acknowledge that or make a big deal out of it, she wanted to bury the hatchet and move on, the assignment was too interesting to waste her time hating him, a peaceful environment was more productive for work.

She took off with a sway in her hips and a flick of her high pony leaving behind a dumbfounded Draco Malfoy staring at her back.

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