Yay! My second PJO Ship Weeks story!

A call of alarm echoed through New Rome. Upon hearing it, Reyna bolted out of bed and grabbed a spear*.

She sprinted to the Cohorts, and heard the yell again, and this time she could tell it was Gwen. She finally reached the fifth cohort, and pushed through the cohort until she saw the problem, or rather, didn't see it.

"Where is he!?" Reyna asked, barely keeping the emotion out of her voice.

You have to calm down Reyna, You are a Praetor, and everybody looks up to you. We WILL find him. She thought, trying to calm herself down.

"Who last saw him?" She demanded.

Hazel nervously raised her hand, glancing around. "I-I did, last night." Hazel looked close to crying.

"Did he say anything about leaving?" Reyna responded tenderly, taking pity on the terrified girl. Hazel shook her head no.

"We'll set out a search party for him. If we don't find him in a month we'll assume-" She took a calming breath and blinked the tears out of her eyes before continuing. "We'll assume he is deceased and select a new Praetor." But as Reyna said this, she knew that she could not bring herself to do this if he was not found. Because, in her heart, she loved Jason Grace.

*Does Reyna have a spear? For some reason I thought she did :D

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