A/N- Well here we go again. George and Hermione, but this time with Teddy Lupin thrown in the mix. I recently read a story in which Hermione was Teddy's caregiver but that story hasn't been updated in many months and left open-ended. I'd never read a story in which she was caring for Teddy, but I really liked that idea so I began working on it myself in a different way. And so this happened.

Don't sue me, I don't own Harry Potter. I'm just playing with the characters. I'll wash them before I give them back, I promise.

Watching Hermione Granger take care of Teddy Lupin was a beautiful thing in George Weasley's eyes. She looked so happy. Ironically no one had been more surprised than Hermione when she'd been named Teddy's guardian in his parents' will. They'd named Percy executor and left everything they owned to Hermione and Teddy.

Hermione sat in the rocking chair at the Burrow, rocking the almost two month old baby in her arms. Hermione used Bill's old room, staying there with Teddy since Charlie had decided to stay after the war. The front door opened and George's head turned to see Ron enter with some girl. He frowned. How could you want anyone other than Hermione? She looked so beautiful as she cared for the baby. George's musings were ceased as Ron yelled, "Oi everyone!"

Crying was heard and George's attention went to Teddy. Hermione looked murderous. "Shh Teddy it's okay," Hermione stood up and held Teddy's head to her breast, trying to make him focus on her heartbeat. "It's okay," she repeated, her voice soft and comforting. She looked at George, "Kill your brother for me?"

He actually smiled. She smiled at him and walked around the living room, lightly bouncing Teddy until the crying ceased, "How long has he been up," George asked.

"Five hours. He's giving me attitude today. Now go hex your brother."

George stood upright and saluted her before going into the hall to see Ron entering the kitchen where the rest of the family was. He followed him. "This is Susan. She's my girlfriend."

George smelled Hermione behind him before he heard her. She smelled so good with that vanilla scented shampoo. He turned and looked at her. She wore a mask of indifference but her eyes showed some hurt. George turned back to Ron and cast Tarantellegra silently, smiling as he heard Teddy laugh as Ron suddenly began dancing. "Someone should have cast that on you at the Yule Ball," Hermione said, winking at George, "Teddy's hungry can someone prepare a bottle for me?"

"Oh here dear I'll do it," Molly stood up and went to prepare a bottle for Teddy, "I thought he was down for a nap."

"He was until Ron came barging in and shouting," George said automatically. "Revenge is sweet ickle Ronnikins."

George didn't cease the spell until Hermione had accepted the bottle from Molly and left. "George dear make sure Hermione eats."

"Sure Mum," he said, accepting the plate with the warming spell she handed him and the glass of pumpkin juice.

He entered the living room to see Hermione feeding Teddy in the rocking chair. "Hermione let me feed and rock him. I already ate dinner. You need to." She nodded and George put her plate and juice on the small table before taking Teddy from her, "Uncle Georgie's turn now Tedster," he said to the smiling infant. "He's so happy."

"And he's clearly a metamorphmagus," Hermione said, sitting down in the plush chair and putting her plate in her lap to eat. George looked to see that Teddy's previously chestnut brown and curly hair was now straight and red, "Thank you I'm starving."

"Why don't you let others help with Teddy?"

"I let you help," she said, chewing on the chicken. "It's just most of your family is a little overzealous with Teddy. Kind of like Harry."

George smiled. Harry was all thumbs with Teddy, and had almost dropped him twice. Ever since he wouldn't dare pick up Teddy. Ginny wasn't much better, actually, and the rest of the Weasleys looked at Teddy and just felt sorrow for the loss of Tonks and Remus. Only Hermione and George seemed happy with the infant.

Maybe that was because of how much they'd both lost. Hermione couldn't get her parents back. Their memories were obliviated beyond repair. And of course George had lost Fred. George had mourned for three days before finding a letter from Fred. It had demanded that George never mourn Fred's death and make sure that people smiled. Fred had even suggested who to prank for maximum laughter. Percy, Hermione, and Ron were top of the list. But George couldn't prank Hermione to embarrass her. She meant too much to him. So he'd pranked Percy and Ron in Fred's honor and he had to admit, he'd felt much better afterwards.

George finally got Teddy to sleep just as Hermione finished her dinner. He smiled, "I'll take him upstairs for you," he said. "Mum made chocolate cake for dessert. Grab me a slice?"

She nodded and kissed his cheek, "Thank you George. Make sure to put up wards to alert me if he cries and a silencing spell so noise doesn't get in."

It wasn't the first time George had tucked Teddy in but George chalked it up to her being a new mum. When he returned downstairs Hermione had two large pieces of chocolate cake and some milk for them. They sat on the couch, eating together. They had taken comfort in one another's presence ever since the battle. At first George hadn't thought much about it. But now he knew that he was very attracted to Hermione. She was beautiful and the fact that she was so great with Teddy just heightened his attraction to her.

After they finished their cake Hermione leaned against him, "George? I think I should get my own flat."

"I think you should get your own house," George said. "Think about it. Teddy will need a yard to play in and you could have your own office."

Hermione debated this for a few moments before nodding, "How do I find a home?"

"I'll help you," he offered. "Is there a part of England you'd like to live?"

Hermione shook her head, "Not in particular. You don't have to do this George."

"I want to help," he smiled. "I like spending time with you."

She smiled and hugged him, "I like it too George." He felt his pulse quicken as she hugged him. "How's the shop?"

"It's coming back together," he said. "Lee and a few others have been helping me. We're all moved back in but now I have to remake all of the sweets."

"Maybe when you open again Teddy and I can come visit. I bet he'd like all of the things flying around."

George smiled and nodded, "I have a great idea for a new product that I'd like your advice on."

Hermione stared at him, "My advice?"

He nodded, "Let's escape for now and go for a walk."

"I can't leave Teddy here," Hermione frowned.

George frowned in thought, then smiled, "We'll use that stroller Bill and Fleur got Remus and Tonks," he got up from the sofa, "we put alot of his things in my bedroom. I'll go get it and you get Teddy and we can go for a walk and talk."

Hermione smiled, "That sounds great George," she kissed his cheek and went up the stairs, George running up to his bedroom after her.

Once Teddy was secure in the stroller, still sleeping, George and Hermione headed down the path together. Hermione smiled at him, "So why do you want my help?"

"Actually I want more than that," George said. "I was wondering if you'd run the store with me."

She looked at him, surprised. "Why me George?"

"Fred and I worked in tandem. We bounced ideas off one another but we worked alone. If we got stuck we'd go to the other for help. I was thinking you could help me with my ideas, and maybe create some of your own," he said. "As for why you, I think you're so brilliant. You could do anything you want. But I could make sure you work from home and if you had to come into the store I could take care of Teddy."

Hermione had to admit, that was a pretty good idea. She smiled, "I accept the position George."

"You wouldn't be just a worker. You'd be a partner," George promised. "So I won't be your boss."

She nodded and asked, "So what is this product?"

"Metamorphmagus Mints," he answered. "I want them to change your hair color and style just like Tonks could. And your nose and eyes. When the mints vanish from your mouth your face and hair go back to normal. I think it'd be great for Teddy. He'd have a little bit of normalcy."

Hermione smiled. That sounded brilliant. "That sounds wonderful George."

He grinned at her, "Thank you. I thought it could be our first collaborative project. And you can create any products you want. I can bring over a folder of all of our products so that you can familiarize yourself with our inventory."

They were silent for awhile as they walked before George suddenly said, "You're a great mum, you know."

"You think so?" Hermione asked as she leaned down to wrap the blanket tighter around Teddy.

"Definitely," he nodded, "you're so wonderful with him. You've got fantastic mum instincts. Do you want to be a mum? Have your own kids?" George suddenly realized he was rambling and wanted to kick himself in the arse.

Hermione looked off into the distance, "I never really thought about it before Hogwarts or before the war." She looked at him, "Have you ever heard the saying every girl starts planning her wedding at age fourteen?"

"Ginny was planning hers at ten," he grinned. "What's your point?"

"Well I never did. I just never really thought about those things; and I never cared either."

"How about now that the war is over?" He asked, realizing Hermione had mentioned specifically that she'd never thought about it before the war.

"I admit I think about having children of my own now that I have Teddy. But to do so I'd have to have a boyfriend at the very least, and ideally a husband. Never known a man who would want me, and I really don't think anyone's going to want a girl with a child already," she said. "Plus even if they did I'd have to be careful. What if Teddy became attached and the relationship didn't work out?"

George fell silent. She looked so sad as she said all of that. As the weather grew cooler they returned to the Burrow, "We'll go house shopping tomorrow," he said. Hermione smiled and nodded as she picked up Teddy out of the stroller. The boy was now wide awake and as soon as he saw Hermione his eyes and hair changed to match hers. George folded up the stroller and they entered the house.